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Ugh. It was only the first day, and I was already fed up with these people. After that absolute maniac barbie tried to kill her own brother, we spent the rest of the morning learning things about the ship. It had been interesting at first, but if I had to listen to Will and Lyssa try to prove that they knew more than the other one more time, I'd jump overboard. Or if Captain Cascadden told me that if I "forgot everything else, just remember this one thing". Whichever came first.

Then, three more "castaways", as Cascadden called them, or "inmates" as I referred to them, arrived. The first two, one boy, Ian, and one girl, Charla, seemed alright, but I could already tell that the third one was going to drive me crazy. His name was J.J. Lane and he was worse than Lyssa (if that was even possible). He'd showed up and started bragging about his rich daddy, and flashing his designer clothes, his designed shoes, and--most importantly!--his freaking designer sunglasses everywhere. He'd refused to eat dinner, and threatened to call his dad if Radford forced him to eat it. On top of all that, he demanded to be allowed to go to bed straight after dinner! Now, normally I don't think I'd care about something like that. I mean, I'd been tired, too! But today we were supposed to be heading out to sea exactly one hour after the last shipmate showed up, but since "Richie Rich" didn't feel like it, Cascadden had postponed it 'til tomorrow.

I hadn't understood why they'd agreed to J.J's every whim until I'd overheard the Captain and his First Mate whispering while the rest of us cleaned out the pots and pans.

"...Just one more night, and then the man who was with J.J. will be gone, and even if he calls home, no one can pick him up before we head out to sea."

Radford had nodded--albeit begrudgingly--at this.

So now, I was still stuck in the disgusting Guam humidity, forced to spend an extra hour with my annoying cabin-mate and the new girl. I repeat, UGH.

At the moment, the three of us sat in silence. After Lyssa had tried to get Charla to spill about why she was here and failed, and Charla had tried the same on us with similar results, we'd run out of things to talk about pretty fast.

Charla was reading a book, Lyssa was reading a book...and somehow managing to brush her hair at the same time, and I was reading a book. The Outsiders, to be exact. I know it's forty-some years old, but it was required reading for our grade last year, and I'd fallen in love with it. I was just at the part where Ponyboy and Jonny run back into the burning church when Lyssa's annoyingly perky voice interrupted me.

"So...that J.J. was pretty cute,"

I glanced over at her and rolled my eyes, "Pretty annoying if you asked me!"

Lyssa rolled her eyes right back and turned to Charla, "If you had to kiss him or Luke, who would you pick?"

Blushing, Charla shrugged, "I-I've only known them for, like, and hour," she stammered, but Lyssa wasn't going to let her off that easy. "I mean, personalities not included. If you absolutely had to kiss one of them or, like, your whole family would be shot, which one would you pick?"

Charla just shrugged again and Lyssa let out an exasparated sigh, "How 'bout you, Melissa? Luke or J.J.?" I knew she wasn't going to shut up if I didn't answer, so I snapped, "Luke."

Unfortunately, a one-word answer wasn't going to get me off the hook. "Hmmmmm. Yeah, he's cute, too," Lyssa mused aloud, as though we were all dying to hear the inner workings of her mind. "I mean, J.J.'s got the blonde haired, blue eyed, tanned, muscled surfer-guy look. But Luke's got the smolderingly handsome casanova thing going for him."

Silence enfolded our room once again, and I was about to turn back to my book when (surprisingly) Charla's voice rang out. "Will or Luke?" she giggled. Lyssa freaked. There was no other word for it. Jeez, you wouldn't think it, but for such a tiny blonde, she has the biggest set of lungs I've ever heard from someone her age.


Charla gasped and I leapt off of my bed, jumped onto Charla's bed (which was just below Lyssa's, as the one below me was holding my and Lyssa's luggage) and slapped my hand over Lyssa's mouth. "Do you want to get us in trouble?" I asked. She squirmed and tried to say something, but my hand muffled it. "Are you going to scream again?" I asked her slowly, like she was a three-year-old, and waited until she nodded before removing my hand. Just as Lyssa was about to say something, a loud banging sounded from our door.

"EVERYTHING ALL RIGHT IN THERE?" Radford shouted, as if the door was made of steel, instead of one flimsy piece of wood. "Everything's fine, Mr. Radford!" Lyssa's simpering voice called back. "THEN KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE, VERONICAS!" he bellowed.

All three of us waited until we were sure that he was gone before speaking again. Charla and Lyssa busted out laughing, and even I had to chuckle at that one. "Will's my brother!" Lyssa finally managed to choke out between giggles. "Duh," Charla responded, "but after all, you were the one who said 'if you absolutely had to kiss one of them, or your whole family would be shot'!"

I laughed again. Lyssa sighed, and then shrugged. "Luke. Duh. Now you two pick!"

"Will," I said at the same time Charla blurted "Luke."

"Are you mentally deranged?" Lyssa sneered at me, but I just shrugged. I was not going to let her faze me, make me loose control again like she had the first day. "Luke's an actual criminal. From what I've heard and seen, Will doesn't really deserve to be here,"

That one shut her up for a few seconds, "And exactly what have you heard or seen?" she demanded, her face contorted with fury. Truthfully, I had no idea why they were here, but if I had to put up with her half as much as Will did, I'd probably do something criminal, too. I was just about to tell her all of this when there was another knock on the door.

"Lights out, girls!" Captain Cascadden called.

"I'll get them," Charla walked over and flipped the light switch off, cloaking the room in darkness. Thankfully, I had brought my reading light with me, so I would be able to finish The Outsiders before the end of the night (it wasn't a very long book).

"'Night Lyssa, 'night Melissa," Charla yawned.

"'Night," Lyssa paused before adding, "and goodnight, Melissa."

"Goodnight guys," I sighed, and continued reading. Then the cabin became utterly silent apart from the soothing sound of waves rhythmically hitting the boat.