Hiashi chuckled as he sent his most recent tro-

Holy Shit!

"Bwahaha… Soon, the Namikaze clan and the Hyuuga clan shall be one!" He cackled gleefully.

Well, that's odd. Bet ya never seen that plot twist coming!


Kiba was typing his most recent piece of crap. Let's spare the details, this is it in a nutshell: Mindless KibaHina, usually with a random third girl. Bastard.

"Haha! Only my super huge penis could conjure up such amazing stories!" Kiba cackled.


By: Icy Feminist

Title: Why he survived

Summary: How the most amazing anti-hero ever didn't die.


"Roah!" Naruto amazingly punched my lights out with that weird red chakra.

Well shit.

I crashed through the mirrors, and somehow regained my balance. My mask was broken, it was falling off my face.

He ran towards me.

I knew he was going to kill me.

My mask fell off enough to reveal my face.

He stopped.

"You- You're-"


"Damn it!" Haku screamed as he pounded his fist into the keyboard. "How the hell am I supposed to imply that I'm still alive if this shit won't work?"


Sasuke checked his e-mail and discovered something shocking.

"Damn!" He cursed.

And with good reason. Several shitty stories had been posted on his account. That could mean only one thing.

He had been hacked.

"My reputation is screwed…" Sasuke muttered.


Summary: Dis is what happens wen yoo mes wit twilight! ROFLROLOLOOLROOMADOAFU!

Rating: T

Characters: Edward/OC

O, Ediekins, fuc mefaser!" I scemed. Mai etarnel luver 4ever compleieed. Ten, the kempewter spited out on E-mial! Ti siad, a tatol NEWB wuz saying carp abourt the must amazingness bok evor, TWILIGHT. Whic is ho i meet edie. Anwayz, edwurd PWNZ taht newb using his L33T HAXXOR PWERS, and tehn we fuked.

The End

Sasuke blinked. This had to be a troll.


Title: Hokage

Author: Ramen Hokage

Summary: A song I wrote that tells of my dreams, Believe it!

Rating: T

I'm through with waiting in line,

To ramen stands I'll never be let in,

It's the most depressing part of my life

Even more depressing then seeing Death's Scyth!

Tell me What you want.

I want a big bad house with lots of noodles,

Gonna date all the models with the stupid poodles,

I want a, good teacher so I can kick ass,

And hopefully find a really pretty lass!

Tell me what you need

I need, to know a bazillion Jutsu's,

So I can kick away with kicking m neighbor's Shitzu,

Going to join the others on the American monument rip-off.

How are you going to do it?

I'm going to trade this life for being respected,

I'm tired of being emotionall neglected!

Well, I just wanna be a big ass leader,





"What the hell?" Naruto demanded as he pounded his keyboard. I was working on my song, dammit!"

"It was pretty bad. So maybe this is a good thing."

"Oh Shut up."

"Alright, I need to get my internet rep up so people will read my stories." Kiba muttered.

"Then they will realize that KibaHinarandomgirleveryothertime is canon! But how shall I…

He then noticed two stories that looked almost exactly the same.

'That's it!" He cackled. "I'll borrow other people's works!"

And So he copied the greatest Naruto Satire of All Time, 'The Truth.'

Now, the Author of 'The Truth' is a Leet computer hacker with no girls. So, Obviously, it had a virus attached.