Okay before you all start getting mad at me for disappearing and not updating like I've promised, I would just like to say that I've been completely entranced in school work and so many other things going on in my life. Stupid excuse I know; you're all probably thinking "why didn't she update over the summer or on the weekends when she was free?" Well the answer to that is that last year was my last year before high school and I had to spend most of my time with friends I knew I would hardly see and the fact that I didn't update when I was free was because I either had writers block or I've had too much on my mind at the time.

Okay, so that you've heard my side of the story I'll update you with some stuff:

-First of all I am still working on the story; I've just had a bit of writers block lately but it's all cleared up and I'm going to try and update as soon as possible.

-Next thing is that some of you may have noticed that I've changed my screen name. If you think I'm familiar my old screen name used to be: and Xox Belle Xox. Sorry for the inconvenience but from now on I'll be referred to as MiiBlueEyesStareThruYouu.

-Thirdly,I want to apologize all my readers, reviewers and my beta; for noy upholding my promise and keep the story up to date, but now-with new initiative and determination-I will keep trying to update and review other stories as best as I can.

-Fourth and final thing, please do not review this as a new chapter will be up soon and this shall be deleted.

Thank you all my loyal readers for sticking with me even when it seemed like I abandoned you. A new chapter will be up soon, pinky promise.

Yours Truly; MiiBlueEyesStareThruYouu.