iNeed Help

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Chapter 1

Sam pulled her coat tighter around her body. The winter weather was really bothering her. Usually, on the rare occasions that they did get snow in Seattle, she, Carly and Freddie would go out and have snowball fights on the roof of the apartments. But this year was different.

Freddie and Carly had left her nearly four months previous, heading off to college halfway across the country. Sam hadn't planned on going to college out of state, just taking some courses at the community college. And that's what she did, but it left her feeling sort of lonely.

She still visited the Shay apartment almost every day though. It was certainly better than staying home, where life just sucked. And hanging out with Spencer wasn't that bad, he sure made things interesting, and he would always make sure that she was fed, which she loved about him.

Spencer had been doing well and keeping himself busy with his art. He'd also been dating another artist for the last two months, a pretty young blonde who understood his craziness and was just slightly more normal than him. They were so perfect together, and Spencer seemed to walk on air when he so much as thought about her.

This made Sam feel even lonelier, however. Spencer had someone that he could turn to when times got rough, someone to make him feel better about all the shit that went down. Sam was tough, that was true, but that didn't mean that she didn't need someone to talk to about her mom and the trouble at home, and with her two best friends gone and Spencer in a serious relationship, which left her without anyone.

She turned down an alleyway, a shortcut that she had discovered about a year ago, and she immediately stopped in her tracks. There was group of guys, all of them a few years older than her, huddled in a circle, talking in hushed voices. She wasn't sure, but she suspected that she just walked in on a drug deal. One boy saw her and gestured for the others to look up, which they did. They stood staring at her, every single eye on her. "What'cha doin' here?" one voice croaked.

Sam was a little freaked out, she had to admit, but she put on her tough face and replied, "Just passing through." She tried to walk past them, but one shot his arm out, holding her back. "I don't think so," he hissed.

She took a deep breath; she just wanted to get to the Shay's apartment. "Look," she said, trying to keep her voice from shaking, "I just want to go on my way. I didn't see anything."

"Damn, right, you didn't see anything," the guy holding her back said, reaching into his pocket with his free hand. "And we'll make sure you don't say anything either."

That's when Sam saw it. Glinting in the street light, a butterfly knife in the boy's hand. He flipped it open and called to the others, "Grab her."

Sam reacted instinctively, bringing a right hook across the boy's face and backing up quickly. She turned to run, but at least five sets of hands reached out and grabbed her. They pinned her against the brick wall, waiting for the other guy to regain his composure. He stood slowly, wiping blood from his lips with his free hand and facing her. "You'll regret that," he growled. She just spit at him in return.

"Hold her still!" he barked at the others, and they tightened their grip on her. He smiled evilly and said, "This will be so sweet." He held the blade up to her throat. "You didn't see anything, and if you say anything, I'll make you wish I killed you."

She gulped but snapped, "I'm not afraid of you."

He leaned in, bringing his blade away from her throat and whispered, "You should be…"

Sam gasped as the cold metal blade jabbed into her stomach, and she could just feel her whole body going weak. Even though she was wearing a thick jacket, she felt cold all of the sudden.

The boy pulled his blade from his victim and flipped it closed again. "Let's get outta here, guys," he commanded to the others. Glancing back at Sam, he said, "Tell anyone what you saw, and I will kill you."

Then they were gone. Just like that.

Sam had sunk to the ground, gasping and pressing her hand against the wound. Things were getting a little fuzzy. She needed some help, and she needed it now. But it was unlikely that someone would come down this way. Sam was sure that that was why those thugs felt safe down there.

She steadied herself on the wall as she stood. Her legs did not want to support her body weight. She wobbled as she walked, but she tried to stay focused. Only three more blocks to the apartment… two more… one more…

She burst into the lobby, earning a strange look from Lewbert, and stumbled into the elevator. She kept her breathing steady, slow, and deep. Her extremities were tingling and the blood on her fingers made her worried. There seemed to be so much of it…

The elevator reached the floor, and Sam staggered out of it, using the walls as a guide as she wobbled down the hall. The Shay apartment wouldn't be locked, and she knew it. She nearly slammed into the door as she shoved through it. "Spence!" she called out weakly. The room was swimming around her, she didn't know if she could stay standing much longer.

He emerged from his bedroom and saw immediately that something was wrong. "Sam?" he asked, rushing toward her. "What's wrong?"

Her whole body swayed. "I… need… help…" Her entire being went limp and crashed onto the floor. She could just barely hear him shout her name in the distance before the whole world turned black.

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