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~Edward's POV~

"Edward, Cullen, how dare you get us lost?!?" Rosalie screamed, tugging at her golden tresses. Thanks loads Edward, my hair is RUINED!!

Suddenly, Alice's eyes focused on a ruin. "That's an illusion," she said quietly. "It's a kind of castle..." Her eyes unfocused. "Yup, it's a castle. Let's go," she said shortly, walking swiftly towards the ruin. "Don't think I'm letting you off, Edward. My clothes are totally ruined. And my new satin heels," she added just looked...uncomfortable. "Edward, I think we really should listen to Alice." I....uh...sort of borrowed her favourite jacket.

Sighing, I agreed. It seemed that my idea of going trekking while vacationing in Britain wasn't such a good idea. Emmett had agreed swiftly, thinking of all the foreign animals. Alice had thought of her new, cute trekking outfit and jumped at the idea. Rosalie and Jasper had tagged along, being bored.

Jasper tried to calm Alice and Rose down by sending waves of serenity towards them. As soon as we were in clear view of the ruin, Alice knocked on the partially – decomposed door. Ugh, this place looks awful. Wait. Is Bella wearing my best jacket? My RALPH LAUREN one?

As the decomposed door creaked open, I heard thousands of 'voices'. I looked inside the door. Instead of the expected heap of old wood and mud, it was a glowing hall with thousands of students sitting in long wooden tables. What the hell? Who would barge in here in the middle of lunch? Wow, she's really hot. I growled slightly at the last one and Bella's hand tightened around mine. Amazed and stunned, I walked in, followed by my siblings, daughter and fiancée.

The ceiling was beautiful and matched the sky outside. There was not a trace of the ruin I had seen before. Even as I looked back at the rotten door and the broken windows, they were replaced by a grand set of double doors and arched windows.

Ok, what the hell was going on?

I looked into a bushy-haired girl who looked suspicious and wary, unlike her schoolmates who were gaping at our impossible beauty. I shifted uncomfortably, and decided to look into her mind.

She was thinking of an extract from a textbook, Dark Creatures and their Habitats. Mentally, she was ticking off the physical characteristics of...vampires.

This girl was smart. Apparently, her name was Hermione Granger. Odd name.

However, she seemed slightly confused by our golden eyes. And me. She was thinking of some guy called Cedric Diggory. An image of him floated to the top of her mind. I gasped – he looked like my human twin brother.

She took out a wooden stick, which was apparently, 'a magical wand'. I stared at it with amusement for a second, before asking, "Who's Cedric Diggory?"

An Asian girl called Cho Chang fainted. I assumed she was his girlfriend.

The redhead sitting next to Hermione, whose name was apparently Ron, said hoarsely, "She...she...'s a Veela!!" He was gaping at Rosalie.

Rosalie said sharply, "No, I certainly am not a Veela, whatever that is." She probably took it as an insult. According to Hermione Granger's mind, a Veela was a stunning part-human.

Ron fainted, as well.

S\She spoke up. "No, she's not a Veela. But she might..." She fell silent, contemplating our odd golden eyes again.

She might be a vampire, she thought.

Unthinkingly, I replied, "Well, yes, actually, we are."

She fainted.

Bella shot an exasperated look at me. Joy, Edward, you just illegally spread our secret. Again. She glided towards the rest of our family.

"I'm sorry to trespass on your territory. We mean no harm," Carlisle said calmly.

A greasy-haired man pointed a stick towards me. "You. Diggory. Come with me." I answered, 'I'm sorry, I'm not this 'Cedric Diggory' person, and I would prefer to stay here." Greasy waved his stick and shouted "Imperio!" At once, my mind went blank, with nothing but unexplainable joy. Go along with Severus Snape, a voice echoed in my mind. Go on...

Just then, the dreamy feeling stopped. Bella seemed to be concentrating. I shot her a grateful glance, which she ignored. "Who the hell are you and how dare you attack my fiancée?" she growled. "STUPEFY!!" he screamed, pointing his wand at her. I smiled, and reached out and grabbed his wand. "Return my wand this instant!" That pitiful guy yelled.

"Listen, if you don't shut up, your 'wand' will be broken into half." I told him. Just then, that Asian girl came to and ran towards me. "Cedric!" she cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. "For God's sake, can someone please tell me who the hell is this DAMN CEDRIC DIGGORY!!!" I screamed, losing his temper.

Jasper sent calming waves towards us. "I think, that we need to go to my office," the old man said, still calm. The greasy-haired idiot tried to grab his wand from me and I threw it to Rosalie. Rose caught it and snapped it in one swift motion.

She then threw it on the floor and stamped on it, splintering it into a million pieces. "Oh, I apologize," Rose said, casually kicking the pieces towards the end of the hall. She shot a dazzling, insincere smile at him and made a few boys faint.

The old man then casually said, "Severus, I'm sorry, but for treating our guests in such an inhospitable manner, you deserve it, and Cullens, please follow me." We then followed him to a few statues and he muttered, "Chocolate frog." The statues moved aside and he led us into a circular room.

"Now, I'm guessing you are not human, am I correct?" he said, still pleasant. "Yes," I said. "What are you, then? Are you wizards?"

"No," I replied. "Muggles?" he questioned. "Whatever they are, no," I said, wrinkling my nose. They sounded dumb. "Well, then, what are you?" I hesitated, and said softly;

"Vampires." I deliberately ignored Rosalie's aggravated and pissed off glare.

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