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Bella's Heritage

Bella POV

I walked into the living room, and saw another envelope.

I slit it open, and took out the letter.

Dear Isabella,

We are calling upon you to help your great great............................... grandfather.

He is in danger, and may not survive.

You MUST find him, and have him tell you what the secret is.

For if he dies, the secret must live on.

With All Due Regards,

Memories Long Forgotten.

I gasped, and for a second I could've sworn that my heart jump-started.

He was in DANGER.

And yet, I found myself suspicious.

This letter contradicted the other one...

But still, he was in danger!!!

In half an hour, I had convinced the others that we HAD to go.

And we were on our way.

I tried to find the Mysterious Diary Of Isabella Marie Swan, but I couldn't, so I settled for just talking with Edward and the others on the way.

We were going to the family diamond mine.

Yes, the Cullen family owned a diamond mine.

Apparently, Vampires were the perfect mine workers.

We could do everything, with no tools at all!!!

The Cullens explained that we didn't need to even use dynamite to get to the underworld.

That was what I nicknamed it.

The Underworld.

The hideous dark Underworld.

As I stared at the dark opening We revealed, I thought: We're coming for you Grandpa.

Christoper POV


Pure darkness.

Suddenly, I had a vision.

That was my power.

I could see danger.

Or anything that led to it.

I saw a girl walking.

She was a vampire.

And looked just like my wife.

She was walking with other vampires.

The one with bronze hair wrapped her hand around her.

I didn't understand.

How could my great great..............................grand-daughter ring danger?


She was going underground.

Down to the Underworld.

So maybe I wasn't in danger.

She was.

Wait, to the Underworld.

Why would she be going there???

Unless, she was leading them here.

But she wouldn't do that.

Would she????

Unless, they threatened her......

Yes, that must have been what that bronze-haired boy was doing.

I must avoid her.

I must avoid them.

If only I could catch the girl alone.

Then, I saw the roze-haired one sweep her around and kiss her.

She blushed and then smiled.

But that could've been a trick.

They could've known what my power was...

And threatened her to obey them, and pretend to enjoy their kisses.

But then, something happened that never had happened before.

I had sound.

A teenager skipped up to the girl, and she hugged her and said:

"Mom!!!! I might FINALLY meet my great great great umm.... a lot of greats there, and anyways, Did Aunty Alice see anything??"

The girl, Mom, as I was getting to know her, smiled and said.

"No, Alice hasn't seen anything, yet. Did you lose contact with Jacob?"

The teenager's face fell.

"No, I lost my signal."

"I'm sure he would've been here if Billy wasn't so sick." 'Mom' said.

The teenager smiled a forced smile.

"Yeah, I guess...."

Then, the bronze looked up.

He said: "I think someone's watching us..."

"Well, who???" 'Mom' asked.

"I don't know. But their mind seems far away..."

Ah. So he was a mind-reader.

Then, 'Mom' kissed him.

"I love you." she murmured.

Then, I realized that she really loved him.

But then how did she know I was down here?

Then, my vision ended.

And I was surrounded.

I had no time to scream.

Or even react.

They were on me.

Bella POV

After Edward said that someone was watching us,

the feeling of being watched disappeared.

Edward relaxed,

and Nessie started whining about how stupid under-ground phone service was.

Then, we heard screaming.

And not normal screaming.

Not human,

Not vampire,

and no mix I've ever heard.

To tell the truth, it wasn't much like screaming.

It reminded me of a nature film I once saw of wolves fighting for leadership.

That same victorious yell.

I started running.

I didn't know why.

The Cullens followed me.

I felt something was horribly wrong.

When I arrived at the source of the sound, I saw something that made my eyes pop.

There was a tape recorder.

Playing over and over that horrible sound.

There was a note taped to it.

Look up.

I did.

So did the rest of the Cullens.

Worst Mistake we ever made.

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