Title: Preparations
Author: Ree
Theme: Preseries - Sports Day
Genre: general
Version: Anime/Manga
Rating: G

I asked for their stories and this is what they told me. I can't guarantee they're the truth, you will have to ask Takeuchi Naoko, to whom they belong to.


Ikuko watched as Kenji set the target up. After making sure that it was the proper distance from the ones next to it, she waved to him. A quick look told her that all was read. The platforms were in place. A small rack to hold the bows and arrows were nestled behind the booth that also hid the boxes of chest protection for the girls and gloves. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

Brushing her hair back, she looked over at Kenji as he walked up. "So, why are we doing this for Culture Fest? I could understand a demonstration of Sports Day, but " She turned her head to survey the area once again. "to give complete amateurs bows and arrows in a setting where they could harm any number of onlookers. This is crazy."

Kenji listened as she voiced her opinion once again. At least this time she said it with far less heat than in the planning meeting. "Each person shooting will have one of the club members next to them, helping them out, and making sure they don't hurt anyone." He smiled reassuringly as her frown deepened. "Are you sure this is because you can't bake sweets with your class? I'm sure that Takade-sensei will let you go if you really want to."

Shaking her head, she let her frown fade. "No. I'm just really worried what will happen."

Kenji wrapped an arm about her shoulders. "It will be fine. Trust us."


"Good. Now about that Sports Day demonstration, " Ikuko looked up at him, surprise on her face. "we need to go see Takade-sensei. I think he will like the idea."