Title: Sweet Nothings
Author: Enkidu07
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean do not belong to me. No copyright violation intended!
Challenge Word: 'Flinched"


Sam eyed the long slash along Dean's shoulder blade.

He tightened his grip on Dean's neck as he slid the hypodermic into the muscle. Dean flinched and Sam's thumb started gentle circles.

Sam murmured quiet platitudes and was rewarded with a boneless brother, ebbing pain allowing Dean to succumb to exhaustion.

Careful stitches, antibiotic cream, and a layer of gauze, and Sam started packing the kit.

"Done?" Sam jumped, and then nodded.

"Any more sweet nothings you wanna whisper in my ear?"

Sam snorted and gently pulled the blanket over his brother, "Sorry dude, but you're not really my type."