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A Daddy Daughter Afternoon

Edward's Pov-

I walked down the hallway, heading towards Elizabeth's classroom. The closer I got, the quicker I walked; I couldn't wait to see my daughter again. My daughter. I never thought I would have this moment, the moment where I would be picking my daughter up from school. I felt the human awake in me even more. I have always wished for this moment, but the last time I allowed to fantasize about it, was back in 1918. Who knew that almost a hundred years later I would finally get this moment and find the love of my existence. I stopped my musings when I arrived at the door of Elizabeth's classroom. I swiftly pushed open the door and walked into the room.

"Da-Uncle Edward!" I heard and was knocked into by my daughter flying into my body. I quickly wrapped my arms around her and rocked her into my chest.

"Hi, baby girl. How was your day?" I asked her softly.

"Good!" she exclaimed.

My attention was pulled away from Elizabeth, as I realized that her teacher was staring at me with an utterly confused look.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen, Elizabeth's uncle," I explained, gaining a slight flash of recognition in the teacher's eyes, "Her mother told me that she explained to you that I would be picking up Elizabeth from school."

"Oh...right. Yes, Bella told me," she answered me as she came out of her shocked state.

"Okay, well is there anything I need to do to sign her out or do we just go."

"Right, well I need you to sign her out. Elizabeth why don't you go grab your backpack while your uncle signs you out."

I set Elizabeth down so she could grab her stuff, while I signed her out.

"You ready, sweetheart?" I asked Elizabeth with my love for her ringing in my voice.

"Yep," she answered trying to pop the. 'p.'

"Thank you," I told her before taking Elizabeth back into my arms and leaving the classroom.

As we walked out to the car, Elizabeth chattered about her day.

"Daddy?" she whispered as I buckled her into the car.

"Yes, baby?" I prompted her.

"I made you a picture today at school!"



"Well I can't wait to see it," I told her honestly. "Let's go then, so I can see it as soon as we get home." I shut her door and climbed into my seat before turning the car and pulling out of the parking lot. Surprisingly I drove slower than normal. I was only going about eighty miles and hour. I was surprised at myself but I knew it was all because of Elizabeth. I had this unyielding need to protect her, just like I do have with Bella.

Within minutes we were home and Elizabeth was running into the house. Once we got into the house, I made Elizabeth a snack and we sat down on the couch together.

"Wait!" she exclaimed handing me her bowl of pretzels, and running to her


"Close your eyes, Daddy," she ordered me. I followed her orders as my heart swelled at the joy of being called 'Daddy.' as she crawled into my lap and gave me permission to open my eyes. When I did I saw a picture in her hands. To anyone else they would have not thought anything of the picture, but to me it was everything. I would cherish it forever. It was simple picture; it was a picture of Elizabeth, Bella, and me, a heart was wrapped around us and the top of the paper scrawled in Elizabeth's messy scrawl was the word 'family.' It was simple and yet it was the most beautiful piece of art I had ever seen.

Considering all the years I have lived, all the books I have read, and art I have seen, I have never been able to decipher what the meaning of life was and why were people and other creatures put here on earth. It wasn't until this moment that I discovered the truth. I was put here for this moment; the moment where I had a daughter and spouse to love. The moment where I was so connected to the people in my life whom I loved that nothing could ever separate us. I know that my whole life has been leading me to Bella and Elizabeth. I never knew I could love two people so much, I never knew it was possible.

Elizabeth stayed on snuggled into my arms for hours as I tried to learn everything about her. Finally we arrived at one of my favorite topics, music.

"Do you like music, Elizabeth?" I asked her.

"Yeah! I like all music especially mommy's lullaby."

"Did you know I wrote your mommy's lullaby?"

"Yep! Daddy?" she asked in a small voice.

"Yes, sweetheart?" I prompted.

"Would you make me a lullaby of my own?"

"Of course! Actually, I have already started one," I told her honestly because in truth I have had a melody floating around in my mind for the past few days. "If you learn piano, I could teach you to play your lullaby, so if we are ever apart, you can still feel close to me."

"Really? Could you teach me to play?"

"Of course I would, baby," I promised.

"Okay! Can we start now?" she asked excitedly and began to struggle to climb down off my lap, causing me to laugh."

"Sure, sweetheart, but I need to tell your mother that we are going to my house. You'll have to play my piano until we can get you a piano of your own."

Elizabeth went to get her coat and shoes on while I pulled out my phone to text Bella.


Elizabeth and I are going to my house for a bit. Text me when you're on your way home and well meet you back at your house.

Elizabeth and I were at my house before I knew it. Luckily, my siblings had gone out to hunt and Carlisle was at work, so it was just Esme who was home. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but right now I just wanted to spend some quality time with my daughter. That was one of the nice things about Esme, although she greeted us when we entered the house, she gave us space. I knew her heart swelled seeing me with my daughter just as it had when I had first brought Bella home.

I gave Elizabeth her first lesson on the piano and she progressed quickly. She definitely inherited my musical talent because she was a natural. By the time Bella texted me to come home, Elizabeth was already able to play a few simple songs and name all the notes. Combined with her natural talent and her intellectual advancement caused by her vamprific genes I knew she would be a master in no time.

As soon as I got the text Elizabeth and I raced home. We beat Bella by a few minutes so I decided to start cooking Elizabeth's dinner.

Bella's Pov

As I walked in the door, getting home from work, I was greeted with a sight that I will never tire of. I could come home every day for the rest of my life and every time it would still make my unbeating heart feel like it was about to burst from my chest. Elizabeth was seated in a chair at the table rambling to Edward while he both danced around the kitchen cooking and listened intently to our daughter's chatter.

"Hello, love," Edward greeted me as soon as he spotted me in the doorway of the kitchen. He immediately walked over to me and pulled me into a searing kiss.

"Mommy!" Elizabeth exclaimed, pulling Edward and I from our kiss.

"Hi, baby," I responded as Edward went to finish cooking and I sat down at the table. "So, baby, how was your day and your afternoon with your daddy?"

As soon as the words were out of my mouth Elizabeth excitedly began telling me everything about her day. She talked most about her afternoon with Edward. As Elizabeth talked away, Edward set her dinner in front of her and sat down across from me. While our daughter talked and ate her dinner, I felt like a family. Not only did it feel like were a family, but we were a family. In the few days since Edward had swooped back into our lives we had unified and became a semi-normal family. I finally felt fulfilled. It seemed as if he had never left and if I had never been broken. I knew we had spent time apart and that he had left, but that didn't matter anymore. We now had a future as a family and would always be together. This is it, this is my eternity.

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