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Chapter 6

Walking onto the bridge, I was surprised to see that no one was there. It was only nine o'clock after all, but maybe all of the guys were too stuffed from the turkey at supper to move anymore.

My gaze swept the empty bridge, and I noticed that nothing seemed to be out of place, but one thing that I thought was sort of peculiar was that the shutters for the large glass windows were down.

Looking down at the green note in my hand, I couldn't help but wonder for the hundredth time which team member could possibly be the one that asked me to meet them rather than just have Radarr deliver their present. I shrugged off the thought quickly though before I squared my shoulders and walked across the vacant room towards the door that led to the balcony.

My finger hovering over the button that would open the door, I took a moment to try and calm myself down before I pushed the button and stepped out onto the dimly lit platform.

Walking towards the railing, I leaned against it and enjoyed the cool winter air in my face for a moment before I turned around and tried to see if my 'Secret Santa' was here yet, and that's when I noticed a lone figure standing on the other end of the balcony. I thought of shouting out to them, but I then decided that maybe just walking over would be better.

As I got closer to them, I made sure they could hear me coming so I wouldn't startle them, and finally once I was a few feet away from the silhouetted figure, they turned around and stepped into the dim light.

I felt my heart skip a beat when I realized that it was Aerrow standing in front of me, there was no mistaking his ruby red hair even in this light. Although I couldn't quite figure it out, something about his hair seemed slightly different.

"Hey." Aerrow said quietly, looking at me with a small, almost cheeky grin on his face.

"Hey." I replied, flashing a grin.

"So Radarr gave you my note?" Aerrow asked before I gave him a nod, taking said note out of my pocket for a moment to show him before I put it back.

Aerrow nodded, and looked out at the night sky for a little bit before he glanced back at me with a smile as he said, "Radarr says thanks for his gift by the way."

"I figured he'd like it." I replied before I moved to stand next to Aerrow who was leaning on the railing of the balcony while I asked, "Who was your Secret Santa this year?"

"Radarr actually was."

Grinning, I asked, "What did he get you?"

It was now Aerrow's turn to grin as he said, "He got me a hairbrush."

Trying to fight my urge to giggle, I questioned, "Doesn't he know your hair is untameable?"

Smiling amusedly as he pointed to his hair, Aerrow told me, "That didn't stop Radarr from trying."

Taking a second look at Aerrow's hair, I realized that it did appear to be a bit neater than usual, but I just smirked as I reached up and tousled Aerrow's mop of red hair with my hand before I told him, "It's too bad for Radarr that your hair looks better messy."

Aerrow began to smirk too, but it soon disappeared as his eyes suddenly lit up as he said, "Speaking of gifts…" trailing off, Aerrow took out a small box from his pocket with a flourish. Looking at it with a hint of pride showing in his eyes, he placed it in my hands before he whispered, "Here's yours."

I could feel a slight blush trying to work its way onto my face at the feeling Aerrow's fingertips brushing past mine, but I managed to push it down.

Wondering what could be in the small box he had just given me, I raised one of my eyebrows in Aerrow's direction, but he just motioned for me to go ahead and open it, so I did.

After taking off the dark blue, red, and green satin ribbons that were wrapped around the box, I slowly lifted the lid off, gasping at what I found inside.

"Aerrow, it's so beautiful!" I cooed as I carefully took a very colourful bracelet out of the little box.

Smiling, he said, "I'm glad that you like it Piper, but its not quite as beautiful as you are."

Looking up to see Aerrow's cheeks take on a pink tinge, I felt mine do the same as he took one of my hands and led me to where the lighting was better.

Taking the bracelet from my left hand where I had been holding it, Aerrow wrapped it around and secured it on my right wrist before he let go of it. I studied the crystals hanging from the bracelet for a moment before I heard Aerrow say, "It's an elemental bracelet you know."

As I stopped admiring my present, I looked up at Aerrow and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well, like you now probably know, it has about five crystal shards on it. One is a phoenix crystal shard, another can control plants and earth, another is a wind stone like the one Wren gave us, and the fourth one allows you to manipulate water."

Grinning at Aerrow, I said, "I get it now, it allows me a little bit of control over some of the elements." Aerrow grinned with me before I asked, "But what does the fifth one do?"

Giving me a knowing smile, Aerrow took my left hand in his before he wrapped it around one of the crystals hanging from my new bracelet. Letting go of my hand that I kept wrapped around the cool feeling crystal, Aerrow simply said, "Think… snow."

Closing my eyes to concentrate for a moment, my eyes fluttered open as I felt something cold hit my face. Looking up, I smiled as I saw what must have been thousands of snowflakes begin to float lazily down from the clouds overhead.

I placed one of my hands on the railing to support myself as I continued to look at the falling snow above me before I asked in a whisper, "It was a blizzard crystal, wasn't it?"

With silence being my only answer, I was about to look away from the falling snow to figure out where Aerrow was when out of the corner of my eye I saw Christmas lights begin to flicker on all over the place. As I turned my eyes downward off of the balcony to see all of the lights that had been twisted and strung around this and that on the Condor, I suddenly felt a spark of heat in my hand that was on the railing.

Glancing down at it, I saw that Aerrow had placed his hand over mine, and looking up at him, I saw him begin to smile gently before he replied to my earlier question, "Yeah, it was a blizzard crystal, and I think that one has to be my favourite."

Not being able to help myself, I giggled quietly before I whispered, "Me too." Before I threw my arms around Aerrow's neck and gave him a hug.

I could tell Aerrow was surprised as I felt him stumble back a few steps after I had thrown myself at him. He stood rigid for a moment afterwards before I felt his arms wrap around my back, and his head lean against mine.

I enjoyed being in Aerrow's arms for a moment more before I whispered "Thanks Aerrow – for everything." In his ear before I pulled back from him a little, yet he kept me in his embrace.

Looking up at Aerrow questioningly for a moment, he simply nodded in the general direction of the landing strip below the balcony, and I was surprised to see even more lights flicker on. When I finally thought that all of the lights were turned on, suddenly the railing on the balcony lit up in red, green, and white and I couldn't help but wonder how I didn't notice all of the lights wrapped around the railing before.

Looking up at Aerrow again, I asked, "Did you do all this?"

I saw Aerrow smirk a little as lights turned on above us, revealing many sprigs of mistletoe hanging over the balcony including one over top of where we were standing.

"Oh, so it was Finn, was it?" I commented.

Looking back down at me, Aerrow just shrugged his shoulders as he said, "The rest of it looked nice enough. I didn't know he had all of this mistletoe out here though… this must be why none of it was hanging up inside this morning, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess so." I replied before I hugged Aerrow again, enjoying being in his arms, I just listened to the steady beating of his heart as I looked out at the night sky where the snow created by my new bracelet still drifted downwards, destined for the terras and wastelands below.

Snuggling into Aerrow's form a little bit more, I told him quietly, "This has to be the weirdest Christmas we've ever had."

Pulling back a little so he could look at my face, Aerrow asked, "Is that a bad thing?"

Grinning up at Aerrow, I replied, "It may be the weirdest Christmas yet, but you know what else?"

"Hm?" came from Aerrow as he looked into my eyes.

"It has also been the best Christmas I could ever ask for."

Smiling back down at me, Aerrow leaned down, and his face, and lips, slowing coming closer to my face until they were only an inch or two away from mine and I was beginning to close my eyes, accepting what I thought Aerrow was going to do when the shutters on the bridge windows opened, dousing the balcony in artificial light and temporarily blinding us.

Blinking several times, I looked to Aerrow's face to see that he was looking through the bridge windows to the inside of the Condor, his face slightly flushed.

Following his gaze, I moaned once I realized that Radarr was at Finn's feet, both with flabbergasted expressions on their faces. Turning to face each other, a sneaky smile slowly grew on Finn's face before he yelled through the glass, "Get in here lover boy!"

Looking at Aerrow, I saw his ears turn red, and I'm sure mine did too as Finn added, "And bring your girlfriend too! We're trying to figure out what terra we're going to visit tomorrow."

Glancing down at me with embarrassment, Aerrow whispered, "Sorry."

Smiling playfully at him, I said, "Don't worry about it, you now have an excuse to kill him later if you want."

Smirking, Aerrow freed me from his embrace before he draped his arm around my shoulders as he began to lead me slowly to the door that connected the balcony to the bridge.

Pausing in the doorway, I looked back over my shoulder at the snow, happy we had had a white Christmas of sorts, even if the snow hadn't been completely real.

Turning back around, I felt a slight wave of heat spread across my face as Aerrow leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, his eyes shining mischievously as he pointed upwards and said, "I don't know if we should be annoyed or not that Finn hung up so much mistletoe."

Not being able to resist the urge to smirk as I eyed the plant hanging above the doorway, I motioned to my right pointing out Finn looking at us with a gaping mouth, and eyes open wide before I replied, "Maybe you should ask Finn when he's finished his impression of a fish."

Laughing, Aerrow took my hand and led me to the doorway that led to the hallway to try and find the rest of our friends that weren't frozen like statues, but to remedy that dilemma Aerrow gave Finn a whack on the back as we walked past him to wake him from his surprised stupor.

Grinning at his sharpshooter, Aerrow told him, "Merry Christmas Finn, you're the first one to know."

Oh beneath the mistletoe,

Where young love can be found, fed or enjoyed;

Two Storm Hawks shared their first 'almost' kiss.

Oh amongst the snow, beneath the mistletoe!

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