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Let's Get Physical!

Session 1


Ugh. I hate physical therapy. I always get stuck with the "new" nurse. You'd think with how many times I'd had to go through physical therapy, they'd run out of new nurses to throw at me, but alas …

I owed this current visit to a patch of black ice that formed in the spot right where I needed to step out of my truck. I'd torn my ACL, something that I thought only coordinated athletes could manage, as well as sprained an ankle. After some minor surgery and a couple weeks, I was back in physical therapy. Great.

It'd been a good 6 months since I'd last been here, but it still smelled exactly the same; a mix of old people smell, sweat, and disinfectant - gross. Alice had dropped me off a good 20 minutes early, leaving me alone and bored. I looked down and found the same set of magazines from two years ago that I'd read through last year. Was it really that hard to get fresh reading material?

I watched people come and go, hobbling, cringing, sweaty, tired. I sighed realizing that would be me in a couple hours. Why, oh why, do I have to be such a klutz?

And then he walked in, effectively ceasing all higher brain functions. He was HUGE! He looked like he used to play professional football or something. His biceps were the side of my head! But as my eyes scanned up his broad, muscular chest, up his strong neck, I spotted the best set of dimples ever put on a face. And then his eyes … strikingly blue, given his dark curly brown hair. So hot …

He leaned over the reception desk, giving me the best display of what was a very round, very muscular ass, begging me to grab on and never let go. My eyes again began to drift up the muscled plains of his back, and I started to salivate. And then he laughed … not just a quiet, polite laugh, but a loud booming laugh that I felt in my bones. There was so much open happiness in the sound, and I wanted it … I wanted him.

Guh. What am I saying? What am I thinking? I've never reacted this way to any man! The only other man I'd been with, Edward, was an amazing boyfriend. He was so tender, so sweet, so gentle with me … too bad he was gay. But he was an amazing lover, attentive, and he helped me get over some of my prudish ways – well, I kind of had to considering his desires in the bedroom usually ended up with … Stop thinking about your gay ex-boyfriend!

The man in front of me stood up again to his full height, and I don't know what it was, but suddenly I was wet. He was so tall … so muscular … so cute … so hot. I noticed I hadn't even blushed though all of my internal drooling, and then he turned back around and caught me staring at him. Magically, the two year old magazine telling me about the breaking news that Brittany and K-Fed broke up was the most interesting thing I'd ever read. And yes – my face caught fire.

I was at war with myself, wanting nothing more than to put down the old rag and stare at this man until it was time for my appointment, but the remnants of shy Bella won out. I ended up reading the same line about 30 times before my name was finally called, and I awkwardly tried to stand up with my crutches. Naturally, though, I stumbled, my foot getting caught between the leg of the chair and a crutch. My thought as I felt the inevitable fall taking place was; at least I'm close to doctors.

I closed my eyes, resigned to my next injury just as arms that I immediately knew were his swept me off my feet. He chuckled, a deep rumbling sound that I felt deep in his chest, and it did nothing to ease my embarrassment.

"Look Rosie, I caught another one!" The old receptionist behind the desk rolled her eyes with a smile, as he held me up in his amazing arms. I felt the ripple of his muscles as he moved to steady me on my feet, and I gushed. "Well hello there missy, you okay?"

I must have looked like someone who was mentally handicapped, as I stood there opened - mouthed, a sliver of drool escaping the corner of my mouth. I did my best to mentally recover with a quick retort. From the looks of this guy, he was probably used to women falling in his arms with flimsier excuses than an actual injury.

"Watch those paws, buddy!" He moved away, and I had to bite back a whimper. I instantly missed feeling the muscled plains of his chest and the warmth that spread from the inside out with his touch. I could see surprise in those bright blue eyes, but also something else.

He put up his hands in mock surrender, the smirk still on his face. "My bad." I wanted to be annoyed, but for some reason I found myself chuckling. Seeing that I wasn't truly bothered by his hand placement, he risked holding out his hand. "I'm Emmett. I'll be working with you for the next few weeks."

With more confidence than I knew I had, my own small hand found it's way to his. "Nice to officially meet you, Emmett. I'm Bella." His smirk turned into a full-fledged smile, revealing the cutest set of dimples I'd ever seen, and that was it … I was a goner.

This was either going to be the best, or the worst round of physical therapy yet.


"Emmett, I need you to cover for me." Fucking Black, calling in again! "Look, I know I already owe you for the last time, but Nessie is only here for the weekend, and I need to remind her of how much I love her." Oh, so that's what they're callin' it these days!

"Look Jake, this is the last time." I actually didn't mind picking up the extra hours, not to mention all the favors that I would definitely have use for one day. I actually loved my job, and the occasional hookup it offered me. "She better not be able to walk when you're done with her, that's all I'm gonna say."

He barked a laugh into the phone before he hung up, and I ran a hand across my face trying to wake up fully. My morning wood twitched, a reminder that yet another night had passed without any action. Fucking dry spell. It's not that the ladies weren't lining up, because they were. Believe me, they were. But they were all the same – too easy.

I wanted a challenge. I wanted something … different. I knew what people thought when they saw me – assuming I'm just another dumb jock, women especially. They saw my physique and just assumed I was only in it for the fucking – but I wasn't. Big guys need love too. Don't get me wrong – I was always up for a good fucking – but I wanted more. Either that or I was hanging out too much with Jasper, and I was in danger of growing a pussy.

I briefly wondered about Jake's patients, and who and or what I would be dealing with today. My favorites were the old people – the ones on their second hip replacement. They always had the best stories, and where some people would tune them out, I actually got a kick out of seeing them happy to find someone that was willing to listen. And sometimes they were just funny as all hell.

Sure there were some delicious specimens of the finer sex that came through every once in a while, and yeah, I'd tap that. But that kind of tail came and went. I'd also had a recent issue where one actually got attached to me and started stalking me. Crazy bitch actually broke into my apartment and installed hidden cameras. Thank all that is holy in the world that Jasper happened to be a kickass lawyer. I knew I kept him around for a reason.

But I had a good feeling about today, especially when I walked up to the clinic and spotted the hottest little brunette pouting in the waiting area. I could see her clearly through the glass window, and I found myself watching her watch the people as they came and went. She had a large brace on her leg – looked like a knee injury of some kind.

That realization made me flinch a little bit, reminding me of how I ended up being a physical therapist. I found myself looking down at the set of scars on my own knee that came with my own stint of physical therapy and the surgeries that meant the end of football for me. But like I'd done all those years ago, I shrugged it off and looked ahead of me. Everything happens for a reason, and I'd never once regretted the direction my life went after I blew out my knee, effectively ruining my chance of a football scholarship. It's all good – especially if I can get her to come home with me tonight.

Alright champ, how we gonna do this?

How else? Just be my naturally charming self!

Now I'd always been a confident man; I mean, how could I not? So when I walked in and immediately felt her eyes on me, I smiled out of habit and purposefully leaned over the desk to check in with good old Rosie.

"Why hello Rosie, fancy meeting you here! Do you come here often?" Rosalie was a funny old lady, mostly because she had entirely too much fun being a bitch when people tried to be short with her. She laughed, and I decided to turn on the charm. "Ah, mission accomplished."

"Oh Emmett, you charmer. Why do you waste all of your good lines on me?" She smirked up at me, "So tell me, what brings you in today?"

"Just covering for Jake. Apparently fucking his girlfriend is more important than his job." I rolled my eyes, bracing myself for the scolding I knew I was about to get for saying 'fuck.'

"Emmett Cullen!" Even though I knew it was coming, I couldn't hold back the laughter at good old Rosie's reaction. Even for feisty old bird, I could see the blush on her cheeks, as a hand flew up to her mouth.

"Come on Rosie, don't act all shy on me now." Collecting myself, I leaned in a little further and motioned with my hand in a conspiratorial way. Motioning to the hottie behind me, I had to ask, "Say, is she one of mine today?"

Rose discreetly glanced over my shoulder, and smirked. "Who, Bella?" Bella … "Yes. Since you're covering for Jake, she's your first appointment today. Torn ACL. Poor thing has been through here more times than I can count."

I stood up straight with this new information. "What do you mean?"

Rosie chuckled into her hand, "She's what, in my day, we used to call a klutz. You name it, she's torn it, sprained it, broken it."

Hmmm … sounds like she could use a nice strong guy like me to take care of her. "I see. Well, I'm gonna grab her file, look it over, and then I'll call her back."

"Uh huh." I looked up to see Rosie giving me that look. "You just be nice to this one. She's a sweet girl. Don't go breaking her heart, or you'll have me to deal with."

"Yes ma'am." I threw her a fake salute and turned to find that my little hottie was ogling me. Score! Ah … and then she blushed and then her deep brown eyes were focused back on the magazine in her lap.

Interesting. Normally they start to bat their eyelashes or some other shit to get my attention. But not this one. She actually seemed uncomfortable when she noticed me looking at her. I wonder what that's about. It couldn't be me, could it? No – I'm a sexy beast. For the first time in a long time, I was curious about a woman. I wanted to figure this one out – and lucky for me, I had what would be several weeks of physical therapy to find out.

As quickly as I could, I changed into my scrubs and did a last minute, albeit a rather unnecessary, last glance in the mirror. I glanced over at Rosie, silently asking her to call Bella's name. But as I watched Bella move to get up, I could see her foot was stuck. I managed to get to her just in time to stop her fall, and the feel of her in my arms was something I wasn't quite prepared for.

Fuck. I'm hard.

But the look on her face was too funny, and I found myself chuckling in spite of my growing cock. "Look Rosie! I caught another one!" I saw a glint of annoyance in her deep brown eyes, and it made my cock twitch. "Well hello there missy, you okay?"

She looked a little dazed at first, a natural reaction to my charms. I hoped that she hadn't felt my hard on – I wasn't quite ready for her to feel up the goods. The anticipation, the buildup, was quite possibly my favorite part.

"Watch those paws, buddy!" Oh snap! With reluctance, I let her go and quickly moved to hold her file in front of the tent that was pitched in the front of my pants. Fucking scrubs showing off my goods. For a minute I worried that she'd felt it, but there was something in those deep brown eyes that told me she really didn't want me to let go.

I waited a second for my cock to calm down, and then I made a show of holding up my hands in mock surrender. "My bad." And then she chuckled, almost giggled at me, and I could feel the goofy grin spread across my face at the sound of it. Score. Hot, fiery, sexy, cute, beautiful, but most importantly … fiery.

Feeling my cock stir again, I discreetly moved to cover myself again, while my other hand extended out to her. "I'm Emmett. I'll be working with you the next few weeks." And hopefully taking you home with me tonight.

When her small, soft hand met mine, my cock jumped again. "Nice to officially meet you, Emmett. I'm Bella." When she smiled at me, it felt like nothing I'd ever felt before. I had no choice but to smile fully right back at her. Yes, today is going to be a great day.

As I followed her back to the work out area, I found myself thinking of all the things I wanted to do to her. But I quickly remembered that she was here for physical therapy, and then I felt bad. The things I wanted to do to her would definitely require full range of motion of all her limbs. And that's when I decided that I would do everything in my power to help her get in peak physical shape as quickly as possible. Even if it meant waiting a couple weeks until I could get her in my bed, it would be worth it.


"Come on Bella, just 10 more reps! You can do this!" I glared at Emmett, my jaw clenched, not at all appreciating his cheerleader tactics. "Don't look at me like that, woman!"

It was almost the end of my session with him, and while I still considered him to be the finest example of the male species I'd ever encountered, I was not happy. I hurt. I was pissed. I was tired. I was sweaty. I smelled bad. And he was trying to be all cheerful. And I wanted none of it.

"Don't. Call. Me. Woman." He actually flinched slightly at my tone, and under normal circumstances, I might have been pleased with myself. It's not every day that I can manage to overcome my overly shy tendencies. But all bets were off when I was pissed.

"Well, finish this last set, and I won't call you woman. Deal?" He smirked at me, and I didn't know if I wanted to punch him or kiss him.

I didn't respond with words. Instead, I gritted my teeth and began lifting my leg against the weight machine. I slumped back against the seat once I was done and let out a large huff of air. I could feel my heart thumping wildly in my chest from the physical exertion, my leg felt like Jell-o, and my head was nearly spinning with exhaustion. And then he chuckled.

"Damn woman … remind me to piss you off more often." It took me a moment, but the next thing I knew, I was hunched over, clutching at my stomach in hysterics. Emmett seemed to be a little put off by my reaction, which only made me laugh harder – the occasional snort adding fuel to the fire. "Alright, come on Giggles, let's get you stretched and outta here. You're starting to scare the other patients."

He leaned in close to whisper in my ear conspiratorially, and his sudden proximity was unexpected but not unwelcome. As he led me over to the stretching mats, I was left to think about the odd tingle that seemed to shoot through my body as I reveled in his closeness. Normally I have a pretty strict policy in regards to my personal bubble – do not enter – but it was different with Emmett. It was almost as if … I wanted Emmett in my personal bubble … I kinda wanted Emmett as close as I could get him. But as I collapsed onto the stretching mat, looking up at his dimpled smile, I realized that I was about to have my wish granted.

"That was a pretty intense first workout, so I want to make sure I stretch you out properly." Gulp. "Let's start with your back." His large hands were on my shoulders, urging me onto my back.

I knew this stretch; it had always been one of my favorites, but as He helped me pull my knees up to my chest, his hands resting on my knees the entire time, feeling the pull of muscle on my back … it had never felt quite this good before. I closed my eyes, and as Emmett helped me switch from one leg to the other I felt myself smiling at the sensation. "Don't fall asleep on me." I could hear the smile on his lips, and I opened my eyes so I could capture the sight. He had the best dimples I'd ever seen, and I loved the way his eyes lit up with his smile.

"I wouldn't dream of it." His eyes widened slightly with my retort, and it made me blush. Am I flirting? I'd never been the one to initiate anything, let alone flirt. But seeing Emmett's reaction made me wonder. Could he … is he … could he ever … does he like my flirting?

After clearing his throat, he winked at me. "Good. Cause it's time to stretch out your hamstrings. Leg up!" He stood up quickly, taking my ankle with him.

I blushed wildly at the position we were in. He was leaning forward against my raised leg, straight for the stretch, while I worked to keep the rest of my body flush against the ground. A thrill shot through me as I processed the picture of his strong, muscled frame between my legs … and another kind of position we could be in …

"How does that feel, Bella? Too much?" I bit down on my lip, trying to stifle my moan. All I could do was shake my head, not trusting my voice. I had initially taken his words in a very different context, and I hoped I hadn't given my thoughts away. "Alright, switch." And then the torture began all over again … but it was such sweet torture.

I couldn't tell if it was just my overactive imagination, but it felt as though Emmett deliberately moved his hands across my legs and body as much as possible, or at least more so than the other therapists I had worked with. Even though I was a sweaty, tired mess, I'd never felt so beautiful or desirable as I did when his hands were on me. Somehow he knew exactly where I needed him to push or knead without me having to say anything. He would massage in places that I didn't even know were sore until he began to knead the flesh. It was amazing.

But I only had so many muscles, and our time had run out. He handed me a bottle of water after helping me to my feet. Suddenly it was awkward. "So … um … it was nice to meet you, Emmett."

I felt disappointment flood my system as he walked me back to the lobby, and I registered the fact that our time together was over. "Why so glum, Bella?"

I blushed slightly, not quite willing to admit just how his presence affected me. "Not glum, just … tired."

He ruffled my hair, making me smile in spite of myself. "It's okay to admit that you'll miss me. But no worries, I'll be here for your next appointment." My blush burned my face, ears and neck, and I had to duck my head away to hide it. I'm sure he was just teasing – he couldn't really be interested in me that way.

I tried my best to laugh it off, but it sounded hollow in my ears. "Em, you must say that to all the ladies." I purposefully bumped into him playfully, elbowing him in the ribs.

"Watch it, Tiger! You don't know your own strength!" He smirked at me, rubbing the spot as if I'd actually done any real damage to his perfect torso.

Just as we were about to round the corner to the waiting room he stopped suddenly, holding onto my elbow, keeping me in place as he bent down. His bright eyes held a secret as he smiled at me, and my curiosity had me leaning in. "I can't wait until your next appointment."

I shuddered slightly at this husky tone too close to my ear, his breath tickling the loose strands of hair. No matter how much I tried, there was no mistaking the implication behind that statement, and it made me bold. "I can't wait."

We were so close, my eyes on his lips … so close … when a throat cleared. "Emmett, your next appointment is here."

Seeing the position we were in, I pulled away quickly, my cheeks blazing while Emmett just chuckled. "Thanks, Rosie. I'll be right there." He glanced at me, and I could almost convince myself that I saw a hint of longing in his eyes. "I'll see you next time?"

I nodded my head, still slightly dazed over our almost kiss. "Yup, see you Wednesday."

He winked at me one last time before disappearing around the corner, and I immediately missed him. As I trudged my way back to the waiting room, I decided that I wasn't going to worry about the fact that I was beyond attracted to my physical therapist. I decided that I wasn't going to overanalyze this one. The facts were plain and simple; I liked Emmett, and unless I was a complete idiot, it seemed that he liked me too. I couldn't help but feel like, for the first time in my life, my bad luck had finally turned into the good kind.

So when Alice waved at me too energetically from her obnoxiously bright yellow VW Bug, I didn't grimace – I smiled. My normal pessimistic outlook was on vacation as I allowed myself to believe that this might be the start of something amazing.


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