A/N: I do not own AvP or any characters that appear in the movie. This story is a sort of continuation of the first AvP and disregards the second one almost completely. Honestly, I wasn't that crazy about how they went about that one. *shrugs* Just me. Also, this is my first AvP story, so instead of going out on a limb, I've decided to take the cowardly route and use the characters that all ready exist. There will be several OC's, of course, considering the fact that almost everyone in the first movie died! But, this story will be Lex/Scar centric.

WARNING: This story will contain inter-species romance so if this bothers you, leave now.

AvP: Sacrifice

Rated: M

Chapter One:

Alexa Woods trembled slightly as the cold air seemed to finally bite at her skin as she tilted her head back to watch the large hunter ship rise, sending clouds of snow swirling towards her. She used one arm to shield her face and backed up a few steps, keeping her eyes trained unblinkingly on the air craft as it shimmered and then disappeared beneath the cloak she'd witnessed only a couple times now. The technology that was far superior to anything she'd ever seen still shocked her.

She didn't move until well after the snow settled back around her and she knew the hunters were gone. She surprised herself with a little pang of regret, though the relief she felt at the prospect of her life once again returning to normal- as normal as her life was anyway- far outweighed the contradicting feeling.

The retractable spear she still clutched to her chest felt cold in her hands, but she tightened her grip on the gift that she could only interpret as a departing gesture of respect. At least, that was what she hoped. She knew she would treasure the weapon and would remember the brave, fearsome hunter she'd had the honor to fight beside with respect and gratitude, for if not for him, she would never have made it out of that ancient pyramid alive. She owed the frightening creature her life.

"Scar," She tested the nick name she'd decided fit him, but the quietly uttered word disappeared in the fierce, icy winds. She felt slight remorse for his death, if only because he'd given her the chance to go home. To return to her life.

Her comfortable life in her warm apartment, sparse of comfortable furniture considering her job that had her travelling all over the globe, but cozy nonetheless.

As she stood alone on this desolate hunk of frozen land, she wondered if she truly could return home as though nothing had happened. Things wouldn't be the same, she realized. Every single person she'd led into the pyramid was dead. She would return alone. This would definitely awaken questions and suspicions. She sighed, wondering why that felt far more daunting than facing one of the long skulled, hissing aliens.

Feeling the sudden burning from her injuries and the tense aching in her muscles that was the result of the physical strain she'd put on herself, she had to fight the wave of drowsiness that threatened to succumb her. At least until she returned home. She owed that much to Scar. Though he had not exactly protected her, he'd given her the tools to defend herself and indirectly, saved her life.

Tucking the spear carefully into the crook of her elbow, she hugged herself and forced her numb legs to move towards the camp, where sleek vehicles specially designed for this weather waited for her.


Lex resisted the urge to wrinkle her nose as the balding man beside her, whose name, if she recalled correctly, was Melvin Rickman, slumped against her shoulder as the plane hit some turbulence. The jerking shudders, though they made Lex stiffen, did nothing to wake the man. Despairingly, she tried not to groan as spittle leaked from the corner of his mouth onto her cotton sweater. Rolling her eyes, she shoved him off her shoulder roughly, trying to keep the sneer of disgust threatening to curl her lips from her face. As his head whipped into the opposite direction, he snorted, jolting awake, and blinked blearily around. Disoriented, pale blue eyes settled questioningly on her.

"Turbulence," Lex said shortly, skillfully keeping her expression innocent as she looked out the window at the dark, angry clouds that were causing such a rough landing. How the man had been asleep through the storm to begin with was beyond her. They were on the outskirts of the raging weather, but the furious winds were still whipping the tiny plane around as if were nothing more than a kite lost in the darkness. The thin metal separating them from the angry tantrum outside groaned against the beating and Lex was not confident in it's ability to protect them.

Her knuckles turned white as she nervously gripped her armrests, chocolate eyes wide and focused on the clouds rumbling ominously. As frightening as the storm was, she couldn't seem to pull her gaze away. Though she trembled slightly in fear, she was intrigued by the raw power of it. She'd never seen such a ferocious storm before. The freakish weather definitely had not been in their plans, but the pilot was curving in a wide circle and looking for a spot to land somewhere in the dense trees, since the spot they'd originally chosen was not accessible in such weather.

Undoubtedly, this would put them a day or more behind, but the alternative was out of the question. She'd definitely take an extra day of hiking over being splattered across the ground in the middle of Africa any day.

Like meaty hands wrapping around them, the storm gave the little plane another violent shake and Melvin seemed to turn a little green as he hunched over, turning away from the terrifying view outside of the window.

Lex arched a dark brow at him and wondered how such a weak stomached thing like him was going to be able to handle the tombs they were going to dig through without spewing chunks at every dead, decayed body they came across. Though she'd never admit it, she also wondered if she'd be able to handle it. She'd barely been able to look at a dead body in a movie without quaking in fear since she'd seen so many comrades with gaping holds in their chests in that frozen pyramid almost a year ago. Their ribs had been split and a mixture of blood and clear goo was everywhere. She shivered at the memory that was still so vivid.

Of course, the tombs she was hired to lead this particular group of scientists through would have nothing of the sort. For one thing, they'd all ready been explored once, although briefly. And for another, they were ages old. The body's would barely be decomposed bones. It that. She wouldn't be surprised if even those had collapsed into dust. A corpse wasn't nearly as frightening when it didn't have the flesh still adorning it in a constant reminder that it had once been living and breathing. She managed to calm her nerves a little as they began to descend.

"All right guys," Came the pilot's scratchy voice over the intercom," This might be a little rough, so buckle up and hold on."

Melvin sank lower in his chair, suddenly clutching his own arm rests like a life line. His face began to sweat and his breath came in quick, raspy gasps. Wide eyes darted back and forth nervously at the other passengers, who also seemed tense, but nearly as close to hyperventilating as he was. They paid him no mind, but they weren't the one who had to sit next to him as he wheezed.

Lex was slightly annoyed that she was going to have to lead him through the tombs during the next week. She had a feeling that he was going to slow the entire group down considerably. Why he was even there was beyond her. He looked to be an amateur compared to the other five archaeologists, judging the way he showed up at the air port suited up like he expected to started tunneling through the tomb the second they landed. And now, the desperate gulping for air over a few bumps in flight?

As the plane took a sudden, sharp lurch then dove forward, nose first, however, Lex's hands tightened on her arm rests. She heard some of the others cry out and Melvin seemed to have finally lost consciousness and slumped forward. Against her will, her eyes went to the window where she could see the dark tufts of trees flying towards them at an alarming rate.

"Oh my God..." She whispered, entire body tense in anticipation for impact.

Finally, when she thought they were all dead, and all over some silly tomb excavation she was wishing she'd turned down, the plane righted itself not too gently bobbing unsteadily for a moment. She was relieved that she wasn't the only one looking pale and panting heavily. She looked around at the men and women who clutched seats and were looking around wildly as if surprised that they were still there.

"T-that was a bit scary, heh," Said Rachel, a thin, blond woman who sat in front of her. Her voice shook and her all ready creamy white skin looked almost gray as she gave a weak laugh. Her light blue eyes flicked to Lex, who only nodded in response.

"Yeah..." She responded, swallowing thickly.

"Sorry, guys," Came the shaken voice of the captain over the speakers," That should be the last scare for the night. We'll touch down here in a minute."

"Thank God," Came the deep rumbling voice of someone else who sat closer to the pilot and who's name she did not know.

Lex had yet to learn everyone's names because she'd taken the job so last minute and only because whoever was originally supposed to lead the group through the tombs had backed out so suddenly. Lex had agreed to going only because she figured it would be a nice break. Fly to Africa, lead a few rich people through a couple dead bodies, then go back home. Who knew there would be a freak storm?

To say that she was relieved when she was the clear patch of land they now headed for was an understatement. She could have cried when the dark, open patch of green appeared through the otherwise dense trees. The little Twin Pistons plane, lovingly titled Jasmine by the pilot, Cody, would have no problem landing there with his steady guidance.

Lex hadn't known Cody for long, but the forty something year old man came highly recommended and she could see why. While the light weight plane was getting tossed around like a rag doll by the ferocious storm, he'd done a remarkable job keeping them in the air. Unlike Melvin, who was still out cold, she could appreciate that.

"Only another minute and we'll be on solid ground," Lex assured Rachel, who was worrying her lip and looking worriedly out at window, her eyes glued to the landing spot Cody had chosen.

"Not a moment too soon," Rachel replied, giving a dry, shaky laugh," I just want to get off this plane."

Lex had to agree with a nod," I hear ya. Do you fly much?"

"Yes, all the time, but I've never gotten over my fear of it, I guess," Rachel wrinkled her nose slightly as she glanced at the other woman, though she barely met her gaze before her blue eyes flew back to the window.

Lex nodded again and also looked out the window, acknowledging that their conversation was over. She'd yet to really talk to anyone yet. She was the odd one out, because they all seemed to know each other. But this flight was the first time she'd seen most of them. Rachel was an acquaintance and she'd known Cody for quite some time. Every one else, however, were practically strangers to her and she was keen to keep it that way.

Though a year had passed since the incident in the Antarctic, the memory still burned brightly in her mind as though it had only happened yesterday. She'd been friends with many of the people she led into the frozen hell by the time they'd landed. Their faces were blurring, but the image of their tortured and mangled bodies were vividly engraved into her mind. Perhaps the person she remembered most was Sebastion. Particularly the way he'd begged her to kill him and she'd done it. She remembered seeing the alien inside his chest pushing forward, his shirt tenting over it as it tried to force it's way out. The slight cracking of ribs breaking. She'd turned away in a hurry, unable to watch as the monster burst forth.

Scar her mind recalled the nick name she'd decided to give the hunter who'd spared her. The creature of muscle, stealth, artful combat. Indeed, his movements, though brutal at best, were full of grace and precise calculation. Even as Lex had been terrified to tremors of him, she'd also been so awe inspired that she'd barely pulled her eyes from him as he swiftly stalked and killed his prey. Of course, her views had been very limited since she, herself, had to fight off many of the black armored aliens. The memory of their scream still made the fine hairs on the back of Lex's neck raise.

Lex blinked slowly as she realized that the plane had touched ground with a gentle bump. The little group of scientists seemed to breath a collective sigh of relief that she almost found comical. As the air craft rolled to a stop, Lex shook Melvin's shoulder.

"Poor thing," Commented Rachel," I'm pretty sure this is his first time flying."

"Hn, really? How does one live to be his age without flying once in his life?" Lex asked as he groaned, his head rolling away from her. She frowned and shook harder," Hey. Wake up or we'll leave you on the plane."

She was only half joking.

"Got me," Rachel shrugged as she reached to the compartment above her seat to pull out a bulging duffel bag and throw the worn strap over her shoulder. Visibly relieved to not be in flight anymore, her sky blue eyes glittered with mirth as Melvin blinked blearily at Lex, who only pretend scowled at him, raising her eyebrows and looking pointedly at the others. He whipped his head around and made a tiny noise of exclamation as he noticed that the other five passengers had grabbed their bags and were waiting for the word that it was safe to get off because the plane had come to a stop.

Hurriedly, Melvin unbuckled himself, having the grace to look embarassed as he dug around for his own over stuffed bag.

"I won't be waking you up if you pass out in the tombs, Mr. Rickman," Lex advised, standing as Cody's voice released them," I'm your guide, not your babysitter."

"Y-you're right, Miss Woods," He said," I'm sorry."

Lex regarded him in silence for a moment before turning away. There would be no attachment to these people. Lead them into the tomb. Then, lead them out. And never see them again. One thing she would not tolerate was someone passing out at the feet of every skeleton they come across. She hoped his weak stomach was only for plane flights and she made a mental note to make sure he took sleeping pills for the way back.

Lex was grateful that Cody landed the plane a little ways out of the storm. The hike they were to face tomorrow would be long and tiring, but at least they were able scope out the ares for a good spot to sleep in for the night.

On the outskirts of the storm, the rain was more of a light drizzle.

Lex walked ahead of the party of six, pressing a button on her electronic wrist compass. Bright blue lit the background and she noted that they were heading Northeast. The camp was located just to the South of them. Not too far from the clearing, there was a small group of hills and, thankfully, a nice cluster of caves.

They were all small, but each could hold two or three people, so they could sleep in groups. Hooking her thumbs into the shoulder straps of her pack, she adjusted it as she turned to the weary scientists.

"We'll sleep here tonight," She said," these caves will keep us dry and prevent our things from blowing away if the storm comes this way. We'll sleep in pairs and one group of three. No one goes any where alone. Bring a flashlight and don't go far."

The team, two women and four men stood in a cluster, shivering and wet. No one seemed too surprised by the sleeping arrangements. With the possible exception of Melvin, who'd shoved a large pair of glasses on his face and was wrinkling his nose to keep them there as the water made the skin of his nose slick. His eyes were a little wide as he looked from cave to cave and Lex sighed heavily. What, was he claustrophobic, too?

As the others teamed up, Lex begrudgingly walked towards him. Figured she'd be babysitting. There was always one in the bunch who couldn't do a thing on their own.

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