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Frustration and Anger

I sighed as I threw yet another paper for a lawsuit on my desk. How many could one person possibly get in one month? This was the fourth one so far and I was getting tired of having to cost the hospital thousands just because one doctor had to be an ass. I knew I would have to go up to his office. I just always dreaded doing it.

I was the dean of medicine so I took care of everything that went on in the hospital and I worked with patients. I was only twenty-four years old but I had many ambitions. I was still young but I had gotten my dream job. I had been working at the Seattle-Stanford Hospital for three years and I wasn't the only one.

I didn't even want to think about the annoyingly great doctor a floor above me. So many times I had yelled at him but he just walked his cocky ass around like we should throw him a god damn parade. He was older than me- by only two years- but I had matured much more quickly.

I stepped out of my office and smiled to a few patients who looked over at me. One even waved and I waved back, hoping he didn't take it as eager. I've had too many of those situations lately and another pick-up line from a patient was not what I needed at this moment.

I pushed my bangs out of my eyes and stepped into the elevator, glad to see I was alone. I looked into the mirrored doors as they shut and smiled at what I saw. I was always told I was beautiful and I did have self-doubt sometimes but I knew I was pretty. My curves were in all the right places and my long, brown hair went down an inch past my chest. It was curled now but I usually kept it straight. My pencil skirt and four inch heels accentuated everything and I was glad my best friend did my shopping. The only problem with her shopping was she picked out the clothes that exposed more than I liked sometimes and heels that could possibly endanger my clumsy self.

I heard the ding telling me I was on the floor. I took my eyes off of my reflection and looked up to see the hallways partially clear. My anger increased when I saw him with his team in his office. My heels clicked against the flooring as I stomped into his office, not even bothering to knock.

All three of his team members looked up at me with a smile. I smiled back at them and then looked up to be greeted by two beautiful green eyes. God, I hated him so much but even I couldn't deny the fact that he was probably the most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on.

Dr. Edward Cullen, the brilliant and sexy diagnostician with a cocky, self-centered attitude.

He was two inches taller than me which already gave him the advantage. He was muscular too with broad shoulders and defined biceps. His hair was an odd bronze color and it was always a mess but it only increased his sexiness. He had perfect features and his striking green eyes made many of the nurse's swoon for his attention. I hated that I had these thoughts about him but I couldn't help it.

He would never know of course. And I would never tell him.

"Oh," he turned to me and smile. "Swan, how are you today?"

I glared at him and my anger only fueled when he smirked. "You know damn well how I'm doing Cullen. Why are you such a…"

"Ah, ah, ah…" He said with a grin. "Mommy and daddy can't fight with the children watching." I shot him another threatening glare and he shooed his team out. Once the door closed, he sighed dramatically and took a seat.

"Now what's the problem Swan?"

I practically shoved the paper in his face and watched as he read it with amusement. Seriously, what was wrong with him? He was like a child in a twenty-six year old body. I rolled my eyes when he put the paper down and laughed.

"That is a big problem."

"Yes and if you cost us anymore money, we'll have to cut back on your paycheck." He stood up and walked around to get closer to me. "Cullen, I know you're good at what you do but try practicing kindness. It helps when you deal with people."

"Oh but I am kind."

"Pretending that you're kind and actually being kind are two different things." He chuckled before I shot him another look and turned to leave. I felt a tap on my butt and heard him give a low whistle. Sometimes I wondered why I even kept my job here.

"I love my job, I love my job…" I said over and over like a mantra. I was hoping it would stick but every time I said it, his face would pop into my mind. I felt my phone vibrate. I took a seat on one of the empty hallway benches and flipped it open.


"Bella, what are you doing?" Of course it would be my best friend. She was the only one that called at eight in the morning to ask what I was doing.

"I'm at work."

"Oh," she laughed. "Is my ass of a brother giving you a hard time?"

"When does he ever give me a nice time?" I realized what I said after I said it and laughed a little. "You know what I meant."

"Sorry you have to put up with him."

"He's a good doctor and we need him. Anyways, what are you doing calling me?"

"Well," she began, her excitement apparent through the phone. "Last night Jasper and I went out and he…proposed!"

"Oh my god," I nearly yelled. "Congrats." I was happy for her but I also knew that I was going to get dragged into the wedding plans and designs and dresses…I shuddered at the thought.

"Don't even think about trying to get out of helping me," she said instantly. It was like she was psychic. "You're helping me or I'll send Edward to torment you."

I groaned. "Please, I get enough of your lovely brother at work." I heard her shuffle around on the phone and she finally hit something, causing the phone to make a loud screeching sound. "Alice!"

"Sorry," she apologized. "I have to go. Jasper is calling."

"Call me later Al," was all I said before the line went dead. I put the phone back into my coat pocket and lifted my head. Only to be met with those green eyes. Why did he just pop up everywhere?

"Can I help you Cullen?"

"How's my sister?"

"How did you…" I didn't even finish. It didn't take a genius to figure out who I talked to constantly. Alice was the only reason I didn't fire Edward. That and he was one of the best doctors in the country.


"She's fine. Call her yourself." He laughed and went on his way, leaving me sitting there in anger and frustration.

I stood up and headed down to my office, thinking along the way.

Alice would be planning her wedding which meant that I would be with her family, whom I loved minus Edward, but it also meant that I would be spending time with the devil himself. They were a close family so I'm sure he would be there to help her sometimes.

That put the icing on the cake. I would be spending time with the one person I couldn't stand. Might as well just stick us both in a one-bed hotel room and lock us in. That would be even better.

"Swan…" I heard his voice and sighed, always dreading the worst from him.

And I always prepared myself for my own personal hell full of frustration and anger. Those were the only two emotions that he seemed to evoke from me these days.

I turned and waited for the wonderful torment to begin.

I personally love doctor Edward. I had to make him represent House because I could totally see it in my head. For those of you that don't know what or who House is, just go look it up; good show. Anyways, did you like it? I had to have him in the first chapter because I wanted everyone to see their tension. You know there's going to be something happening with those two!

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