The Space Warrior's

Goodbyes and A new Target.

As Me, Kirby and Metaknight stared at Ozzy who had just asked. Danielle, Rio and Landon to join them,

"What!?" I yelled.

"Do you really want to join us?" Landon asked Ozzy who simply nodded.

"Yes, with the Shadowmare Crystal gone, this place is going to need more protection." Ozzy said. As he faced Me.

"This should help you as well." Ozzy said inclining that he would no longer cause trouble.

"Yes I guess. Well it seems that with Ozzy here, you won't need us for a while," I said while grinning.

"Thank you for the help," Danielle said bowing her head.

"Well I'm sorry but we have to head back," I said, As Kirby and Metaknight headed back to the ship. Rio tapped me on the shoulder.

"What ever you do don't tell anyone about this place!" Rio said. I simply nodded before following Kirby and Metaknight.

"Well, can I join the team?" Ozzy asked. Danielle smiled before facing Ozzy.

"Ozzy, will you protect the sanctuary with everyone you have, even your life?" Danielle asked.

"Yes, I will protect this place, even with my life," Ozzy said while nodding.

"Then welcome aboard, Guardian Ozzy," Landon said while smirking,

"But I wonder what that Darkside wants with the Shadowmare Crystal?" Rio asked everyone, who simply shrugged.


Back at Omega Mountain, Drake was speaking, to Onikagemon, Omaddon and Johan,

"Great work, now I am one step closer," Drake said.

"So uh Drake I gotta ask, what are you going to do with this thing?" Omaddon asked.

Drake simply smirking before facing the Crystal and Plunged His Arms into Crystal, As He grabbed the Glowing Red Part A terrible roar of Pain can be heard all over the mountain. As The Crystal was starting to get Drained into Drake's body, Onikagemon noticed that Drake's eyes turned Cyan in colour, His Flame on his head turned White instead of Blue, and he was wearing Black Jeans and A Red and Black Jacket, and he was flowing with Malicous Energy.

"Excellent, the power belongs to ME!!" Drake roared. As he calmly walked over to his throne and sat down.

"So what's next Master," Johan asked.

"I must find the beings who sealed this power before, I may have absorbed but most of it's power is still sealed away, so I must get them to release the seal, then I will use this new power to give all those Author Fighter's, what they deserved, Death and Destruction!!" Drake roared again.

"So, where do this people live?" Onikagemon asked.

"Not People Onikagemon, Pokemon, and their is only one other place they could be hiding," Drake said as a Picture appeared in front of them, it looked like a massive Theme Park, with multiple Pokemon Shaped Rides and Stadiums.

"Poketopia," Drake said while grinning.

(Now this story is now over, just wanted to say, this is a prequel to X Prodigy's Author Fighters Battle Revolution story.)