Bella POV

I placed my hand on the railing of the ship and leaned over so it looked like I might fall off. I let the ocean mist spray over my face and breathed deeply. This was the last chance to do so. When we got back home my father, Charlie, was marrying me off and selling the lovely ship, The Forever Dawn, to make money and finally settle down with his love, Renee. For weeks now, he'd been trying to convince me that Mike Newton, a sailor on this very ship, was a great man who could support me all my life.

But my father didn't understand. I didn't want to be a slave to my husband. I wanted to run away and become a pirate or do something exciting with my life. And that vile Mike Newton who wouldn't leave me alone, who my father thought was a good man, who actually…

At that moment, I felt two muscular arms wrap around my waist and pull me back on the ship. I turned around. Mike Newton. Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

"Hey," he said. I shrugged out of his grasp and smiled in response. "Looked like you were about to jump ship ma'am. Captain wouldn't like that."

"Thank you for your concern, although it was very unnecessary," I sad brushing off my skirt. "I was just enjoying the fresh air." I turned and was about to walk away when he placed a hand on my shoulder. "Let me go Mike," I snarled. "Get back to work or I will tell Charlie and you will be overboard in a minute."

"Your bark is bigger than your bite," he replied.

"Just try me," I said before walking away.

Here on the sea, Mike and pirates were my only worry. It was nice to be able to just relax and sometimes escape from the pressure or being a girl. Charlie was about the ship, ordering his crew around. We should reach the nearest port to refuel in three days. We were currently on a journey to England from Brazil carrying gold and valuable items such as wood and natural resources.

I grimaced as Mike was tying up a sail, trying to show off to me. I looked up to the man the crow's nest, James, who now looked awful confused.

"Captain," he shouted. Charlie never turned around; he didn't hear him. "Bella please get your father for me." I ran to him and tapped him on his shoulder, pointing up to James.

"What's it James?" Charlie shouted to him.

"I see something," he shouted. "Seems to be land or at least, land-like."

"You lying bastard! We don't reach land for another three days minimum!" Charlie was turning red in the face. But none the less, he took his spyglass out and looked in. "Pirates," he muttered, all the color draining from his face.

Charlie was right. The Midnight Sun, the most feared pirate ship in all of the seven seas, was heading straight toward us.

The captain was legendary with the blade. He had never lost a fight.

"PIRATES! PREPARE FOR BATTLE!" Charlie shouted. Men who were tying up the masts swung down and readied the canons and loaded their guns. Others sharpened their blades and made sure that they were ready to invade the other ship. I ran to my cabin and took out my sword. I swept my hair into a hat and made sure it was securely fastened on my head. I threw off my dress and changed quickly into boy's clothes. I was ready.

I went outside and the battle hadn't started yet. Men stood their ground, ready to fight and others were on the railing to jump and invade their ship. The pirates were preparing the same way.

The first canon shot hit our ship, almost knocking me over. The pirates swung into our ship and I was quickly swept up into the fight. Men around me had already fallen and I grabbed a sword from one of their dead hands. I was fighting two men now. One attacking me from behind and the other came from the front. My skill with the blade was legendary, almost as the captain's of the Midnight Sun. I quickly injured both of them, not to the point of death, but to the point of them not being able to fight anymore, and searched for the captain.

Charlie was fighting a tall, young blonde, no older than twenty. He moved quickly but his movements with the blade weren't as great. I worried about Charlie, but moved on to find the captain.

I wanted to cry at all the men I saw on the ground, wounded, men that I had known, but I fought back the tears.

I saw the Midnight Sun's captain standing on his ship, fighting. I would have known those skills from anywhere. He quickly killed the man and I watched him hit the floor. I ran to him and began to attack him from behind but he quickly turned to face and fight me.

The fight soon began to look like a dance, my skills against his. We never had a chance to take each other, and the dance continued. His moves matched mine. I saw Charlie fighting next to me with a big, burly man. I continued to fight the captain until I saw Charlie fall. That was my moment of weakness. I dropped my sword and ran to him.

"Father," I whispered. "Don't go."

"Bella," he whispered back. "I thought I taught you better than to run away from a fight." Those were his final words. Speechless, I stood up. The captain stood there as if unable to believe someone had run away like that. I felt something heavy come down on the back of my head and everything went black.

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