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WARNING: there are going to be some… interesting jokes in here

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"Lyk, teh bestest storiee evah!1one!!!!111!" (Harvest Moon Edition): Search for the chocolate

After a long night of doing nothing really important, but super fun regardless, tenth grader Yuna decided to spend her lunch period doing what all good honors students who pull an all nighters do: Take a well deserved nap in the library.

"Help… Me… Can't… See… Going…. Cold… Need…. Chocolate"

A tiny little girl with curly pink hair and HUGE boobs, oh and wings, was surrounded by a shroud of black. She seemed to be in distress, (chocolate fueled distress).

Yuna yelled out to the girl, who for some reason seemed to look familiar,

"Wait, who are you? Why do you need chocolate? And doesn't your back hurt with boobs that obscenely huge?"

The pink haired girl seemed to blur a bit.

"Shut Up, they're not that big!!! I mean… must… be… caffeinated… need…. Chocolately goodness…" The pink haired girl put her hand to her forehead dramatically. Her voice got fainter with every word.

"Why do I have to get you the chocolate? Why can't you get yourself chocolate? Who the hell are you anyway? What did I smoke last night to have a wacked out dream like this!!!?" Yuna yelled defiantly at this girl. She had played enough video games to know she was about to be sent off on a quest.

"Help… can't… hear… good… bye…." The pink girl disappeared, leaving Yuna in a black world, a quiet black world, a black world where it was very hard to breathe. And it was wet… very wet…

Holy mother of Edwards couch! I'm underwater!

Yuna's eyes opened wide with fright, only to have them sting with the salt water. She tried her hardest to swim upwards, and eventually broke to the surface.

"THERE SHE BLOWS! LOOK IT'S A MERMAID!!!" An old man dressed like a sea captain was standing upon a ship deck, looking down at her.

Yuna looked around for a second before she realized that he was talking about her. She yelled up at him "NO! I'm a girl! And I'm kind of drowning here so can you help me up please?"

The captain tilted his head to the side, as if in deep thought.

"Well… I guess I could… but what would you do for me?" There was a glint in his eye, one she recognized from a certain type of person.

"RAPIST!!!! AHHHH!" Yuna tried her best to swim away from the boat, but the current just pushed her back (pokemon style).

"No no! I won't do that, just here, climb up the ladder" He pointed to a ladder directly in front of her face.

Yuna was thoroughly annoyed why wasn't that there before?

Yuna, up on deck, discovered she was bone dry and rather well rested. Curiouser and curiouser

"I'm captain Pascal and you are on a boat to waffle town, who are you and what were you doing in the middle of the ocean?" Pascal was still a bit creepy, but Yuna ignored it for the time being.

"I'm um… Yuna… and I… um… Well I think I'm headed to Waffle town, to get some chocolate… I think…" Yuna shrugged her shoulders and sighed, might as well get this whole "quest" thing over with.

Pascal gasped

"Chocolate? That's the super uber rare crop that is hardly ever found on the island… the last person known to eat anything with chocolate was the carpenters son Luke, and his IQ dropped almost thirty points after eating that stuff," Pascal shook his head furiously, leaving the steering of the otherwise empty ship up to seemingly no-one.

"Um… well… HEY LOOK A GIANT STORM!!!" Yuna pointed to a giant cloud that seemed, once again, to come out of no-where.

"Holy LightxL pairing, it is!!! Yuna, you must go inside at once, before you…" Yuna didn't hear the end of the sentence as she was knocked against the quarter deck of the ship.

She was back in the world of darkness…

"Can't… hold… on… much…. Longer….. get….my…. damn…. Chocolate…."

The girl with the pink hair, wings, and GIANT boobs was back, although this time Yuna could see her more clearly. She was dressed in a grey dress, black boots, and hot pink tights, matching her hair. Her wings were just SPARKLING with many layers.

"Why am I supposed to get your chocolate, you're getting clearer, how am I even supposed to find you"

"As… You… get…. closer…..see…. better… point… out…. The way" The pink girl erupted in a flash of hot pink and Yuna was left, once again, in darkness.


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