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Buffy and the Lost Slayer

"Buffy we have located another Slayer in Santa Carla, California," said Willow. "Who do you want to send as a retrieval team?" she asked Buffy sitting down on the mats in the training room.

Buffy remembered some things Spike had told her about Santa Carla and couldn't help feeling a bit leery. From everything he'd told her she didn't think it was a job for just anybody. No for something like this they needed the best and the best was the core Scooby group.

"I've heard about this place Willow and it's not all hugs and puppies. The vamps in this place are overly vicious and a whole different breed than the rest. I've heard that they can fly and they're a lot more cunning than your run in the mill vamps, faster too. I don't think that it would be wise to send just anybody, it's too dangerous."

Willow frowned. She hadn't seen Buffy this worked up about a bunch of vampires since the Turok-Han and that was not of the good.

"Who did you have in mind Buffy?" Willow asked. As if she didn't already know the answer to that question.

"I think it should be the two of us that retrieve the new slayer this time Will," said the petite blond slayer.

"Wow when you say big guns you mean big guns don't you Buff," said Xander. "When do we leave?" Xander was always the one that they left out of the more important decisions and he was sick of them overlooking him. This time he'd be damned if he let them do that this time, he was part of the core Scooby group and he was going no matter what they said.

Buffy sighed knowing how hard it was these days to get Xander to stay behind. Ever since the incident that changed him, not his personality because he was still the biggest goof ball ever. But physically he was well.... different and Buffy still wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing yet. That would be brought up at a later date, right now Buffy had a job to do and that was to try and persuade Xander to stay home so he didn't get himself hurt or worse killed.

"Xander I don't think......." Buffy started only to be cut off.

"Drop it Buff I'm going; now when do we leave?" Xander said as he got little annoyed with the situation. "A new type of vamp that has a good chance of killing my two favorite girls, no way in hell you're leaving me behind sister."

Willow jumped in before it would become a full blown argument.

"We leave first thing tomorrow morning and I already purchased three first class tickets," Willow said sheepishly. Buffy looked at Willow as if this was a betrayal by the red headed witch. Willow, however, put on her famous resolve face in spite of Buffy's look.

"Sorry Buffy, I saw it coming and decided to head you off at the pass." Buffy rolled her eyes and sighed, this was going to be one hell of a journey.

Santa Carla, California

Star Emerson was sun bathing in the back of her beautiful California home with her daughter Samantha Michelle Emerson. Sam was tall for her age but not lanky a full five feet seven inches tall at 14 years of age she was what most guys her age called a knock out. She had legs that went on forever and hips that were a little thick without being fat. She had a tiny waist and something that she obviously had not gotten from her mother... ample cleavage. She had a cute little face in the shape of her mother's and her mother's dark sad eyes. She had her father's nose and killer smile with shoulder length wavy blond hair that her father said she got from her grandmother.

Samantha was laughing at a story her mother was telling her about her father and the little drug talk his mother had with him when he hadn't come home one night until two in the morning. Somehow she knew her mother was leaving a lot out about that story and she filed it away to ask about later.

At that moment Sam's eyes landed on the salty goodness that was the pool boy. Platinum blond, fuck the world look in his eye and that damnable sexy slash in his left eyebrow. Those lips that would smile at Sam in a devilish way every time he caught her watching him. That smile of his just made her want to suck on that bottom lip for hours on end.

{Oh my I'd be grounded till I was forty five if my mom knew about the thoughts I'm having about the pool boy, puberty is a bitch.} Sam Thought as she tried to steer her mind to something less naughty.

Truth was though puberty was not the only thing going on with her these days. For the past several months Sam was becoming stronger, her senses had enhanced considerably, she had been healing a hell of a lot faster than should be normal. Hell for that matter everything was faster her reflexes and her thought process was now like ten times what they were. The dreams though they were the worst part of this whole deal, She had them almost every night now. Dreams of blonds or Asians or black girls, hell girls from all over the world fighting of all things vampires. She couldn't believe that shit it was just to unbelievable.

Was she losing her mind or had she gone completely ape shit here. The bad thing about it was the puberty dreams were getting mixed up with the crazy ape shit dreams. Two nights ago she'd actually dreamed that her pool boy was on a subway train with this black chick fighting and he was a vampire. Sam couldn't believe it, her pool boy basking in the sun right at that moment was a vampire. Anyway he was fighting and he killed her, just snapped her neck and took her coat. That kind of freaked Sam out a little until she woke up and realized she was dreaming her pool boy was a vampire then she had laughed herself back to sleep. If she told her mom and dad this stuff they would want her to seek out professional help and she wouldn't blame them one bit.

There was a splash in the water made by her pool boy entering the pool to clean it that brought her out of her thoughts as she watched him cleaning the pool.

{Oh boy; all this craziness with my hormones and changes in my body are driving me insane. I can't wait till this part of my teenage life is over and I've learned some control over my emotions, shit I had more control than this when I was an infant.} Sam thought with a groan.

This as she drooled over the pool boy's sculpted chest, chiseled arms and oh my sweet goddess, those Spartan like six pack of abs. She was completely lost in her fantasy of him sweeping her up in his arms and carrying her away to do all kinds of things she was very sure her daddy wouldn't approve of.

Sam looked into his face to see him smiling at her with that devilish look like he knew what she had been thinking. She groaned again, feeling herself grow slightly damp while he looked at her with that mischievous grin. "I can't take the heat any longer mom; I'm going to take a shower," she told her mother as she got up and wrapped her towel around her slim waist.

{Oh dear I can feel his eyes watching me.} Sam thought as she walked into the house, {I definitely need a very cold shower!!!}

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