This is the Enkidu07/Onyx Moonbeam Drabble Challenge of the Week.

Challenge Word: 'local'

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own these boys. Kripke does. If I did own them I would have them in each episode at some point take off their shirts. –Melts-

Over 100 words, I got really creative with this one. Enjoy.

"Dean I told you to stay local!"

It was a crisp hot summer day and the Winchester boys were packing up and heading to a new hunt. They were still lingering in Kentucky but they were practically on the state lines. And now they were heading towards Virginia, where a string of mysterious deaths were occurring.

The youngest brother turned the knob on the AC higher. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and continued packing his things. His phone suddenly rang and he figured it to be Dean who had taken a walk, he left about an hour ago.

It was just a few days after Dean had told his little brother finally what happened in hell. Dean was feeling embarrassed slightly and had been a little distant lately.

"Dean, where are you?" Sam asked as he leaned his phone on his shoulder and held it there with his cheek while putting more of his apparel in his duffel bag. "We should probably be leaving soon."

"Um." Dean paused. "That might take a while."

Sam sighed pressing his lips tightly together. "Are you okay?" Panic. Fear. .

"Yeah. I'm fine. No demons or anything." He paused again and an unfamiliar sound was heard in the background. "This is a… normal situation."

"Dean." Sam warned. "Where are you?"

"Stuck in a tree." Dean said. Nervous.

"What?!" Sam spat "Dean I told you to stay local!"

"I am!" He defended "There's a park about a ten minute's away from the motel. I'm sure it's five if you drive. Once you see a really big yellow slide then stop and I'm in this like uh maple tree by there."

"I'll be right there." Sam snapped his phone shut. He let out a small groan shutting his eyes and shaking his head.


"Dean!" Sam yelled. He was in the park, passed the yellow slide, looking for his big brother who was currently stuck in a tree.

"Sam?" He heard a gruff nearby voice.

"Dean!" Sam yelled again "Where are you?"

"I see you!" Dean yelled. "Okay uh look to your left and up!"

Sam followed and found nothing.

"Sorry I meant right and up!"

Sam groaned and soon his eyes fell on Dean. He was sitting on a large branch half way up. Both hands gripped the tree and fear was plastered all over his face. The picture was hilarious and Sam couldn't help but grin.

"Oh shut up." Dean grumbled.

"Before I help you I have one question."

"Make it quick."

"Your deathly afraid of flying, being high up in planes. So why do you climb up a tree?"

"Sammy, I hear the circus is in town. Wanna stop by and see some clowns?"



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