Author's Note: This story is written by me and the amazingly talented bsc9999. She has already written an Island story (go check it out!) and is now writing one with me. Every other chapter in this story will be written by her.

Summary: We know the castaways and their story, but what if a new girl came along? How would they react then? Told from her point of view and Lyssa's.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Bsc9999 owns Melissa but that's it :]

There is a problem that has troubled children for years. It has instigated an innumerable amount of fights between siblings, has caused parents to spend hundreds of dollars to fix it, and has tormented the minds of kids across the globe.

The question was this; top bunk, or bottom?

This is the problem that Lyssa Greenfield faced. She had never before had the chance to decide whether she'd like to sleep on the top or bottom bunk, because, well, her parents weren't stupid enough to make her try to share a bedroom with her older brother, Will. They would have, literally, ripped each other apart if that had ever happened. It wasn't Lyssa's fault that Will was incredibly annoying, or that he always had to disagree with her. Maybe, she might admit that she had a slight anger-management problem... but the rest was all Will's fault! It didn't really make any sense that their mom had shipped both of them halfway across the world on the boat The Phoenix when Lyssa hadn't really done anything wrong! Really, she hadn't!


Lyssa rolled her eyes. That would be the ship's first mate, and freaking Posiedon's gift to Earth, Mr. Radford. She still wasn't too sure why he insisted on calling her Veronica, but that wasn't a big issue at the moment.

Where was she going to sleep tonight???

According to the captain, she was going to be sharing the tiny cabin with two other girls that would be arriving later. Her brother and some other kid would be in the cabin over, and Radford and the captain both had their own cabins. Captain Cascadden was much nicer than Radford, and Lyssa had already decided that the closer she got to him, the easier this whole trip would be.

After a few more minutes of deliberation, Lyssa dropped her suitcase onto the bottom bunk on the left, and climbed up to the top bunk on the right. As long as she had the whole cabin to herself, she might as well make the most of it, right?

You know, Lyssa thought to herself, that you've hit rock bottom when you're excited about having an extra bed that's the size of your pillow.


What was that noise? Lyssa wondered. It sounded like someone was whispering something to her.


There it was again! She knew that she should open her eyes and see who that was, but she was so tired!

"Shuttup," she muttered, and pushed her pillow over her head. For a second, it seemed like the pillow had worked, or the person had given up, but then the pillow was ripped out of her hands and her warm blankets were torn off the bed, exposing Lyssa to the cold atmosphere in her cabin.

"What do you want?" she sat up and looked at the person with an angry expression on her face.

"I have news," it was Will. Go figure.

Lyssa groaned, snatched her blanket back from Will, and wrapped it around her bare shoulders. "What d'you want?"

Will sighed, and climbed onto the top bunk across from her, "You know the guy staying in my cabin?" he paused and waited for Lyssa to nod, "Well, he's a convicted felon!"

Immediately, Lyssa perked up. Gossip was one of the things that truly interested her, "Really?"

"Yep. He says he that someone else put the gun in his locker, but..." Will trailed off and shot Lyssa a knowing glance.

"Wow," Lyssa murmured, "I wonder what kind of gun it was!"

Will scoffed, "Figures that that's what you'd care about,"

Lyssa bristled, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," Will answered facetiously, and Lyssa scowled at him.

The two sat in silence for a moment before Lyssa asked, "Did you tell him... anything about... us?" It was a sort of touchy subject. Both siblings always downplayed their fights no matter how bad. It was their 'sibling code'. If Will had broken that and told the convict about why the two of them were here, Lyssa might just snap again.

"Just that we fight a lot," Will hopped down from the bunk.

"Figures you'd say something like that," Lyssa scowled at him and laid back down into her bed.

"Whatever," Will opened the door, "Breakfast's in ten."