So chapter two… was canceled on account of lack of creative drive (Elli-Rihanna walks in "Jill you want any MnM's?) *with a mouth full of chocolate* never mind. Without further ado, here's chapter two!

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Um… okay happy lets all be friends time is over… time for the story

Yuna awoke in a warm, yet unfamiliar bed. She shot up with a start "What the hell is my problem, those dreams are so trippy!" She jumped up and with a bit of effort, managed to get herself downstairs (after running into a few walls of course). She heaved out a breath of relief when she found herself in a restaurant.

"Oh, You're awake! Good! How are you feeling?" A man wearing a green vest over a white shirt turned his attention to Yuna.

"Okay… I guess… Who are you!? You didn't rape me did you!?" Yuna shot back, tripping over a stair


"No, I'm Jake, the innkeeper and I am not trying to touch you in any way… and even if I was going to I would go after someone younger… like the tailors new apprentice, Luna I think it was…hmmmm" Jake seemed to go into some kind of creepy fantasy, leaving Yuna to back quietly out of the inn.

"Hello? You're the mermaid right? I'm Mayor Hamilton, and I'm just as pleased as punch to have you here, but I thought mermaids had fins. And you my dear don't seem to have fins… are you a magical mermaid? I'm an expert on all things mythical. I'm as smart as strudel! Yum, Strudel…" Hamilton licked his lips in wonderment of the best thing to come out of Germany since the bicycle.

"Um… no… um… yeah…. Oh…. Yeah…. Oh…." Yuna's eyebrow twitched as she tried to make sense of the gluttonous old man before her.

"Sorry about that, I'm a big connoisseur of desserts and sweets. Anyway, I am here to get you settled… have you any interest in farming?" Hamilton asked with a smile on his face.

"No" Yuna said bashfully, truth be told, everything she touched died.

"How about clothing making?" Hamilton asked

"Not cosplay? Not really, I'm not like Fei, so short she has to tailor her own pants" Yuna scratched her head.

"How about mining?"

"Afraid of the dark"



"Medicine?" Hamilton asked hopefully

"Don't you need some kind of license for that?" Yuna said, scrunching up her face.

"How about baking?" Hamilton asked.

"Like with CHOCOLATE?" Yuna lit up eagerly. If I can get a job where I work with chocolate I can get out of here!

"Holy Second Season of Rosen Maiden! Chocolate! No, I'm as confused as carrot cake, why would anyone use Chocolate willingly? It makes you all… dumb and stuff… and…" Hamilton sighed and began to sob

"oh Yuna, I have a secret to tell you… you see, as a young man, I was a fan of the substance called chocolate. And I imposed a tax on this fine land, and everyone had to give me some chocolate. But the only place the chocolate grew was on top of the goddess's tree, so people eventually stopped importing chocolate, as it was very expensive, and began to take it off the goddesses tree. But then it stopped growing…" Hamilton pouted and pulled Angela onto the bench to finish his story.

"So there became a black market for chocolate in order to pay the tax… and one night the villagers got fed up with it and attacked me, oh I was terrified as toffee, and then I took the tax off. The last person known to eat chocolate was Luke… and no one knows where he got it from…" Hamilton sighed, happy to get the story off his chest.

"Wow, that's so sad…" Yuna said, looking up at the sky, her eyes dimming with sympathy.

"So you understand why we no longer use chocolate on this island?" Hamilton said, turning to her.

"Huh? No, I just noticed that cloud looks like a puppy with only one leg… did I miss something? Like the complete plot of the story or something?" Yuna asked, feeling a bit sick.

Hamilton sweat dropped, "Yeah kind-of… hey I have an idea! Why don't you go and work at town hall for a while? It's a nice cozy place of employment where I'm sure you'll have a good time, and there are even UNICORNS! Yes you heard me right, unicorns, I'm as truthful as taffy when I say that there are unicorns at town hall!" Hamilton waved his arms around like a mad man, and began to twitch slightly in the eye.

"Let me guess… no unicorns right?" Yuna said, crossing her arms over her chest.

Hamilton sighed, "You seem to get the truth right out of me Yuna. Yes there are no unicorns at town hall. But you could work there! My son works there! And Elli too, she's so nice, and very experienced at all trades… oh you would just love to work at town hall!" Hamilton tried his sales approach one more time.

"Um… okay, sounds fine I guess…" Yuna said, maybe town hall will have some chocolate…

Yuna hopped off the bench and walked out onto the path, tripping over some uneven ground.

"Owwie! My ankle!" Yuna held her rapidly swelling ankle in her hands and bit back tears.

"Oh no! I'm as nervous as nutella, here why don't I take you to the doctor?" Hamilton said, helping her up.

When they arrived at the clinic Jin was sitting at the counter reading a book.

"Doctor! This is Yuna, she's new here, and her ankle is broken!" Hamilton yelled, pushing Yuna onto the floor.

Yuna looked up at the doctor who seemed to be suffering from Stephanie Meyer syndrome. He was sparkling!

"Hello, I'm Jin, the doctor. Why don't I see what's wrong?" He lifted Yuna up onto the examination table and began poking at her ankle.

"Does that hurt?"




"And this?"

"OWWWW! Why are you poking at it, it's just hurting, get me a bandage and wrap it"

"Okay, I go do that" Jin ran off gleefully, leaving a trail of sparkles behind him.


Yuna was sitting in town hall, having some annoying blond, overly clean PANSY telling her what to do.

"Now take files that start with A and put them in the box labeled A, simple enough?" Gill asked, tilting his head in superiority.

"Yeah whatever…" Yuna grumbled… she then got an idea. Files labeled A went in box X and B went into F and C into T and so on.

Yuna hobbled back to the Inn where she intended to take a nice long rest.


"Who is it?" Yuna asked.

"My name is Luke… I'm a carpenter" He said.

"Um… okay…" Yuna said, pulling the covers over herself.

"Hi, wow this room is wicked awesome! So I heard you stood up to Gill. Well suckishly enough you are going to work for my Pa and I starting tomorrow! You're pretty; this is going to be badass!" Luke said, punching up in the air.


"Hi Luke, I'm Yuna and I cant wait to work with you tomorrow. So I have a question for you… Do you know anything about chocolate?" Yuna said, batting her eyelashes ever so slightly.

"Haha, um… well" Luke broke out in a nervous sweat.

"Okay you got me! I secretly spend all of my money on chocolate imported from the mainland; I'm such a bad person! I deserve to be spanked like a small child, I'm that bad!!!" Luke began to cry manly tears of guilt.

"No, no… its okay… I was just wondering if… I don't know… I could have some? Just a bit… I need it" Yuna suggested sweetly.

Luke's mouth hung open wide for a second.

"Uh… um… WHY DO YOU NEED THAT… you know… chocolate?" Luke asked suspiciously.

"Well, there's this girl, well I don't know if she's a girl. She has huge boobs, and pink hair, and wings and stuff… and she says I need to give her chocolate…" Yuna divulged.

Oh no, I'm turning into one of them, divulging my secrets so easily!

"I know that girl! She's this villages goddess! She helps with harvests and the weather and stuff… you didn't think we worshiped, I don't know, Jesus in that church up there did you? So do you want my help? With giving the chocolate to the goddess?" Luke was literally bouncing up and down with excitement.

Yuna stopped dead in her thought train.

"Wait, how would I even give the chocolate to her?" She thought out loud.

"Simple, you'd just hike up the mountain to her tree!" Luke said, as if he had done it a hundred times before.

"Oh really? That doesn't sound too hard. Okay Luke, you can help me give chocolate to the goddess" Yuna said, smiling. It seemed as if her journey wouldn't be too difficult after all.

Luke laughed.

"It's an awesome thought, but no-one's been able to get up there for almost three years. The paths all grown over… it would take one badass wood chopper to get thorough there!" Luke said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well, didn't you say you were a carpenter?" Yuna asked.

"Oh yeah! One of the best! Oh, I could get that path cleared! Yay, we'll start on it tomorrow, I'll bring the… you know what… and we'll go on an adventure together!" Luke ran out of the room, happily thinking about his upcoming adventure.

He's cute. Sort of slow… but cute none the less!

Yuna fell into a nice, dreamless, sleep.


One chapter left. What will happen? Will they bring chocolate in time? Will Luke and Yuna become more than just randomly thrown together characters in attempt to bring in some romance?

Stay tuned!