The Secret Celebrity


Have you ever seen that rip-off show Hannah Montana?

You know Miley is a secret rock star, trying to live a normal life.

Well that's me only im not Miley and my life is so not normal

One- I am a secret actor
Two- im not a rip-off show

Three- keeping my identity is so easier than it looks.

My real name is Kate Marshal

My celebrity name is Silver Fairer


I stuffed my books in my locker and looked down at my feet I was wearing my high top, neon green converse. You know when you have that feeling that you forgot something well that's what I was feeling right now I couldn't remember what I forgot.

"KATE!" Mia yelled from down the hall she rushed at me.

"Hey" I told her

"Why didn't you tell?"Mia question me

"Tell you what?" I told her putting in my last book in my locker

"That you're going out with Darren Richardson"


1st Darren is the hottest guy in school

2ND Im not even popular enough to even talk to Darren R

"Yeah, Sabrina Haywire says she say ya two making out behind the school, last week."

Okay she is totally lying, because I wasn't even here last week I was busy with commercials and autographs signings. So yah, liar.

"Um… Mia I wasn't even here whole last week, remember Mia?"

"Oh yeah, sorry Kate I was so stupid to listen to Sabrina"

After that Mia left to drama club.

I was closing my locker and turn around to see my boyfriend (Jasper).

Jasper I my poet, sensitive boyfriend who loves me.

I think.

"Kate I heard you were cheating on me, with Mr. Perfect" (his nickname for Darren).

"Sabrina was lying, remember I wasn't here last week and she says I made out with Darren last week" I responded

Jasper breathe out and said: "oh thank god"

I smiled and took his hand and we walk out of school together hand in hand.