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Chapter 1

Ziva was sitting at her desk in the NCIS building. She was staring at her computer monitor although she wasn't all that sure what she was supposed to be typing or if she was supposed to be looking something up. Her mind had begun wondering again and her focus had been lost. She had been this way for the past few months. Luckily she had been able to cover up and satisfy Gibbs with her work or she would have been in deep trouble. She wasn't all that certain what was going on with her but she has a sneaking suspicion what it had to do with.

"Ziiii-vaaaa." Tony said in a sing song voice as he walked over to her desk.

"What is it Tony?" Ziva asked annoyed at being interrupted when she was trying to remember what she was supposed to be doing.

"Gibbs told us to go home an hour ago and you haven't even blinked." Tony said crossing his arms in front of him.

"I still have work to do. You do not always leave when there are things to be finished, yes?" Ziva asked not paying attention to what she was saying.

Tony cocked his head to the side confused on whether that was a rhetorical question or a question requiring an answer. Sometimes it was hard to tell with Ziva's English in such bad shape at times. "Um…" Tony just said biting his lower lip and hoping she would speak instead.

"I will go home when I am finished." Ziva said looking back at her computer. She was positive there was something she was supposed to have done and yet hadn't.

"Fine but if you come in cranky tomorrow then I'm going to tell Gibbs it's because you are getting slow as you get older." Tony teased as he walked back to his desk and picked up his gear to leave. He pulled his weapon out of the drawer it was kept in and left the building without another word.

Ziva was getting frustrated as she sat there and then finally after another two hours of staring at a blank monitor she gave up. It was no use, Gibbs would have to find out she wasn't paying attention to him again and hadn't done any of her work. Sighing she shut everything off and grabbed her gear and gun before heading to the elevator. For some reason the hair on the back of her neck was standing up and she wasn't all that sure why. She shrugged it off to just being tired and exited the elevator at the parking garage. It was then that the Mossad in her took over and she immediately started sweeping the garage with her eyes. Something was amiss and she wasn't sure what it was.

Tony was sitting in his car, unsure of why he was still in the parking garage but he was worried about Ziva. There was something about her that just hadn't been right lately. He watched her walk to her car and noticed that she seemed ill at ease. It was something that he had noticed more and more lately. It was almost as if she was expecting someone to try and kill her at any moment. He watched as Ziva stopped walking and drew her weapon. Her eyes were focused on her own car and he was confused. In the two hours he had been sitting in his car he hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary.

"Ziva is losing it big time." He muttered to himself.

Ziva could see the marks around the keyhole in the door from where she stood. It was then that she noticed the old calling card lying next to the drivers side tire. An old secret was coming back to haunt her and that's when she realized why she had been so distracted, it was the anniversary. Ziva sucked in a deep breath and with her gun drawn carefully approached her car. She silently put her gear down and that's when she saw it.

"I am getting very, um, oh forget it." Ziva muttered frustrated that she couldn't think of the term she wanted to say in English.

Ziva noticed immediately what had been tampered with and rolled her eyes. This was a warning and not meant to kill her otherwise they would not have made the trap so obvious. Ziva quickly disarmed the bomb and cleared the rest of her vehicle. She heard the quiet footsteps behind her and turned aiming her gun at the persons heart before lowering her weapon and rolling her eyes.

"You could have been killed." She said simply staring at her partner.

"Why do you have your gun out anyway?" Tony asked confused.

"It is of none of your concern." Ziva said with a shrug of her shoulders glad Tony could not see the disarmed bomb. This was one secret and problem she would have to handle alone.

"Business Ziva, the term is none of your business." Tony said with a sigh. "Look we're partners so if something's wrong I would hope you would tell me."

"Nothing is wrong." Ziva lied with the ease of a well trained Mossad assassin.

"I have a feeling you wouldn't tell me if there was. I'm sorry to have worried about you, it won't happen again." Tony said sarcastically as he turned to leave.

"Make sure it doesn't." Ziva said simply before walking to where she had stashed the bomb. She made double sure it was disarmed before placing it in her car and grabbing her gear. This time she wouldn't be able to rely on her team for backup. Because if she involved NCIS in this then there would certainly be some bloodshed she couldn't live with.

Tony sat alone in his living room later that night. He was trying to figure out what was going on because he was sure Ziva was not fine. He was positive that something bad had happened or was about to happen and that Ziva was in trouble. The problem is she didn't trust him because of his last undercover assignment and that was going to be a problem.