Hey everyone! As my Christmas gift to all of you fine readers out there, over the past month or two, I've concocted a very... interesting holiday themed story for all of you! Isn't that exciting?

Yes, I know a lot of other authors are posting up Christmas and winter themed stories as well, but hey, you'll still read this one, right? ;)

Anyways, This story is going to be about four or five chapters long, and will hopefully be done by Christmas Eve... we'll have to wait and see about that... but it will get finished no matter what!

Well, enough talking from me, enjoy the first chapter of A Weird Christmas Tale (A la Storm Hawks of course!)

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A Weird Christmas Tale

Chapter 1

Twas' the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

Not a thing was stirring,

Not even a –

"MOUSE!" Finn cried as he jumped onto the table in the centre of the bridge to avoid the small scurrying creature that had been running around by his feet only moments before.


Okay, so maybe there are things stirring tonight, and maybe we Storm Hawks don't live in a house, but it is Christmas Eve!


"Get away!" Finn yelled from atop the table as the mouse just stared up at him, puzzlement obvious from the way it stood on its back legs, regarding Finn curiously with its whiskers twitching from side to side.

"It can smell your fear!" I heard Stork screech from across the room.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes as I put the squadron log down and got up from my spot on the bridge floor where I had thrown a pillow or two only a few minutes ago.

Walking towards the table where Finn was making a scene, now joined by Junko, Stork and Radarr, I bent down and scooped the poor little mouse up just as Aerrow walked onto the bridge carrying a few small presents.

Aerrow just looked at the rest of our team-mates on the table sceptically before he said, "Guys, I don't think I even want to know."

"But there was a mouse!" Finn whined as Junko and the others on the table nodded their heads vigorously in agreement.

I just rolled my eyes at Finn's comment as Aerrow glanced at me with confusion on his face.

Shrugging his shoulders as if the reiterate his earlier saying of 'I don't think I even want to know', Aerrow set his presents beneath the undecorated tree that we had set up on the bridge of the Condor about half an hour or so ago.

Looking around at all of the cardboard boxes that were strewn about the floor, I noticed that all of them were open, yet none of the Christmas decorations appeared to have even been touched yet.

I was about to tell the guys to hurry up and get off the table to help out when Aerrow put his hand on my shoulder and leaned in trying to look at the mouse as he asked, "This little guy was the cause of all the screaming?"

"You bet." I replied as I handed Aerrow the small white mouse. Aerrow smirked for a moment before he quickly handed it back to me.

"Stay back you two!" Stork exclaimed as he pointed a spatula at Aerrow and I.

As Aerrow and I exchanged glances, I knew he was thinking what I was, 'Where in the Atmos did that spatula come from?'

Continuing to rant, Stork cried, "Do you know how many diseases mice carry?!?!"

"Calm down Stork!" I told my green squad-mate as I walked around to the other side of the table.

When I bent down to grab something I had hidden underneath the table earlier on in the day, I heard a bunch of yelps of surprise before a muted thud met my ears with the sound followed by that of moaning.

Looking up with a cage in hand, I noticed that the table had flipped, pinning all of the boys but Aerrow underneath it. I just shook my head as Junko lifted the table up off of him and his friends before he returned it to its usual upright position.

I set the cage down on the table before things went suddenly silent as I opened the small door of the wire cage. Glancing up from what I was doing, I was met with the sight of Radarr, Finn, Stork and Junko all hiding behind Aerrow.

"Honestly guys!" I began as I put the mouse inside of its cage before closing and securing the door. "It's a mouse! Why are you all so afraid of it?"

"Well…" Finn drawled before he said, "They carry fleas."

As Finn shuddered at the thought, Stork added, "Diseases!"

"They're too… white." Junko told us after Stork's interjection.

Pointing towards the mouse, Radarr squawked and whined, everyone looking at him dumbfounded except for Stork who muttered, "Quite true, quite true…."

I threw my hands up into the air in defeat as I told them, "I figured you guys would enjoy a mouse as a present for Christmas. After all, you've all been bugging me to let you guys have a pet, Finn and Junko being the worst might I add."

With the four of them still not emerging from the hiding place behind their Sky Knight, I exclaimed, "It's just a mouse guys!" With them still not moving an inch, I reminded them, "We still have decorations to put up you know...."

As I trailed off, the boys looked at each other sheepishly, and I suspected they weren't too thrilled at the thought of helping me decorate of all things.

Sighing, I admitted silent defeat before I informed them, "If you guys help, I'll keep the mouse in my room, how's that?"

"Works for me!" Finn exclaimed, not missing a beat.

While Radarr's only response was unclamping himself from Aerrow's head, Stork turned to me, pointing his spatula in my face as he said, "It's your funeral Piper! When you get sick with some deadly disease, don't say I didn't warn you…"

I blinked my eyes several times, not sure how to reply to Stork's remark when Aerrow said, "Good!" Now that we've all agreed on that, how about we hurry up and help Piper with the decorations?"

"Alright!" Junko exclaimed smiling, heading towards the crates with lights in them with Finn and Stork in tow.

"I guess that leaves the three of us to work on the tree!" Aerrow said to Radarr and I.

Giving my Sky Knight a grateful smile, we walked over to the one part of the bridge floor where the boxes filled with Christmas tree decorations were.

His eyes skimmed doubtfully over all of the contents of the boxes before Aerrow asked me, "Do we really need all this?"

Lifting up one of the boxes, I began to head towards the tree as I asked, "Didn't you help me out with the tree last year?"

As I set the box I had been carrying down near the tree, I turned around to head back across the bridge to get another only to run into an unsuspecting Aerrow. I say unsuspecting because he could hardly see anything past the rest of the boxes which he was carrying.

I heard a muffled "Oof" Come from Aerrow before after a bit of a balancing act he managed to only let one of the boxes he was carrying fall off of his leaning pile.

Letting out a small grunt as he lowered the rest of his cardboard box tower to the ground, Aerrow made sure they wouldn't fall over before he walked over and asked me, "You alright Piper?"

Rubbing the back of my head that I had banged on the floor after I fell from bumping into Aerrow, I replied, "Yeah, I think so." Giving me an amused grin, Aerrow pulled me to my feet after I had grasped his outstretched hand.

While I was dusting myself off, I asked, "Where did that one box go that fell?"

"I don't really know…" Aerrow trailed off as we both began to look around the floor where we stood. Shrugging his shoulders, Aerrow repeated his question from a minute or two ago, saying, "Do we really need all of this stuff? I mean, there are five boxes of decorations just for the tree."

I just shook my head as I answered, "Like I said before, didn't you help me decorate the tree last year?"

"Well, yeah…" Aerrow replied as he rubbed the back of his neck absentmindedly. "But I only helped out near the end once I had finished up with hanging all of the lights, we weren't able to rope the others into helping us last Christmas, remember?"

"I guess that's true, but at least they're helping this year."

"Who knew that all it would take as motivation for them would be a mouse?" Aerrow joked as we began to unpack the cardboard boxes that were filled to the brim with tinsel, garland, lights, and glass ball ornaments.

Laughing as we began the process of decorating the tree, I replied, "Yeah, who knew?"

The second chapter is in the works, and part of the final chapter is done as well (Don't ask) but anyways, I'm going to be busy for most of tomorrow, so expect the next update Tuesday sometime!

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PS. Yes, this is a romance fic, but that stuff starts next chapter ;) And for those of you reading this hoping for a humorous story, This chapter may end up being the funniest one, but I'll let you be the judge of that.