Chapter 2 In the Lounge

Kid Muscle and Meat arrived with Terry in the lead. The three went inside.

"Are you sure Roxanne's in here?" Kid asked Terry.

"One hundred percent sure, mah good friend! Ooh…There she is now. Whoa! That's a really short skirt she's wearin'." Terry blushed and sweat dropped.

"Where? Where?" Kid said, looking at his left and at his right.

"She's just there. Beside um…Mars! ...Well see ya, Kid! Ah'll be gone for a while!"

WTH?! Did he just say Roxanne was beside Mars?! Kid trembled, but he bravely went to her.

Mars and Roxanne were beside the punch bowl; such that the punch bowl was in the midst of them. (The punch bowl was the midpoint. Both Roxanne and Mars were two steps away from it. LOL, Geometry!) To Roxanne's surprise, Kid tapped her on the shoulder. Pretending that Mars wasn't there beside him, he asked Roxanne if he could pour the punch for her.

"Kid Muscle…How…Kind of you."

"Here." He handed the cup to Roxanne.

"Thanks." She drank a bit, after which she said, "Here, have some! It tastes good."

Kid stared blankly at the half cup of punch. Am I going to drink in the same cup as Roxanne? He stiffened. He didn't know what to do. He blushed and turned his back.

"Oh…I would---"

"Thanks Roxanne. I was thirsty! Now that was refreshing!" said a guy who looked like a gazelle (Actually, he IS a gazelle).

The Chojin Prince was surprised as he turned around to see Dik Dik holding on to Roxanne's cup.

"Dik Dik!! That was supposed to be mine!!" said an angry Kid Muscle.

"What? Ah…I'm sorry! I didn't mean to."

Kid couldn't take it. He tried to jump on Dik Dik. But Gazelleman moved to his right, with Kid crashing on to the floor. Roxanne and everyone else who were there were either shocked or surprised. Even ex-DMPer Checkmate accidentally dropped his drink, spilling juice on the floor. Everyone was in panic!! While Dik Dik was trying to get away from Kid Muscle, Checkmate spoke up with his loudest voice.

"My friends, dost thou want to play a game of chess with me? I'll go easy on thou this time."

Kid Muscle was gonna punch Dik Dik when he heard what Checkmate said. He stood up, but Dik Dik was still on the floor.

"Chess?" said a wrestler who was sporting a red costume with hints of pink and white. He also had a big golden mask that sparkled and glowed. "In your dreams. YOUS SUCK!!"

Checkmate sobbed in a corner. "Mars…Thou art so mean!"