Title: Through His Black, Glossy Eyes
Author: anatagasuki
Genre: Romance, Drama
Summary: It was very peculiar, when everybody fears you yet you fear of something you shouldn't.
Notes: I've never seen a fic like this, and I'd been thinking about it for a long time. THIS FIC IS NOT MULTI-CHAPTERED. IT IS A COLLECTION OF ONE-SHOTS. Angelic harptold me I'd better make all these one-shots into one story, so I did it. I merged everything, but since I can't commit to an on-going story for long, I'd rather make one-shots still, but all about Aro and Bella.
Warnings: Delusional. Cheesy.
Disclaimers: You've already memorized it.

I am an extremely selfish creature.

I am a horrible nightmare and a demonic fantasy rolled into one. Extremely rare, the one whom humans find to be outstanding and excruciatingly beautiful. Their oblivious eyes would stare at me, worship me with unparalleled adoration reserved for their gods.

And, how predictable still, that after the first strike of attraction they'd tremble deep within and shrivel away.

But I don't mind of this, do not see it as a disadvantage. Rather, I thrived in the fear shining in their blurred eyes, the way they give me my special place. Because I knew it will help me on my way to perfect glory and world domination.

Power. Power was the only food everyone needs. All beings are classified into two; those who are strong and prevailing and those who are frail and scrawny.

And I clearly showed in which category I was when I destroyed my loyal confidant, my ally, my only family left.

My sister, Didyme.

Yes, I was swallowed by the wonderful prospect of being the ruler of all immortal cold-ones, and Marcus is a big foundation of my plans. Didyme's ability does not serve me well, and even present unnecessary risks.

Power over everything.

My ambitions are fortified with cunning. My rank is stabilized by my allies. The emperor of the Volturi, the judge of all that should be done. It is I who was on the top. For millennia.

And then the existence of a strange cold one has been laid down before me.

Carlisle Cullen. The human who once sought and fought vampires were then became my kind. A exceptional degree of compassion, so strong that he has been convinced to abandon his natural food source. Topaz eyes, wisdom far beyond his centuries.

No particular power, but I had relied on his peaceful nature. Carlisle was my friend, my adviser, my companion.

He had left when he couldn't bear our way of living anymore, but still, he was a friend.

And then there was he. Edward Anthony Masen, a mortal dying out of Spanish influenza, who I didn't regard as anything more than a tiny moat of dust. Carlisle had turned him into one of us too, and then I had realized his devastating potential. The ability to read minds of every being even without physical contact was the one I wanted my right hand to acquire.

And yet he refused my offer. Shocked as I was by his rejection, I remained our peace with their coven intact.

Then Carlisle's little coven turned into a humongous family, in just a very short period of time. Competition is what seemed to have birthed, as Caius had quoted, but I had kept the Cullens our friends. Carlisle will never betray me. His family, large as it may be, can never defeat me.

A few decades later, Edward Cullen proved himself to be even more unpredictable as I had thought.

He had literally pushed his way to the main hall, despite all my soldier's attempts to stop his advance. When I had seen the situation before me, I had ordered each guard to let him go and speak to me.

His demand was far more surprising than his arrival.

He wanted to be killed. For me to destroy him.

And his face, the face of one of Alec's victims. Blank, numb, unknowing, blind, deft. Yet his voice was layered with scorching plea, with irresistible persistence.

I had asked him the reason behind his ludicrous request.

And he only answered with another oblivious stare. He stormed out of my edifice.

His next aggressive acts were not those I had anticipated. The next thing I knew Felix was leading him to me, and he was not the man who was before me hours ago.

His expression was cautious, guarded. But undeniable euphoria was evident beneath his careful mask. And the way his eyes glinted when he looked at his companion was inevitable.

And I turn to that frail mortal, not knowing what to expect.

Nothing out of ordinary. Isabella Marie Swan was as normal as any other human being. And I had been amazed on such bond she had with Edward.

What held this amazing vampire mind-reader to this weak, average girl was a mystery.

But not for long.

The very moment I realized that Jane's ability had no effect on her, the second she reached out to me, touched my face, I knew she was special.

And not just special, but highly amusing too.

So, even though there was an unspoken period of time to wait for her inevitable transformation, I hadn't even let it pass without my nosy interference. I had watched, guarded every move, took every step…every step closer.

And I would see the way her fair skin reflected the rays of the bright sun, how her crimson lips shook whenever she was nervous, how her warm, brown eyes would sparkle in loneliness or delight, how her soft voice send a tremor deep within me each and everytime.

How her blood pooled on her cheeks, and how it seemed to be strangely alluring to me rather than appetizing.

I realized afterwards that if her physical reactions were irresistible, her true persona inside is devastatingly beautiful. Lack of self-preservation, love for friends and family, predictable clumsiness, a magnet for all danger…

And Edward was wrong. He wasn't the most dangerous hazard near her.

I moved closer, inch by inch, trudging closer to Edward's span of mind-reading ability area…

My actions were deeply unsettling.

And the commotion started. Wild, uncontrollable newborns took over Seattle.

But I didn't move. I didn't tell Marcus and Caius to work either. Nothing. And they were wondering.

Even I didn't know the reason at first. I thought I was becoming reckless, ultimately sloth. I had, day by day, contemplated on the real reason I hadn't wanted to intervene.

And finally, the discovery struck me.

I was afraid.

It was very peculiar, when everybody fears you yet you fear of something you shouldn't.

I was insufferably, agonizingly frightened of the fact that keeping us unobtrusive wasn't the only reason I would act.

And there was something I was even more frightened of; the fact that someone appallingly cold, indifferent and evil as I am didn't deserve her.

Because, even though I shouldn't, I learned to love Bella Swan.

Everything else, every little fact around me, dissolved completely as I apprehended that divine love I tried to deny. The Volturi, staying inconspicuous, my army, my coven, power, Sulpicia…

Nothing else mattered. For even though I terribly envied and hated the mortality, simplicity and happiness this girl holds, I know all of those are overpowered by the blinding love I felt.

And my whole body started to function. I must act. Act while there is time…act while I can still save the new reason of my existence…

But I was late. But not for the worst. The almost-adult human that I cherished was alive and well.

Edward Cullen looks me in the eye, seething hatred and jealousy piercing me through his eyes, but I didn't flinch.

He could never hurt a single hair strand I have; he could never keep his property if I wanted her to be mine.

The next thought was filled with hatred, but not for him. Not for Bella.

For me.

'I have no right to covet her.'