50 themes. 50 different moments in time.

1. motion

The air whirled around them as they both jumped into the air, both of them striking at the same time.

They weren't on the same team anymore. No more green spandex clad teammate and sensai to accompany them. However, they both knew that everything would be alright, as long as they had each other.

Tenten's anbu mask was lying on the ground, as her chocolate brown hair was swirling around her. The two of them fell to the ground.

"Did I get you this time, Neji?"

His lilac eyes focused on her, and he shook his head.

"I really thought I improved though, I guess I'm just too tired. I think we should get back to the compound now," she simply replied as she dusted herself off.

He took a step toward her and circled his arms around her waist as he buried his face in her neck, inhaling the vanilla scent she gave off.

"You only think you haven't improved, because I've improved alongside you," he mumbled into her neck, earning a stifled giggle from Tenten.

He trailed his mouth to her ear and growled in a husky voice, "Let's go home."

Neji stepped back, taking her hand in his, and holding on tightly. Feeling the ring on her hand rubbing against his fingers.

God how he loved her.

He looked down at her, his dark hair falling and creating a curtain around them.

"I love you," he exclaimed before he captured her lips with his, pinning her against a tree with his strong arms.

The two of them both knew that they would have to go home soon.

Tenten pushed him, and smiled at him.

"We really must get going Neji."

With that, the two of them took off through the forest, moving quickly and smoothly.

They both loved each other, and they both knew that their lives would continue each day.

Living in motion, and moving together at the same time.