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The Curse of the Teddy Bear

It was a stormy night on October 31st, but it had become the norm for that time, as Voldemort was gathering strength. Voldemort stood outside the small cottage that was Godric's Hollow. It was time to kill the one with the power to defeat him. He walked up the garden path, sneering at the beautiful plants that flourished within the garden.

He pulled out his bone-handled wand and pointed it at the lock of the wooden door. With a mere thought he opened the door in time to hear…

"Lily, take Harry and run!" the voice of James Potter had an edge of fear within its tones.

Voldemort heard the pounding of feet go up the staircase, he walked forwards and came face to face with James Potter. They exchanged taunting words and spells started to whiz at one another, and then the sickly green light of the Avada Kedavra shot from Voldemort's wand and within seconds James fell to the ground with a heavy thud, no longer breathing, no longer alive.

Voldemort started up the stairs and came to a closed door. He blasted it open and walked in. He saw Lily standing protectively over the white crib that held her baby son.

"No, not Harry, please not Harry, take me, spare Harry, please," she begged the Darkest Wizard in centuries, as she turned, a soft cuddly stag clutched tight in her hands.

"Get out of my way you silly girl," he told her, ordered her even, but to his annoyance, she did not move from where she stood.

Lily shook her head, "no, not Harry," she pleaded once again.

"Avada Kedavra!" he shouted, the pleading and the way she continued to stand in his way irritated him.

Lily screamed as the spell hit, then she fell, becoming motionless on the floor before the crib, the stag fell out of her hand and onto the floor, between Voldemort and the crib.

"Well young Potter, we finally meet, I do not know what Dumbledore was thinking, when he believe that you would defeat me," He taunted the fifteen month old child, who could barely understand a word of what Voldemort was saying to him, just grinned up at the Dark Lord with a toothy grin. "Well, say good night Potter, you, the last of your line, will die this night." He added.

Voldemort walked forwards towards the crib as he spoke the killing curse, he took another step forwards and tripped, he fell forwards, he wand was now pointed at him as he finished the killing curse, with a green flash it hit him. He hit the floor dead, a shocked expression on his face.

Harry giggled in the cot and looked through the bars, "Bambi" he called as he saw his beloved toy on the floor.

The bear that Lily had been holding flew out from under Voldemort's foot and into the waiting hands of the baby boy. Voldemort had been foiled by the curse of the Teddy Bear.

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