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A Dangerous Mind

by Linlaah

As soon as Professor Severus Snape released his students from class they fled as though escaping from the most horrible thing in the world. This was probably due to the fact for the last hour the Potions Master had mercilessly drilled them on facts, ingredients, and anything else relating to the great art.

However, one student remained. As she made her way up to Professor Snape's desk she nibbled on her lower lip. It was a nervous habit she had developed years before, and at the moment, she was extremely nervous. Stopping in front of the large oak desk she took a deep breath and cleared her throat.

Looking up from the essay he was marking, Snape scowled. Hermione Granger, one of the three biggest banes of his existence. The bushy haired know-it-all Gryffindor. "What do you want, Miss Granger?" he asked, his ever-present sneer in place.

Hermione dove right in, not wanting to remain in the dungeons longer than she needed to to say what she had to say. "Professor, about the other night..." Her courage failed her then, and she found herself unable to speak.

Snape raised an eyebrow. What was she talking about? "If you aren't going to say anything, I have better things to do than watch you stand there."

"Oh! Um... about the other night, I wanted to thank you," she said quickly, blurting out the words.

"Thank me?" Snape questioned, not quite understanding what she was thanking him for. Had he done something to help her?

She nodded, her bushy brown hair bouncing on her shoulders. "Yes, for trying to save Harry, Ron, and I."

Oh, that. He hadn't had much of a choice at the time. Albus Dumbledore would have had his head if he had let Lupin kill three students. Or worse, bite them and make them werewolves as well. "I assure you, Miss Granger," he began, his tone clipped and emotionless, "that I did it for selfish reasons. Now get out before I take points."

With that he lowered his head, lank black hair falling forward, and returned to grading the sorry excuse for an essay in front of him. Two minutes later, Hermione was still standing before his desk. Snapping his head up, fully ready to yell at her, he froze. She was smiling... why in Merlin's name was the girl smiling? Had she lost her bloody mind?

"I know what you said isn't true, Professor," she said calmly, the smile still in place. "I know you're not as cold-hearted as you want everyone to believe."

Snape stared at her in silence, too shocked to say anything. Before he had a chance to retort the girl gave him one last smile before turning on her heels and scurrying out of the dungeon. He stared after her, not quite sure what to make of what had just occurred. Finally he decided that maybe she was just too smart for her own good.

Hermione Granger... she has a dangerous mind indeed, he thought, his lips quirked upward into the smallest of smiles.

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