Chapter 31

Ziva was nervous as she stood back and watched as everyone seemed to be running around behind the scene. Today was the day that Ziva was supposed to marry Tony and become his wife, and then after they had their honeymoon, she would be put on a brand new team and would no longer get to look to Gibbs, McGee or even Tony to help her understand things. She appreciated getting to have some sonority over the others. Ziva was looking at herself in the mirror and was really shocked at the way the dress was fitting her, since it was something she normally wouldn't have worn but she was glad she did, because she wanted to look good for Tony.

"This is your something old." Jackie Vance said with a smile as she handed over something that Ziva looked at and was really impressed and touched that she was being handed.

"Is this also my something borrowed?" Ziva asked softly.

"No, I want you to have it." Jackie said and Ziva felt the tears in her eyes. She had always maintained that she didn't understand why women cried at weddings, and now here she was at her own wedding and she could feel the tears building in her own eyes. "Now, don't cry, we don't want to ruin your makeup." Jackie said as she hugged Ziva gently.

"Now, your garter is your something blue, your earrings are your something new, so we just need something borrowed." Abby said as she frowned and tried to think and then suddenly she went to her purse and took something out before walking over to Ziva. "I had almost forgotten about this, it was something Gibbs told me to give you to carry with you, it's your something borrowed, it was something that belonged to his first wife, Kelly." Abby said and everyone was quiet as they all realized just how hard it had to be for Gibbs to hand this over for Ziva to carry down the aisle.

"I will take good care of it." Ziva said softly as she looked at the bracelet that Abby put on her wrist.

Tony was nervous as he fixed his tie again. He was pulling at his jacket and looking at his watch every once in a while, he was just glad that he was going to be marrying the woman he knew was his meant to be, but he was still nervous that Ziva would find a reason to stop the wedding and that it wouldn't go on today.

"Relax DiNozzo, everything will work out just fine." Gibbs said as he looked at Tony.

"I know boss, I just…" Tony was interrupted as Gibbs gave him a head slap, but was careful not to mess up his hair at the same time.

"We aren't working today, don't call me boss." Gibbs said and they both looked over as McGee continued to work on something he had been looking at on his phone for a while now. "McGee, if that is not wedding related, than I want you to stop working on it, right now."

"But boss…." McGee looked up and after seeing the looks on both of the faces in front of him, he immediately did something on his phone and then put it away in one of his inside jacket pockets. "It's put away."

"Good, now let's all get ready and head out there to the altar." Gibbs said as the door opened and the wedding planner that Abby and Jackie Vance had brought in to help with the wedding motioned for them to move out of the room.

"Whose walking her down the aisle?" Tony asked suddenly.

"Eli is here." Vance said as he stood in the hallway with a grin. "It's good to see you so nervous, it just shows that this is definitely the right thing for you."

"Thank you sir." Tony said as he shook hands with Vance and then the four men walked together towards the main area where the altar was to take their places.

Ziva looked up as the door opened and she was shocked to see her father, Mossad Director Eli David, standing there. He was all dressed up and it appeared like he was happy to see her and suddenly she was shocked to see the emotion and tears in his eyes and he looked her up and down.

"We'll give you two a chance to talk." Abby said as she and Jackie left the room.

Ziva waited until the door was closed and she looked at her father, someone she wasn't that close to and the man who had attempted, several times since it was announced she was marrying Tony, to somehow break them apart. She wasn't sure if she was all right with him being there, let alone letting him be the one to walk her down the aisle, she would rather walk herself down the aisle or have Ducky do it.

"If you're here to…" Ziva started but she stopped when her father shook his head.

"I am not here to do anything bad, I want to support you and your decision. There have been several people who have shown me that sometimes being a good parent is just being supportive. After what happened with that loss of one of our own, by Agent DiNozzo's hands, if you really believe he is the man you are meant to be married to, then I need to support you and stop trying to make you call off the wedding." Eli said as he held his hands up.

"I know he is. Tony would give his life to protect me, as I would do the same for him. There have been several times when he has tried to save me by nearly getting himself killed. It was Tony and McGee who risked their lives to come and rescue me, well they really were just trying to avenge me but in the end they got me out of there, alive, when I didn't think it was possible." Ziva said evenly. "I love him and he loves me, and I know that he is my meant to be."

"Then I support you." Eli said softly. "I want to be someone you can rely on, so should we go and get you married?"

"Yes." Ziva said as she picked up her bouquet.

Tony looked towards the back of the aisle after the bridesmaids came down the aisle and the wedding march started. As everyone stood from their seats, he was in awe as he saw her for the first time on her fathers arm. He was nervous having Eli David there, but since that man was about to become his father in law, he figured he better get used to seeing him or having him around. Tony looked towards where his own father was sitting and was shocked that Ziva had made sure that he was there. As he turned his eyes back on his future wife he could see the smile on her face and he felt a tear fall from one of his eyes, refusing to feel ashamed or embarrassed, he just couldn't believe how amazingly beautiful she looked and he was so grateful that she was about to become Mrs. DiNozzo.

"You look amazing." Tony whispered as Eli handed Ziva off to him.

Soon they were standing there, facing each other as they repeated their vows. Ziva was so happy and nervous and she could see that Tony was as well, but as they said their vows, it seemed like it was just the two of them there, no one else mattered and there was no one else around as far as they were both concerned.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride." The preacher said and soon as they were done kissing they turned towards the audience who was now on their feet clapping. "I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Ziva DiNozzo."

He was watching them from his vantage point. He was actually sitting there, in the reception hall and watching the newlyweds as they danced their first dance. He felt his hands clenching and knew that he needed to calm down before he gave himself away. He looked over and watched as everyone got up and started dancing as Ziva headed towards a back room with Abby Scuitto and Jackie Vance, as they were apparently going to help her change. The reception was just starting after a cocktail hour had happened while the wedding party and the newlyweds took their pictures. He had watched as the pictures were taken and had managed to find a way to get a few of his own and he was going to make sure he got his hands on the official photo's as well, he knew that would get inside their heads as nothing else would.

He had, had a hard time keeping himself in his seat when the preacher had asked if there was anyone who had cause or reason why they shouldn't be married, the whole speak now or forever hold your peace thing, he had wanted to jump up, shoot Tony DiNozzo and anyone else he felt he needed to shoot before grabbing Ziva, but he had forced himself to keep in his seat, because there were so many important people there, that there were security guards and heavily armed agents who were on security detail, he wouldn't have gotten very far at all and it would have ruined his whole entire plan, he wanted to make sure that everyone suffered, that was important to him, they weren't dying fast, they were dying slow and in the meantime, he was going to torment them.

Ziva walked out in her reception dress and headed over to her new husband. She saw the smile on his face and she kissed him lightly on the lips. She sat down next to him and then watched as he pulled her engagement ring off the finger on her right hand and slid it on her left ring finger, above her new wedding band. She had moved her engagement ring to her right hand just before the wedding, per the instructions Abby had given her.

"You look so sexy." Tony said with a slight whine.

"That's the point." Ziva teased as she gave him a look and she could see how it affected him. She laughed as she leaned into his side as they ate their dinner and enjoyed their reception, she was smiling on the outside, but the gut instinct she had developed as a Mossad operative and now as an NCIS agent was going crazy, something was off tonight and something bad was close to happening, and she couldn't shake that feeling, though she was hiding it from the man she hoped she would be able to spend the rest of her life with.

He knew that he would get to make his move soon enough. "Soon you will see what I can do and suffer the full force of my wrath!"