Drabble Challenge: Word is 'Local'
Words: 100
A/N2: There are more authors involved in this challenge than you can imagine, even if you can imagine quite a lot. For the complete list, see profiles of Enkidu07 or Onyx Moonbeam. Join us! See details at those very same profiles!

"We're going to give him a local, then stitch the wound closed."

"A local – anaesthetic? That's all?"

"It's all he'll accept."

"I didn't bring him in for a local. He's beat to hell."

"Your brother has refused treatment."

He was already on the move, raising his voice. "SAM! Where are you, you little shit?"

He heard a choked noise. Homing in, he threw open the curtain.

"Dean, I …" Sam's eyes looked hollow.

"Suck it up." He waved the doctor forward. "He wants morphine, lots of morphine. And one night for observation." He glared at Sam. "Right, little brother?"