Carlisle was coming up the driveway after a long night at work, already working out an idea he'd had about the Xantharia as he put his key in the front door, turning it and stepping inside his calm, quiet home, finally. Peace and quiet.

"YOU COCKSUCKING,PIG FACED, SHIT EATING ASSHOLE !!!" Edward's enraged voice was echoing all over the house, shaking the windows with it's fury.

He never heard Edward use such language before and it honestly shocked Carlisle to hear it now. It must be Emmett, he thought right away, he knew it would be a strain all day for them, having Bella in Emmett's body and Emmett inside Bella. Obviously Carlisle had put too much confidence in Edward's ability to be calm during this difficult time.

Then the sound of wood hitting flesh erupted into the air, a howlish scream coming from Emmett. Wait. Bella was inside Emmett's body. Something wasn't right here. He silently took up the stairs towards the screaming.

Before he reached the top of the stairs, a naked Emmett ran down the hallway, followed by a naked Edward wearing a black leather dog collar with spikes,swinging a long piece of wood, then a dressed Alice screaming, "EDWARD, wait !!! Put your pants ON FIRST !!"

"Home sweet home." Carlisle frowned, wondering if he should follow them.

"STOP EDWARD !!" Emmett pleaded, now cornered in one of the bedrooms. The sound of that wood stick hitting flesh and bone echoed through the hall while Edward's growls grew more and more savage with each whack.

"EVIL, DICKLESS, BRAINLESS, HOPELESS SHITHEAD!!!" Edward was out of his skull, speaking in obscene tongues at the moment.

"Oh God !" Alice tried to stay back but still managed to tie a sweat jacket around Edward's waist, only covering his genital area, his white ass still stuck out proudly in the back. She wanted to help Emmett cover himself, too, but she was not getting in front of that paddle Edward was wielding like a Samurai warrior.

"What in God's name is going on in here?" Carlisle came in finally, seeing naked Emmett standing in the corner of his bedroom, holding one hand out to protect his own naked body parts and Edward standing there, staring at him with a lethal glare, panting, gripping a long wooden paddle, preparing to use it again.

"I'm not sure." Alice frowned in confusion, "I came in and Emmett was spanking Edward with that paddle.

Carlisle was about to make a horrified face and ask "WHAT?!" when Edward quickly cut in, not wanting Carlisle to get the wrong idea.

"He pretended he was still BELLA !" Edward hollered, not taking his evil eyes off Emmett, "He did…VILE things to me !!"

"I was only there for like 2 minutes !" Emmett shouted back, "Bella's the one who did all the VILE shit to you, not me ! And you DESERVED what little I did to you, after making me go out on a date with that FUCKING DOG !"

Rosalie came into the room now, looking nervous and tense as she watched, then noticed Edward's naked ass and her mouth fell open. She saw naked Emmett next and covered her eyes, making herself look down.

"Awww, didn't have a good time with your puppy?" Edward mocked sympathy, grinning wickedly.

"That little shit ball was all over me, then he drives me out to the mountains where his car just happens to run out of GAS ! So then I had to walk 10 MILES in those GOD DAMNED high heeled shoes!! All the while he's trying to hold my hand, kiss me, touch my hair!! If Alice didn't come to save you, I'd have whacked your sorry ASS ALL DAY LONG BROTHER !!"

"What did you call me ?!" Edward mocked his brother's remarks from a moment ago, about to lift the stick again when Carlisle got in front of Emmett.

"Edward, enough." Carlisle pointed sternly, "Give me that thing."

"Carlisle!!" Edward looked hurt that Carlisle was protecting Emmett.

"I know, son, I know." Carlisle looked sympathetic towards Edward, "I'm not taking sides, I just want a little peace now, please? It's been a long night for me."

"Get him later." Carlisle saw Edward's hesitation and held his hand out again.

A moment or two later, Edward's eyes had calmed and he gave Carlisle the paddle.

"Good boy." Carlisle took a breath, giving Emmett a quick look of embarrassment.

"Get dressed please, boys?" Carlisle looked at Alice and Rosalie, adding, "There are ladies present."

"Ladies my ASS!!" Edward saw Rosalie there and was fuming again, glaring at her, "Thanks a LOT for helping me out last night!! I only called for you a thousand TIMES !!"

"What?" Rosalie looked flabbergasted at Edward's accusations.

He muttered, "Not worth it" as he rushed past Rosalie, then heard Carlisle behind him ask, "Where's Bella now?"

"Bella !" Edward stopped, spinning around, looking at Alice, "Where'd she go?"

"MMMMMMFFFFFFF!!!" Bella's muffled screams pierced the hallway, Edward's face went immediately into terror, following the scent and the noise, calling, "BELLA ! Where are you, baby ?!"

Finally, the sounds led him to Rosalie's bedroom. The door was closed. He tried to open it but it was locked. With a grunt, Edward shoved it open, breaking the lock with ease, stopping for a second as he took in the sight of Bella laying in Rosalie's bed, only wearing a black lace see through body stocking; her wrists tied to the iron headboard and her mouth covered by a large piece of black duct tape.

Her little feet were kicking in protest as Edward screamed, rushing over to her, kneeling beside the bed carefully.

"Shhh shhh shhh shhh…" Edward almost trembled with anger at whoever did this to her and concern for Bella so he could free her without harming her further.

"Hang on, sweetheart, hang on…" Edward winced as he slowly pulled up the edge of the duct tape off her mouth, shocked to see a cloth in her mouth beneath that. He slowly pulled it out, then turned to his siblings and screamed in fury, "WHO DID THIS?! You're DEAD !! DEAD!!"

"Baby, are you okay?" Edward touched her hair, sobs in his throat as he grabbed the ropes that were around her wrists, about to break them when she spoke, "Who did this to you?"

"Edward…Edward…." She whimpered like a little girl, her eyes so innocent and scared that he stopped before he freed her wrists.

"Don't cry, God, please…" Edward kissed her mouth softly, covering her body with a blanket, adding, "I love you…I love you sooo much. Let me get you out of this, hold still."

"Hey!" Rosalie dared to protest but Edward ignored her, payback's a bitch, wait until he got Rosalie for ignoring him all night last night.

"Edward don't." Alice jumped up next to the bed, getting an evil glare from both him and Bella tied to the bed.

"What?" Edward snapped.

"That's not Bella." Alice informed, "That's Rosalie."

"Rosalie?!" Edward's face instantly turned to one of disgust, looking into Bella's sweet face, it almost looked like…sadness staring back at him.

"No it's not, it's Bella." Edward said, not seeing the snotty expression or the jealous smirk on her lips.

"Don't listen to them, Edward, it's me, Bella." She said with a sweet soft voice, making Edward smile down at her affectionately.

"See, I told you." Edward was about to break the ropes when Alice cut in again.

"Edward !" Rosalie took a step forward, stopping him, "I'm in here. I'm Bella."

Edward called on his mind reading ability but it wasn't working, nor had it worked all night, either. Great.

"I remember some of the things that happened…last night." Rosalie said with a sweet voice that surprised Edward.

"I'm so sorry that I treated you like that, Edward." Rosalie almost cried as she spoke, her hands over her mouth, "I don't know what happened to me, I could see myself doing it but I couldn't stop myself…and you were so sweet to me during it all, I…I don't blame you if you don't forgive me."

"It is you." Edward could recognize Bella, even in Rosalie's body. He left the bed, coming over to her and took her hands into his. They didn't feel warm like they used to…she was a vampire again.

"It wasn't your fault." Edward said with a serious tone, looking into her golden eyes, "Alright? Let's just forget it ever happened. Please?"

"Okay." Her voice nearly cracked. Edward smiled lovingly at her and had no problem leaning in to kiss her ruby red lips tenderly.

With a little giggle that was all Bella, she peeked down and whispered, "You should put your pants on."

"EMMETT!!" Bella's voice screamed out in a snit, jerking her wrists in vein as she struggled, "Where ARE you?! Get in here and HELP ME !!"

"You little bitch!" Edward remembered her now, coming over to the bed, staring down at her, "Why did you say you were Bella?"

"FUCK you, Edward!!" she snarled, her whole body jerking in protest now, "LET ME GO!!"

"I should LEAVE you like this !!" Edward pointed in her face, "You deserve it!! Where's that paddle ?!"

"ALICE HELP ME!" Rosalie called to her now for help and Alice nearly went to her but Edward stopped her with a gentle touch on the arm.

"Don't Alice, let her experience it for a change." Edward's eyes turned menacing as Bella brought him a pair of jeans. He quickly put them on and looked out the doorway.

Emmett came in, wearing jeans now, too, Carlisle right behind him, looking more tired than before.

"EMMETT!!" Rosalie called for his help, from within Bella's body, kicking some more, "Help me, Emmett, Edward's trying to hurt me!!"

"HEY !" Emmett leapt up with catlike grace, standing in Edward's way, blocking Rosalie, "Don't touch her!!"

"I didn't!" Edward sneered, "YET."

"Step back, Edward." Emmett gave him a hard shove backwards, "Or I'll finish your spanking, Goddess.."

"Alright, enough of these immature games !" Carlisle stepped in, "Shake hands, both of you. You're brothers."

They looked at each other with venom, clearly not through with this argument.

"Now!" Carlisle almost shouted.

Their gazes softened a tad, their hands extended and gave a quick shake, then broke away from each other.

"Emmett, release Rosalie please." Carlisle nodded towards Bella's body on the bed.

"Now, who tied her up?" Carlisle looked around, waiting for an honest answer.

"I did." Alice confessed, getting a surprised look from all of them.

"Hey, she was going out, with that on, only that, saying how it's her turn now and she was finally going to get what she's always wanted." Alice informed as Emmett broke the ropes that bound Rosalie.

"I saw a vision of her pregnant, Edward." Alice continued, "Now that she's in a human's body, she wants to run out and get herself pregnant."

"What?!" Emmett stopped, watching Rosalie crawl off the bed, away from them.

"Stay away from me, ALL OF YOU !" Rosalie screamed, grabbing a jacket and yanking her arms through it.

"Rosalie !" Edward went to move towards her but she jerked open the window and put a leg out, as if she would jump out.

"Don't Edward, I swear I'll jump !" Rosalie threatened. His jaw tensed and he froze in place.

"Rosalie, stop this." Carlisle looked sadly at her.

"I need this, Carlisle, don't try to stop me." Rosalie looked at herself across the room, Bella's shocked expression staring back at her through the golden eyes.

"Rosalie, you won't get five feet away, we're vampires, you're human." Edward informed with a cold tone, his eyes lethal.

"Stay away !!" she hollered, running out of the room.

"GET HER!!" Edward bellowed, the rest of them, including Bella, raced in different directions, like blurs of color, coming together down at the front door.

"Got her !" Edward was glad to be the one to intercept her, he didn't want her body harmed by any of his overzealous siblings, especially Bella inside Rosalie's body. She wouldn't know how gentle to be with a human body and could accidentally do some damage. He gently coiled his arms around her legs, her upper body over his shoulder.

"LET ME GO you PSYCHO !!" Bella's voice screamed with the Rosalie style as she punched Edward's back with all her might, seeing that he was slowly taking her up the stairs towards the bedrooms again.

"Hush, Rosalie," Edward tried to sound patient, her punches not doing anything to hurt him, "You're going to hurt Bella's hands hitting me like that."

"SCREW BELLA'S HANDS !" she screamed like a little brat, kicking and struggling, "EMMETT !! "

"Sorry, babe, I can't have you going out there after some random guy, getting knocked up." Emmett followed quietly, "It could be Mike Newton, ukkk…"

"Just be quiet and stop kicking." Edward reached the top of the stairs, "I don't enjoy this, either, you know."

Carlisle followed, silently watching as Edward got to a large linen closet, opening it and placing her down inside, "Get some sleep. I'll bring you some breakfast in awhile."

He closed the door and locked it, instantly hearing her pounding on the door from within.

"LET ME OUT, EDWARD, you PRICK !!" she screamed, and using Bella's voice to scream her hatred at him just made Edward look sick to his stomach.

"You have no right to keep me LOCKED in a CLOSET, ANY OF YOU !!" she sounded like she was crying now and Edward turned back fast to open the door but Emmett grabbed his arm firmly.

"Don't Edward." Emmett said in a soft voice, "Don't weaken. That's what she wants. She knows that'll work with you. She's okay. She has blankets and pillows in there. She'll have a nice little nap. Come on, we'll go make her something to eat."

Carlisle even had to agree in this case. "Yes, that's a good idea. Maybe later she'll realize what a bad notion this was."

She kept pounding and swearing, calling Edward every name in the book as they went to the kitchen to make Rosalie a nice breakfast.

Bella smiled at him as he went out of his way to make a nice variety of things: eggs, pancakes, he even poured her a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and a little milk.

"You're too nice." Bella smiled.

"Uhhh" Edward looked up at her, his eyes apologizing, "I feel bad, locking her in the closet. I know how she feels, not being able to…have kids."

"I understand, too." Emmett poured a glass of milk, putting in on the tray, "But it's not right, using Bella's body to do it."

"Oh my God." Edward thought about a nine month pregnant Bella, "Could you imagine Charlie ? Guess who he'd come chasing after with his rifle ! ME !"

"He'd never like you then." Emmett grinned, picturing Charlie's face.

"Like me ?" Edward asked, "He'd BURY me!"

"And what if Bella switched back into her own body in the next couple of days, after Rosalie impregnated her, then it'd be on Bella to go through the whole pregnancy and give birth, too." Edward realized, shaking his head.

"I hate you, EDWARD !!" Rosalie was screeching from the upstairs closet, "HATE YOU !! OPEN THIS DOOR NOW !!"

"She's not going to eat this, you know." Edward said, looking at all the food, "She's gonna smash it in our faces as soon as we hand it to her."

"Oh, she'll eat it, if you do it my way." Emmett smirked, an evil glint in his eye.

"Don't TOUCH ME !" Rosalie screamed later, tied to a kitchen chair as Emmett pinched her nose closed, getting another bite of pancake into her mouth.

Edward crossed his arms, half entertained by this and half aggravated. He didn't want to keep her tied up the entire time she got her chance to be human. He wished she could enjoy it, as he had.

"See, that's good, isn't it Baby?" Emmett spoke to her like a toddler, wiping her mouth off after each bite. The image, though, was of Bella tied in the chair being force fed by Emmett. That was arousing Edward more than he cared to admit. Alice had taken Bella out shopping so they didn't have to witness this. It was the first time Bella went along willingly.

"Emmett, please come up here and assist me." Carlisle called from his office upstairs.

"Be nice, Edward." Emmett stood, giving Rosalie's forehead a quick, soft kiss before going up.

She glared back at Edward with a look he never wanted to see coming from Bella's face again. With a sigh, he just said, "Truce, please ?"

"Eat shit Edward." Rosalie's snotty attitude poisoned Bella's voice.

"Now that's not very nice Rosalie." Edward tried not to sound bothered by her antics, and sat across from her, taking the bowl of Cocoa Puffs and a spoon, getting a mouthful for her to try.

"I want you to try this, it's really different from anything I ever tasted before, I know you'd like it." Edward said politely, and she actually let him feed her a bite of it.

Her eyes lit up a bit, but she'd never admit to Edward she liked it.

"Hey Rosalie…" Edward said with a kind voice, "Why did you pretend you were Bella earlier? Just out of curiosity."

She was getting tired now, after all the screaming and struggling so she decided to just say it. Maybe they'd let her go if she acted nice. Besides, no one else was around. And the cereal WAS incredible. He was already getting her another bite of it.

Closing her eyes for a second and sighing loudly, she admitted, "You…were so nice to me…when you thought I was her. I know you hate me…you always have. For just a couple of seconds, you smiled at me and…you looked like you…cared for me. It was nice…for a second."

Edward stopped spooning the cereal now and just looked at her, his eyes questioning something silent he wasn't saying.

A whole minute almost passed when finally Rosalie frowned and said, "What?!"

"You surprised me." Edward said, just as astonished by her admission as she had been at making it. Funny, Edward thought to himself, I thought she was a shallow pool with no surprises lurking beneath.

"I know you don't think I'm as…DEEP as Bella…" Rosalie sighed, looking at the table sullenly, "But I do have thoughts and feelings…and…dreams, too. It really did…hurt me when we first met. You seemed to hate me from the very start. You didn't even give me a chance."

"I can't believe you're saying this to me." Edward's voice was nearly a whisper, his eyes soft, "I—You –I am sorry, Rosalie. You're right. I may have listened to a few of your thoughts in the beginning and made a snap judgment about you. Sometimes, that's why my reading minds is a curse. I may hear a couple of thoughts and immediately dismiss a person as this or that, but, if I took the time to get to know you without my gift, I don't know what would've happened."

"That's probably why it's good you can't read Bella." Rosalie gave a little nod, "Of course, it doesn't matter now. I have Emmett and we love each other, and you have Bella and I'm glad. But…sometimes I do wonder what it would be like. Being Bella. Human. With you."

Edward looked into Rosalie's face, seeing Bella's face, but his eyes seemed to really SEE Rosalie there. Something new in Rosalie that he never took the time to notice before. There was a soul there. And she had been hiding it from him, all these years, somehow, behind her little spoiled girl routine, and know he knew why. She had liked him, back then. He cursed himself for being such an ass, recalling his behavior seconds after she'd undergone the change, the way he shouted at Carlisle for doing it. She must've heard all that and felt she wasn't wanted or welcome. For that, Edward felt like a piece of shit now.

"I'm so sorry, Rose." Edward said in deep sincerity, looking back at her sadly, "I never meant to make you feel unwelcome. I was…selfish then. Carlisle was my father, then Esme came. Then you. I felt like…Carlisle wasn't satisfied with just me. I understood his reasons to change Esme. But then with you…I felt like he wanted more children than just me. Like I wasn't good enough. I was stupid and jealous and it wasn't your fault."

Then she almost smiled. Edward knew his apology was long overdue and weak but it seemed to him that something had changed just then between them. An understanding finally reached after over 80 years of tense fighting.

"While we're bearing our souls here…" Rosalie smirked from Bella's face, "Can I ask you a favor?"

"What?" Edward looked a little nervous.

She peeked around the corner of the kitchen, no one there and whispered, "Kiss me."

Edward began to hesitate but Rosalie cut him off fast.

"I know we missed our chance to be anything but brother and sister, or friends, and I'm not trying to start anything or hurt anyone's relationship." Rosalie put his mind to rest, "I just want to do this little experiment once, to see what it's like and to get it out of my system for good. It'll be okay for you, it's like kissing Bella, I won't tell anyone."

"I don't know…" Edward looked positively scared now, staring down at the Cocoa Puffs, wishing he could have some more.

"You can trust me, Edward." Rosalie said with a serious voice, raising a brow, waiting, "Nothing will happen. Come on, you're being a little kid."

Edward swallowed and looked around, taking a breath, licking his lips for a half second. Rosalie smiled. This was as good as a yes and she knew it.

"Just don't lose control and drink my blood." She teased, looking at his mouth.

Edward growled with a hint of annoyance at that remark and said, "Close your eyes."

She did, waiting with a small smile on her lips as he leaned in, hoping this wasn't a mistake.

Then he closed his own eyes, opening his lips a bit and placing them softly upon hers. She kissed him back, opening and closing her mouth slowly, an experienced kisser. Edward's mouth moved with hers, tasting pancake syrup, but blocking that out. He was glad she didn't use her tongue because then he'd have to end the kiss. In moments, it was over and they opened their eyes, staring at each other, nose to nose.

Edward leaned back in his chair, waiting for her to say something. It sucked that he still couldn't read minds, not that he could ever read Bella's anyway.

Before he knew it, Rosalie smiled wide and let a little giggle out of her throat.

With almost a frown, Edward asked, "What's so funny?"

"That was the most…empty kiss I've ever had." She informed, feeling relieved, "I didn't feel ANYTHING."

She laughed again, as Edward's brow furrowed silently.

"Don't get mad, Edward." Rosalie quickly said, "It's not your fault. You're a good kisser. It's just that…there was no spark or anything. How about you?"

"No, nothing." He agreed, smirking a little, "It was like…kissing my little sister."

"I wasn't making fun of you, Edward, don't be insulted." Rosalie was actually being nice to him at the moment, "Please understand."

"I do, it's alright." He let out a huge breath, glad there would be no awkward moments

between them now. Maybe it was a good thing to do. Now there's be less tension he hoped, not to mention less jealousy of Bella.

"If we'd done that 80 years ago, maybe we'd be better friends." Edward informed, getting her another spoonful of cereal.

"We ARE friends." She stated like a fact.

"Yes we are." Edward fed her the cereal, smiling more warmly now.

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