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Summary: After an overly hard week, Danny searches for Desiree to make a wish. He decides it would be easier to be a baby, where his parents had to take care of everything for him. But when ghosts take advantage of his absence, can his friends convince him to come back, as Danny Phantom?

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom


Danny picked himself up off the floor when Dash finally disappeared out of sight. Tucker and Sam walked up to him. "Dude that sucks, that's the third time today!" Tucker exclaimed.

"I know! And I'm sick of it!" Danny walked off with them toward his locker while rubbing his arm. No sooner had he gotten to his locker when his ghost sense went off. Danny groaned, "Not again!" He headed into the restroom and went ghost. He floated outside to find the Lunch Lady had gotten lose again.

"Don't you ever know when to quit!?" Danny shouted at her. She hardly had time to turn to him before he blasted her.

"Must eat meat!" She shouted as she charged him. He swerved out of the way, only for her to run into the side of the school, showering Tucker and Sam in meat.

"Gross!" Sam shouted.

"Oh sweet meat!" said Tucker. Danny proceeded to blast her several more times before reaching for the Fenton Thermos. However, before he could get it out, she hit him, knocking him down. Danny phased through the ground to appear behind her. He hit her with another blast. He quickly sucked her into the Fenton Thermos. He landed next to Sam and Tucker.

"I'm getting sick of all these ghosts this week!" Danny shouted.

"Yea, what's with this? There have been more ghosts in the last three days than I've seen in a long time." Sam added.

"Well how about we go to Nasty Burger to figure this out?" Tucker suggested.

"Why there?" Sam asked.

"Well, the Lunch Lady stirred up my appetite."

"Gross!" Sam and Danny said at the same time. They followed Tucker toward the Nasty Burger anyway.


There is the prologue.