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Chapter One: Remember

It's been 15 years, two days and 11 hours since Ed- He broke my heart. He left me in the forest, left me broken up inside and left me with no reason left to live.

He didn't love me, he doesn't love me, and he will never love me. All I was, was his human play toy to help him pass the time. He probably didn't want me to become a vampire because when he was done using me and when he would try to run, I would be able to chase after him and bring him back. Well, here I am now, a beautiful, graceful and strong vampire that might be worthy of someone like him. But he didn't want me then, so he won't want me now.

Looks like Victoria finally got to avenge her mate but I guess it didn't turn out the way she planned...


I was driving down the familiar road to Newtons' Outfitters for my morning shift, but something was different. No cars were on the road. It was deserted. Strange, I thought to myself. I shrugged it off and kept going.

Suddenly, a flash of white and red went across the road. I swerved, and slammed down on the brakes to stop the truck from hitting a tree. What was that?! I thought. I turned the engine off for a second and sat in the truck, trying to calm my heart.Just as I was about to turn the truck back on, there was a tap on the window. I turned to look, expecting a stranger wondering if I was okay, but saw the most feared predator. Her wild cat like face was framed by fiery red hair. A malicious grin spread across her face at the sight of my widened eyes, and mouth curved into a horrified O. My face drained of the little color it had.

"Hello Isabella," Victoria said as she wrenched the door off its hinges. She threw it behind her into the forest as if it weighed nothing.

I was frozen. I couldn't move, breath, think, blink or even scream for help. I just sat there, frozen, staring at my predator like helpless prey. That's exactly what I was. Helpless. I couldn't fight or run, because either way this game of cat and mouse was over.

She ripped off my seatbelt and grabbed me by the neck, cutting off my air supply. She threw me into the trees just like the car door. I slammed into a big spruce tree and heard a crack. Immediately after, I felt a pain in my shoulder blade, and I knew it was broken. I screamed out in pain and terror and gripped my shoulder blade, trying to breathe properly, as Victoria strolled gracefully towards me. As soon as she was a few feet away from me, she sunk into a hunting crouch and started circling me.

"Where's your precious Edward? Isn't he going to come and save you?" she questioned in a growl.

His name sent a dagger through my heart. I tried not to show Victoria; she couldn't know how that hurt me. But it's not like it mattered much, anymore. I was going to be dead soon. "No. He doesn't love me. He doesn't want me," I gasped between pants.

"Awww, too bad. I always knew he didn't love you, and just kept you for entertainment," Victoria said. She leaned closer. Her eyes were pitch-black. "You knew that, didn't you?" The hole in my chest tore right open at her words because they were true, so very true.

In my head Edward responded with a snarl. I looked at Victoria, her eyes black and malicious. I knew she was about to kill me, and everything Edward ever said to me rushed through my mind. I couldn't take it anymore, and I closed my eyes and curled up in ball, trying to keep my chest from ripping open. She laughed a cold, merciless laugh at my pain.

"Keep your eyes open, Bella, don't you want to see how I'm going to kill you, or are you trying to face the facts that he never loved you?" she asked. When I opened my eyes I saw through my tears that she was inches from my face.

"Bella scream, scream for your life," Edward whispered in my head.

I savored his voice for a second, knowing that this would be the last time I ever heard it, but refused to get distracted. I took a deep, shaky breath, readying for a scream, but Victoria didn't notice. My throat tightened around the scream and I let it go. I screamed so loud that it hurt my own ears. I screamed louder than I ever had in my life. I felt like I could have screamed for the rest of my life, but an ice cold hand pressed hard over my mouth.

"Dammit, are you trying to get other people killed also?" she snarled. "I might as well make this quick now that you brought attention to yourself."

She lifted me up, straightening me out of my ball, and tilted her head towards my neck. She sunk her venom coated teeth into my flesh. The voice in my head yelled at me to fight her away, but I was weak. She was strong. I knew it was over. I closed my eyes as she sucked out my blood, and started drifting away. It's over, I thought. It's finally over.

Just when I thought it was done, her teeth were gone.

I opened my eyes to see a russet wolf looking at me with pained eyes while the rest of the pack was tearing Victoria apart behind him. I knew this wolf. I reached out a hand and placed it against the side of Jacob's face. He padded closer and gave my forehead a lick. A few tears slipped out, but this time they were for Jacob, not Edward. Jacob helped me heal over the past few months, and it saddened me that he would never see me graduate. Jacob loved me, and I knew he would never hurt me like he had. It's because he's Jacob. My Jacob. My best friend.

I doubled over as the fire began burning my neck. I shrieked, as it gradually working its way throughout my body, burning me, slithering into my veins. I couldn't think because of the pain.

I managed to wrench open my eyes and look at Jacob once more. "I love you, Jacob," I whispered before letting out a blood-curling scream as the fire flared up within my body, tearing me apart. It was burning my soul, getting its revenge on how Edward sucked it out before. At the thought of Edward the hole burst open once more, so I curled up in a ball, and wished for death.

Jacob leaned down and pressed his nose to my cheek. It was his farewell. He could do nothing to help. I closed my eyes and heard Edward's voice crystal clear in the back of my head. "I'm sorry Bella, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..." I screamed again.

(End of Flashback)

I shuddered at the memory. I never did know what happened to the pack or Charlie because I fled Forks, scared of hurting the humans. My bedroom door crept open to reveal my two best friends, my family, with worried looks on their faces.

"Bella, are you okay?" Chey and Mickey questioned in unison. They looked at each other and forced a strained chuckle.

"Yeah, come in," I said.

They entered slowly and sat on the bed with me, pulling me in an unexpected group hug. I smiled sadly and hugged them back.

"So what were you thinking about?" Mickey asked curiously in her Australian accent. I told them of the memory I had been thinking of. They looked at each other sadly and hugged me again.

Mickey and Chey are identical twins from Australia, and were changed at the age of 18 in 1974. They may look the same, but they are so different. Michelle generally keeps to herself, loves to read, and will give me or her sister a hug when something bad happens. Her power is invisibility. Cheyenne, on the other hand, is short-tempered, loud, and can barely stand still for a minute. Her power is telekinesis. No matter how different they are, I love them both.

Well, as for me, I kind of have two powers. I can project the memories of others, but it's kind of limited. I have to hold the hand of the person whose memory I'm projecting, and both of us need to concentrate on the memory. I can also block a vampire's mental powers, like a shield. It's the reason why he couldn't read my thoughts when I was with him.

"Hey Bella?" Mickey looked at me worriedly. "We have to move again, but where are we going this time? We're supposed to be acting like we're 23 now, and we still look 18. People are starting to get suspicious and--"

I put my hand over my sister's mouth. "Mickey, hold up there. I know what we're going to do. We're moving to London, and we're going to enroll in one of the schools as juniors." I took my hand off her mouth.

"Okay... what's our story?" Chey questioned with her eyebrows raised.

I shrugged. "Um...how 'bout you and Mickey are twins from your "father's" first marriage, but your mother died giving birth. Later on, your dad got married to my mom. That okay?" I looked to my sisters for assurance. They looked at each other for a moment and nodded at the plan.

"It's perfect!"Chey yelled jumping up and down like a monkey, and Mickey and I went into a giggling fit. When Chey saw us laughing at her, she narrowed her eyes. She turned to look at me.

"What happens if those retards are there?" she snarled. "What are we going to do then?"

She was talking about the Cullens. I told her and Mickey the whole story back when we first met. I crossed my arms across my chest as the hole opened. I never got over the fact that he left, that they all left. Even though that had happened when I was a human, I still had the memories of him, barely clouded. The hole got plugged up by hate now because of how they used me. My anger flared at that and I uncrossed my arms.

"We go on with life normally. If they confront us, then we tell them off and move again." I stated, a bit of anger in my voice.

"Okay, but if that bronze-haired ass comes near you, or hurts you again we're going to rip him apart, and burn him, right?" Mickey asked, looking at me wistfully.

"Yes, yes you may," I said to them both as I hugged them. When I pulled back, they began to skip out of my room to go pack their stuff. But Mickey turned around before crossing threshold, and smiled at me and said, "You better hurry up and pack, we need to be in London by Sunday so we can start school by Monday."

"Okay, mother," I yelled sarcastically after they left, even though they could hear me if I whisper. I turned to look at the calendar hanging by the door. Okay, I thought, so today is a Friday so we have two days to be in London, wait. What?

"We only have two days to pack, get registered for high school, buy everything and drive to London!"

I heard them snickering in their rooms. "So hurry up and pack!" they screamed back.

I sighed and started to pack at vampire speed, lost in my thoughts. What if they are there? What if he moved on, and could I bear to look at him with another girl? What if they all hate me; not just Rosalie? What if they already forgot about me? Wait, they left me, I told myself. I don't even need them anymore. I have Mickey and Chey. I sighed. I always went through this questioning and imagining whenever Mickey, Chey and I moved.

I stopped packing for a second and walked to the full length mirror. Before I was changed I was plain, but now I felt worthy to stand next to Alice, or maybe even Rosalie. Before, my hair was one shade of dull brown, but now it's a glossy chocolate brown with reddish highlights. My face changed too. Now my cheekbones are more prominent, my nose is small and straight, yet angular. My old, wide chocolate brown eyes are now golden, and framed by thick black lashes. But, my body is the biggest change. Now I have curves in all the right places, long legs, and a toned belly. I looked away from the mirror and got back to packing.

It only took about four hours to pack up everything. It filled about, oh, nine suitcases and eleven boxes. We decided to leave all the furniture behind and buy some more when we got to the new house in London.

I put all the suitcases and boxes filled with my belongings in my car. Mickey and Chey put their stuff in their cars, as well. I got into my midnight blue Ferrari, while Mickey got into her forest green Mercedez-Benz, and Chey got into her hot pink Jaguar.

I started my car with its engine purring almost silently and pressed down on the gas. I immediately wanted to start going 150 miles per hour, but I forced myself to wait until we got to the highway. I was in the lead with Mickey after me and Chey after her. We headed towards London, ready to start a new life and leave our old one behind us.


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