End of Innocence Chapter One: How it all began

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It was a normal day so far in the Jedi Temple. Jedi Knights, Masters, and Padawans were heading every which way. There were people coming back from missions, glad to be done and be able to rest, and others who were heading out on a mission. In the Temple, life was as always. The Jedi Council was having yet another session (and those who weren't on the council generally were happy that they were not; mostly because of the long hours that a session could easily take up). But then something happened that was unusual. A call came into the Jedi Temple. The Knight who took it got a rather shock. It was about a potential initiate, whose mother had asked the hospital staff to call the Temple. The mother was dying and nothing could be done for her. She was however very concerned for her yet unborn son. The call was not for her, for she knew she couldn't be saved, but for her son to be saved. She had no doubt that her son had the ability to use the force. Why, she couldn't say on the phone, except that there was a high chance considering the boy's heritage and that she could feel it.

Master Yoda (who seemed to somehow been able to get out of council duty that day [who says Jedi Masters couldn't have a break anyway and he had sensed that the council chambers wasn't the place he needed to be]), as soon as he heard the call, knew that this child was important. He felt the Force telling him that this child was essential for the continual survival of the Jedi. They needed to save the child, as per the mother's request. So he had the Knight on call duty arrange transportation from her current hospital to the Temple. If the child could be saved, it would be the Jedi Healers who would be able to.

It didn't take that long for her transfer. She had been on a space hospital station not that far from Corescant. It was easy for her to be carried on a transport and taken to the Temple. She was put in one of the private rooms in the Healers' Wing. Later, when Yoda entered the room, he saw a pale young woman on the bed. The young woman let out a deep relieved breath when she saw him enter; the father of her son had told her of Master Yoda and that of all the Jedi she knew he would be most willing to help her.

When Yoda entered the room, he felt the presence of a person powerful in the Force and knew instantly that he was feeling the child who was still in its mother's womb. A child, if something wasn't done, would not have a chance to live. The doctors had told the Healers of the fatal disease that the mother was infected with. That particular disease that the mother had had no known cure. It was in fact considered one of the worst known diseases in the galaxy to have. Thankfully, it was also one of the rarest but had been getting more cases as time went by. They hoped it wasn't an outbreak or if it had mutated again. It had in the past, mutating into a disease that had actually been contagious. Thankfully a cure for that had been found, but not before hundreds died. But now, apparently in recent years the disease, as it was in the years before the outbreak, had been making a comeback. Numerous doctors and healers, as well as scientists, had listed the disease as a top priority to find a cure; many worked hours at trying to find a cure, along with the cure for other diseases. It ate away at the body of the victim, leaving nothing untouched. It even affected the body midichlorians, making the chance of survival even less. It wasn't contagious, and would only be spread from a parent to a child. It could skip generations, being carried by whole generations and yet those that carried it did not show sign of the disease. Somehow, the disease would be activated and would strike quickly and suddenly. Unlucky for the young mother, she had been pregnant at the time. There was nothing that could be done for the mother, since the cure had not been found and Healers could only do so much, but the child was a different story. Jedi healers had long ago discovered how to shield a part of the body, in this case the womb, from disease. This was the child's only chance to live.

Yoda talked to the mother for a while. She had already known that she would not survive and had accepted her death. She did not accept her child's, and asked that if there was anyway that her son could be saved then they must do it. She agreed to the Healers' suggestions about protecting the womb, or rather accepted their help support, and energy in raising the shields she had already placed around the child herself.

Later, Yoda sat in his meditation room, deep in thought. The Jedi code had been broken. The father, according to the young woman, was a Jedi Padawan. They had met when the Padawan had come to the planet to help with negotiations to settle a war that had been raging for generations. She was the daughter of one of the ambassadors sent to arrange the peace treaty to end the war. There, they had met. After more than a few weeks, the two had fallen in love with the other. The Jedi had been on the planet for months, for the parties in the negotiations were all very stubborn old men who wanted something to benefit their party. It was very hard for them to agree, despite the amazing negotiating skills of the Jedi Master. They had hidden their love for each other away from everyone else, including his master. It had not been hard to do, since the Padawan wasn't needed and his master was away for hours in the conference room. But it did not last.

Before he had left, she had become pregnant with his child. But this discovery took several days, by which time he was long gone. They had already made secret plans to meet up later, especially if he became a knight soon like he hoped. They would not have to hide their relationship then from his master, since he would be taking solo missions. When she had found out about her pregnancy she had not told him, not wishing to endanger his chance of staying a Jedi. She had planned to tell him when they met, but things didn't plan out that way. Soon her father had become sick and died. Soon after, she found out she was affected with the same disease. She did not give up and grew even more determined. She used the little force ability she had to erect shields around her baby. The shields would stand and keep out the disease. She was no Healer but the young woman came from a long line of descendents from some of the greatest Jedi who had fought the Sith long ago. Among these was Nomi Sunrider. While not enough to become Jedi, she could use the force a little. Her dear grandmother had been the same and had taught her some of her techniques before passing away.

So the young woman had inherited some ability to heal from her Jedi ancestors. Using this ability, she shielded her womb from the disease. The shields surprisingly held strong. The disease did not spread as fast as it had done for her father, mostly due to her small healing and her will power to live. Her father had not had that will to live, so he passed away quicker. But she did. She kept up her efforts but soon, she grew too weak. So she went to the space hospital near Corescant. When the doctors' efforts there failed to show progress, she had contacted the only people she knew who could help her; the Jedi.

She had been forced to tell Yoda of her child's origins so it would not be lost. So Yoda had a choice to make. Yoda knew the code had been broken. But the outcome had resulted in the conception of a boy who would one day insure the survival of the Jedi. He would need the help of his father, to raise him to be a Jedi. This the Force was telling him. So he would so something that would raise outcry if it was known publically, but hopefully it never would be.

He argued long and hard with the rest of his fellow Jedi on the Council on the issue. In their eyes, the Jedi code had been broken and the Padawan must be thrown out of the Jedi. It did not matter who the Padawan was, or how talented he was. But Yoda, knowing this action would doom the Jedi to their fate of defeat and utter destruction at the hands of the Sith. For not long ago, on a seemingly routine mission the Sith had shown their face. Master Qui-Gon Jinn had fought one of the desert planet of Tatooine, then later on the planet Naboo. He had died at the hands of the Sith there, but his killer was defeated by his apprentice, Obiwan Kenobi. For that, Obiwan had been knighted.

Obiwan Kenobi, the Jedi Padawan who had broken the code and become the father of a son. Kenobi was too important to the Jedi to be thrown out of the order. That he knew. In just a few short months, Obiwan Kenobi would become the father of a newborn baby boy. Now how to break the news to him. He would have to tell him before the birth, but when he had no idea. Eventually, with Mace Windu on his side, Yoda was able to convince the rest of the council that this was the best choice.


Obiwan Kenobi had many titles: Jedi Knight, Sith-Killer, former apprentice to Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and master to the Chosen one, Anakin Skywalker. But he was for once in his life completely speechless. He stared open mouthed at Master Yoda, unable to make a sound. This had to be a joke. Yep, that was it. Or he was finally having a mental breakdown after all those years of being held hostage, kidnapped, or nearly killed on missions. That had to be it. Or Master Windu was getting him back for all those pranks he had pulled…pranks? What are you talking about? Windu could be reading his mind, best not to think about those…wonderful pranks he had pulled….stop that. Yep, that was it. Master Windu had somehow convinced Master Yoda to help him get Obiwan back. Er…maybe not.

"What?" It sounded dumb to his ears, but it was all he could say at the moment.

Yoda chuckled at the look on his former student's face. If he could take a picture of his face, he would frame it as one of the galaxy's rarest sights. Obiwan Kenobi tended to be one of the most serious Jedi he knew, especially for his young age. It had only gotten worse since Naboo, but forunatly he had his young apprentice Anakin that seemed to finally having a bit of influence of him.

"Not joking I am. A father, you will be." (AN: I am STILL not good at Yoda speech. Please forgive any mistakes.) If Obiwan could now see the look on his face, he would be amazed. A look of pure horror, confusion, and dread was clearly seen. Actually, it was a strange mixture and if Anakin could see it, he would be making jokes…even if silent ones…at his master's expense.

Looking down and running his hand through his hair, Obiwan sunk into a seat that was convieniantly behind him. A son; He was going to have a son. How could that happen? There was no one…actually there was someone. It had to be her. He had promised to contact her and only just barely had had the time. When he had, he had gotten a message that she had left planet. But she was the only one he had…that kind of contact with. Anyone else would be impossible. What was going to happen now? He had broken the code. He had fallen in love and now apparently fathered a son.

Looking up at Yoda, he voiced his suspicion.


"With the healers, she is." Yoda saw a look of fear pass over the young knight's face. "Dying of a rare disease, she is. To save the baby, come here she did to the only people she knew could. See her, you will soon."

"What is going to happen now? When do I leave?" The fact that he was going to be kicked out the Order was now starting to sink in now. But will he be allowed to keep his son? Shaina was dying. It was a shock to him, and hit him even harder than leaving the order he had dreamed of since a child was. He was willing, and had been willing to leave the order before to be with her, but she had not wanted him to leave his dream and career behind. She knew how important being a Jedi was to him, but to him she was more important. The most beautiful woman in the galaxy was dying of an incurable disease. Why did this have to happen to her? Why not someone else? He knew that he was thinking inrationally, but at the moment he didn't care. Why did this always have to happen to those he loved? First he had lost Qui-Gon to that twice-damned Sith, now Shaina to some damn disease.

"Leave you will not! Needs you now, your son does." Looking at the confusion on the younger's face, he decided to explain more. Taking a softer tone, he said. "This the council has decided. Your son, great Jedi he will be. Someday to ensure the survival of the Jedi, he is needed. To do this, his father he will need. To lead him in the light, his father is needed. This your job is. Yours alone. Now, time it is to see the mother it is."

Obiwan, slightly in shock at what he had just heard, nodded numbly. He was not going to leave the Jedi. His career wasn't over. But he wished it was different, where he would leave the Jedi and live happily with his wife and son. But this way he was staying a Jedi. The plus he was going to be able to know his son. Slowly his fear flowed out of him and into the Force, and he stood up to follow Master Yoda to Shaina, and his unborn son.

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As soon as Obiwan entered the silent room, his eyes went to the figure on the bed. Shaina looked the same, except for the stomach of course and the signs of her sickness. Her long golden hair hung down, framing large blue eyes with a touch of violet. She was pale, and her tone of her skin told of illness. Her eyes looked different than they had been last time. They looked old, sad, and tired. She saw him enter, and he walked to her side. They embraced quickly. When they finally came apart, they still held hands as they began to speak quietly together. The others in the room, Yoda and the Jedi Healers, looked at each other and then left the two to their reunion.


Five months later, Obiwan was seen holding the hand of his beloved. Five long hours of labor had occurred, straining his patience. The process twisted his heart in anguish, seeing his love go through the agony of childbirth, which he knew she didn't need in her weakened state. Five months was far too short a time to spend with Shaina. They all knew that there was no hope for her life to be spared, just the child. She knew that and wanted her son to live at all costs, even at the cost of her own life.

Now, the time had come. To everyone in the room, the weak cry of a baby boy breaking the silence was like music. When the baby was cleaned up, he was handed to the proud father, who gazed in wonder at the bundle in his arms. Bright blue eyes with the touch of violet stared up at him. They were just like his mother's. After a moment, the tiny face split into a wide grin and a giggle. To everyone's surprise and amazement, the force wrapped itself like a blanket around the giggling baby. The Force approved and welcomed the baby to the world.

Obiwan turned and took the baby to Shaina, who was watching her son intently. Slowly, she reached out for the baby and Obiwan set him in her arms. Tiny eyes stared up at their mother, studying her. She smiled at the child, drawing a giggle from him. She reached up with a finger and watched as little fingers closed around it in a tight grasp.

She looked up at Obiwan and said, "He has a tight grip."

Obiwan kneeled next to her. "What would you like his name to be?"

She looked down and then smiled. "Elik. It means 'warrior of the stars' in my language. Elik Qel-droma-Teta Kenobi."

"Where did Qel-droma-Teta come from?" asked Bant, a healer who had cared for Shaina for the last five months.

"It was my father's surname." Said Obiwan, thinking back to when he had snuck in to the records and found it out. "Keith Qel-droma-Teta marred Merlaina Kenobi, my mother. I was given my mother's name to hide me from my father's enemies. He was a senator and was killed shortly before my birth. My mother died during birth, from complications. When it was discovered I had Force potential, I was brought to the temple. Qel-droma-Teta was a family that went back to the Sith Wars and perhaps even farther than that. It is hard to know since records of that time is hard to find." Like a needle in a haystack, actually, since he had tried. "The name came from Ulic Qel-droma and an heiress of the Teta system. Their son's name was a combination of both. So the name has been passed down. I know this because I looked it up after, um, looking into my records."

A low chuckle brought their attention to Master Yoda. "Always sneaking into where he wasn't supposed to be, young Obiwan was. Even though locked with complicated codes they are." The little Jedi Master laughed then looked at the newborn. "A powerful name and lineage, young Elik has. Proud to bear the name of such a family, he shall be."


Two days later, Shaina gave into her sickness and passed away into the Force. Obiwan grieved her loss but was comforted by the fact that she was in the Force now, away from pain and sickness. There, she waited for him to join her. He looked forward to that day. Looking at his son, he vowed to raise Elik to be a great Jedi and man that she would be proud of. To her, he promised that he would raise and train their son up to so he would be ready for what was ahead. For there was dark days ahead. He could feel that. Young Elik would need all the strength he could get to fight the darkness.

But unknowing to the Jedi, the newborn had attracted someone else's attention. Darth Sidious, Sith Master, looked at Elik and saw something else. The power and potential the boy had made him a target. Sidious could feel that the boy's power even surpassed Anakin Skywalker's, the Chosen One. How this could be, he would have to find out. But there was no doubt Anakin Skywalker was the chosen one. Sidious knew that in the right hands, his, the power the boy had could make him one of the greatest Sith to ever exist, if not the greatest. There was so much potential in the boy. All there was needed now was to shape and mold the boy into what he would later become. And if the hands of the Sith was the ones to shape him, then there would be no doubt of the outcome.

Darth Sidious decided at that moment to have the life of Elik spared when the rest of the Jedi was to be killed. Anything otherwise would be a shameful waste. He will lure the boy in then capture him. Then he would break him to pieces and then take the pieces and create a Sith. Then Elik Qel-droma-Teta Kenobi will stand at his side. With both the Chosen One and the boy under his control, the galaxy would be his and nothing could stop him.