Title: A new director
Author: Ree
Theme: Preseries - disappointed
Genre: general
Version: Anime/Manga (Fates)
Rating: G

I asked for their stories and this is what they told me. I can't guarantee they're the truth, you will have to ask Takeuchi Naoko, to whom they belong to.

A new director

The tedium had set in a long time ago. She was bored. There was only so many wars you could watch, so many scientists punished for figuring out the unbelieved truth, so many inventors profit or be hurt by their own inventions. Watching history unfold was like watching the same play done over again by different actors and directors. It was slightly different, but the main plot was the same.

She had thought that nothing could be more boring than watching the early life on the planet form and evolve. When people finally joined the other life forms, she had rejoiced. Soon. Her waiting would be over soon. That is what she thought, but the Fates had not spun the threads the way she wanted. So, instead she had to wait. And waiting was becoming very very boring. She felt slightly jealous of Sailor Pluto, for at least the Guardian of the Time could watch other worlds, other times.

She drifted across the surface of the Moon, leaving her observation post to wander the ruins of her castle, her family's home. Her mind drifted back to the days when she had lived in fear on the Earth and then in uncertainty on the Moon. That uncertainty had changed to joy and peace. Her shadowy eyes skimmed the wreckage that had been the place that had held the promise of peace. It had also be the place of her last heart ache, her last moments of despair. Her aimless drifting brought her to Lord Dalton's surveillance room. To her surprise the computers were still up and working. On the screen was a dark blue glowing dot of light. A sea green one was also shining. Studying the screen she noticed that they were glowing on the small island nation of Japan. She felt she should know what those lights meant. She stayed there, contemplating them, trying to figure them out. Her boredom was fading.

She wasn't sure how long it took, but it wasn't until of the green, sky blue, red and gold lights that she had an inkling of what they were. The appearance of a bright white light confirmed it, and her heart filled with joy. Serenity was born again, and her court was with her.

' What about the Prince? Was he reborn as well.... where is he?' As she thought of the question, a strong golden light, one stronger than Venus', appeared on the screen. She smiled, he was in Japan also. When four more lights appeared, she felt her heart swell with dread. The four lords were also reborn. 'But there is no sign of Beryl. Maybe they can live in peace? Maybe they'll be fine with out her influence.' When a red green dot glowed onto the screen, she felt her heart plummet even further. 'Beryl is here, too. But I don't sense Metallia.' With that she searched, looking for the dark spot that could hide in the shadow play on the screen. When she finally saw the dark splotch, like a cancerous sore, far to the north, she wanted to cry. Her only hope was that Metallia was still locked up, but she had a feeling she shouldn't get her hopes up. That if she did she would be severely disappointed.

'The Fates... are they weaving the same tale again, like all the others I have seen? Are they doomed to play the parts that they played so long ago? To die at each others hands?' The shadowy eyes narrowed slightly. 'No. I will not accept that that is their Fate. I am here. I can help change the old tale. I shall be the director. This one gets a different ending.'

Fearing disappointment, knowing she had to try, Selenity left the computer room and headed back to her observation post. She gazed at the blue green world below with renewed interest. It was time to be on guard.