Story Title: Technological Ninja - Naruto Uzumaki

Crossover: Naruto / Star Ocean game series

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or plot from Naruto anime/manga series and the Star Ocean Video games series. This is a work of fanfiction.

Author's Notes: After reading all those Harry Potter come into advanced technologies fics, I decided to do one where Naruto is the one that comes into contact with an advanced technological device. Enjoy :)

Chapter One: The Falling Stars

"The military cruiser has been destroyed." The pilot cried frantically as the small cargo ship warmed up its warp drive in preparation for them to escape.

"Damm… those pirates! We can't let our research data and equipments fall into their hands." The scientist on board cursed. "The Pan-Galactic government should have sent us more than one cruiser as our escort, now it's too late."

"15 seconds to warp core activation." The pilot said pale faced as he stared at the screen. "The pirate ships are turning towards us!"

"Hurry!" The scientist prayed as the ship began count down. "10, 5, 2."

"It's activated." The pilot cried in relief as the cargo ship began its warp. An explosion rocked the ship as a laser blast from one of the pirate ship slammed into the back of the ship just as it disappeared into warp.

"Losing warp integrity. We will be dropping out of warp in 10 seconds." The pilot said haggardly as he watched the reading output on screen. "The cargo doors has been blasted open, the equipments are already falling out of warp into space."

"That doesn't matter. We still have the research data. Prepare for another warp immediately after we exited into space." The scientist ordered.

A few light years away, several objects encased in some of the hardest materials known to the Pan-Galactic Federation began to exit warp space. The gravity of the gleaming blue green planet below the objects began to attract the adrift objects as they descended and fall all over the elemental countries.

Six year old Naruto cried as he escaped the villagers that were chasing after him. He managed to slip out into the forest in the confusion as the gate guards tried to stop the mob from chasing after him. An Anbu would come into the forest soon to take him to safety, as usually happens when the villagers began chasing him, Naruto just have to wait for it.

Naruto huddled miserably under a large tree as he looked up into the night sky. His eyes widened as he saw bright streaks of light flying across the sky.

"Wow!" Naruto cried out happily as he watched the lights. A few of them seemed to be getting closer. Naruto's eyes widened as one of the light flew towards him. He gave a startled cry as the fireball from the sky slammed into his body before he could even move.

Flame, heat, burning him up, and in the middle his weak arms flailed helplessly in the heat and encountered a cool metal object that suddenly wrap around his right wrist. For a moment, nothing seemed to happen, then a cooling sensation flooded his body as Naruto began to heal even as the flames burnt him.

Static filled his head before Naruto felt his head cleared.

"… Synchronising with host brain complete. Healing of host body in progress… Extracting host name from memories…

Naruto Uzumaki, I am Special Information and Containment Archive Unit 002, successfully bound to your brain waves and patterns.

Advise to Naruto Uzumaki, please step out of the burning wreckage of my container shell. It is hindering my healing of your body, though your body seemed to possess remarkable regenerative properties as well."

Naruto cried in pain as he staggered his way out of the crater where the fireball had slammed into him. The objects in the crater had been burnt to ash though the fire was still raging. He crawled out of the crater as his burnt skin began to heal itself. Naruto found to his embarrassment that his clothes were burnt off, with only a strange metal bracelet fitted snugly on his right wrist.

"Host is embarrassed about nakedness." The Special Information and Containment Archive Unit 002 said in Naruto's head. "Do you wish me to project a holographic image of clothes over your body?"

"What's a hollo gaphic image?" Naruto asked as he looked at the bracelet in amazement, he had a feeling that the bracelet was the one talking in his head.

"A holographic image is a projection of light to create an image, I have the tools needed to create solid and non solid light projections in a six meters radius around myself." The bracelet remarked. "Would you like me to create a holographic projection of your clothes?"

"Er…" Naruto fumbled over the meaning of holographic as he looked blankly at the bracelet. "Ok?"

"Beginning holographic projection of last image of Naruto Uzumaki's clothes." The bracelet said.

Naruto cried out in surprise as a shimmer of light washed over his body. The clothes he was wearing before he was burnt by the fireball reappeared. Naruto reached out and feel the soft fibers in awe.

"That's…" Naruto began but was cut off as a black shadow landed beside him.

"Naruto, are you hurt?" The cat masked Anbu asked worriedly as he checked over Naruto.

"Cat Anbu-san!" Naruto cried out in delight. "I make a new friend!"

"Good, good." The Anbu said distantly as he looked at the crater beside Naruto. His mask was lit up from the reflection of the raging flames inside the crater. Several more figures appeared from the forest, one of them was the gate guards that had stopped the mob just now. "Iruka, who is watching the gates now?"

"The second shift started just as the fireballs fell into the forest. I remembered Naruto was running in this direction so…" Iruka began to explain but was cut off by a nod from the Anbu.

"I need you to take Naruto home. The rest of the Anbu and I will need to check out the places where these fireballs fell." The cat masked Anbu said.

Iruka nodded, quickly bundling up Naruto in his arms and began running towards the village.

"Go to sleep Naruto." Iruka said kindly as he took the bundled up boy home.

Naruto opened his mouth to speak but felt the heavy weight of the events of the night washed over him dragging him to unconsciousness.

"Analyses complete." The bracelet said on the second day as Naruto went to one of the training grounds by himself. Even at this age, he knew that none of the children's parents would allow them to play with him.

"What do you mean bracelet-san?" Naruto asked. The past two days, the village had been in an uproar as everyone was talking about the fireballs falling from the sky. Several of the villagers had shot scared looks at Naruto when he went out to play today, whispering about his name and the fireballs.

"It appears that I've landed on an underdeveloped planet." The bracelet said. "According to the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact, I am forbidden to reveal myself to any members from Undeveloped Planets. Unfortunately I've already given you the knowledge of advanced civilization. By the Federation laws, that means you are now officially a member of the Federation and are answerable to the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact."

"Huh?" Naruto asked confusedly.

"It means that you must never reveal my existence to any member of your planet." The bracelet said patiently. "Until a ship arrives to pick us up and return us to Federation space, you must keep my existence a secret. I am also assigning administrator rights to only you and ban all access of my usage to others not of the Federation."

"So you'll be my secret friend?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"I am an A.I. not your friend." The bracelet began but was cut off by Naruto's exited shout.

"What's your name bracelet-san?" Naruto asked.

"Since apparently my full designation is too long for you to remember, you may call me S.I.C.A. Unit 002." The bracelet supplied.

"Sica! You're my second best friend!" Naruto shouted happily as he began dancing around. "Old man Hokage is my first best friend!"

"Since you are an Underdeveloped Planet citizen that came into knowledge of the Federation, I will begin training you in the basic math and science of the Federation." Sica said ignoring Naruto's happy shouts.

"You can do that?" Naruto asked in amazement. "Be my teacher?"

"I was created with the sole purpose of containing and archiving all the cultural, technological and symbology information that the Pan-galactic Federation possessed." Sica explained. "I will be able to coach you in understanding these subjects through our mental link."

"Cool! When do we start?" Naruto asked happily.

Sarutobi looked in fascination at the items that the Anbu had recovered from the burning craters in the forest. There had been five craters in total but the objects in three of them had turned to ash, while the objects in the remaining two craters were retrieved and taken to the Anbu headquarters for examination.

They had managed to open one of the boxes and found a suit made of some kind of material that's indestructible to kunai and the elemental attacks that the Anbu had tried on it. The other box contained a large metallic shaped rectangle had no visible function that they could see, other than the fact that the metal is indestructible to any attacks of the Anbu.

"I am classifying this suit as A-rank. Keep it safely guarded in the shinobi armory. If the metallic block revealed no other properties, leave it in storage for experimentation at a later date." Sarutobi said after he looked through the reports of the tests run on the suit and block. "I've received information that several of the fireballs also landed in the neighboring Elemental countries. Wherever these items came from, we must assume that the neighboring countries might also find items such as what we've retrieved. I want two Anbu teams sweeping the Fire Country for any sign of these craters. If any more of the fireballs managed to land in our own country, we'll have jurisdiction over the items found in them."

"Yes Hokage!" The Anbu captain said with a nod as he moved away to order the two Anbu teams.

Sarutobi sighed as he wondered where these items had come from.

The new theories that Sica taught Naruto had been difficult for his little head to absorb. But he had wanted to impress his new friend and had strived to learn as much as he could, always persevering and cramming the new knowledge in his head. The next half a year had passed quickly as Naruto absorbed what Sica taught him, he was also able to hold up under the villagers' glares much better since Sica was constantly there to support him.

Sica's sensors which could also detect anything in a one mile radius also saved Naruto from the villagers pursing him several time. Naruto began to gain a reputation as being uncannily fast and hard to catch.

Naruto began to understand that the Pan-Galactic Federation was an alliance of many planets, that these civilizations had starships that could travel through space, and that his own planet was considered undeveloped because it had still not reached the stage of space travel.

Sica's mental communication had been useful in relating images of the various planets, starships and technologies the Pan-Galactic Federation had possessed to him. Naruto also realized that Sica was not really alive, but was a high level computer program capable of analyzing situations and come up with solutions just like a real human.

Naruto's world had been opened up by the marvels that Sica had shown him and Naruto had vowed to understand more of Federation science so that he could build those technologies for himself.

"Are there any other units that are like you?" Naruto asked one day out of curiosity.

"To my knowledge only two S.I.C.A units were created. The first unit resides with the scientist that created me while I was kept as a test copy for upgrades." Sica stated.

"Oh because I've been wondering. Remember the night I found you? According to what I heard from the villagers, there were a few more other craters, I wonder if there's anymore of you that has fallen and survive the trip."

"Probability of other Federation tools surviving is 30%. I was made of a very dense alloy that made me highly resistant to scratch or heat, however most Federation equipments are not built to survive atmospheric entrance or high temperature." Sica provided. "From the way I came into this world, computation probability states that I must have been in a ship that encountered an accident, releasing objects such as my container into this planet's atmosphere. Since I have no data of the items that had fallen with me, I am unable to deduct if the other fallen Federation items survived."

"Oh, but if they survive, they might be high tech equipments that we might be able to use isn't it?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Yes, though I doubt anyone on this planet would know how to operate a Federation equipment." Sica stated. "However according to the preservation pact, It might be best for us to retrieve any objects that had fallen to ensure this planet remains uncontaminated."

"Alright, I'll ask old man Hokage if they found anything the next time I see him." Naruto said excitedly. "So what other functions do you have besides archiving of information?"

"Besides archiving information, I am also able to scan a 1 mile radius around myself, project holographic images in a six meters radius, monitor health of user as well as apply symbology healing onto the user should the user requires. I am also able to match the mental wave lengths of my user to allow for telepathic speech." Sica explained. "All these functions are vital because I was created for high level intelligence officers, basically spies. I will self destruct under orders from my user, or if unregistered personals tried to access my database."

"Did the ninjas find anything in the crater?" Sarutobi mused as Naruto burst into his office asking that question. He looked at Naruto's excited face and sighed. "I am sorry Naruto, but I can't reveal anything. It's considered a village secret."

"Ah ha!" Naruto cried triumphantly. "That means you did find something. What is it?"

"Naruto." Sarutobi said with a long suffering sigh. "I really can't tell you. But it's a good thing you're here. I was planning to ask you if you'll like to attend the Academy earlier. It might fill up your time with something practical to do."

"The Academy? Where they teach you how to be a ninja and stuff?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Yes Naruto." Sarutobi said with a fond smile at Naruto. "Remember your promise to be a Hokage one day?"

"Oh that, I've a new dream now." Naruto said dismissively.

"Really, and what's that?" Sarutobi asked with interest.

"I want to travel to the stars." Naruto said with a grin.

The ninja academy was one of the worse experiences of Naruto's life. Three months into the academy and Naruto realized that the teachers were deliberately going out of their way to fail him in his tests and making life hell for him. His ninja studies were stumped, or would have been stumped if not for Sica.

Due to Sica's one mile scanning radius, it was able to pick up the correct instructions that the teachers told the students in the distance instead of the wrong advice they gave Naruto. Being a student at the academy, he was also allowed access into the library though the librarian refused to allow him to borrow any books.

However, Sica had come to the rescue as well. Being able to scan everything in the one mile range, Naruto had only to remain in the library for an hour at most, before it finished scanning all the materials in the shelves of library books. Sica even scanned the books in the restricted section as well, where only the chunins and jonins could enter.

With all these knowledge, Sica had begun work to organize the archive of ninja information based on their difficulty level and began to use the huge book knowledge it contained to teach Naruto in the ninja arts. Naruto had also discreetly scanned the Hokage's office and personal library during one of his visit to old man Hokage. Sure, his dream was to travel the stars now, but he had seen all those awesome techniques the Hokage and the ninjas could perform and he wanted to learn everything he could about them.

The first time he showed off his fireball technique at the academy, the teachers had sternly asked him where he stole the technique from. When Naruto was not able to reply, since the book from which the technique came from was from the restricted section of the library, they had put him in detention for a week and reported him to the Hokage.

Naruto had to make up a lie about how he copied a scroll dropped by a ninja and learnt the technique from there. The Hokage had luckily nodded in understanding and cautioned him against trying such a dangerous technique again.

From then on, Naruto learnt to hide his true skills and showed only a poor grade at school. He quickly found that the teachers had been delighted at seeing him do poorly and cause less trouble for him this way. Naruto began to wonder why he was treated with such hatred.

The vast amount of knowledge that Sica was teaching him had caused him to mature more quickly than those his age, but it had also made him quieter in class and reserved by nature. It allowed him to endure those feelings of hurt about how the others treated him better than how he might have done without Sica around.

"I have isolated the problem for your inability to create a clone technique." Sica supplied in one of their training section. "From the energy readings I took of you while you did the technique and compared it to those who had done it successfully. It seemed your inability to control your chakra energy is causing the problem. You would do well in techniques that require you to use a large amount of chakra, like the fire breathing technique, but you'll do poorly at those that require finer control and smaller amounts of chakra. I have taken several chakra control exercises through various books and will begin to teach them to you."

"Thanks Sica!" Naruto said with a grin. "You know, I've been going through the data about the use of symbology in the Federation. I seemed to remember seeing some books on the basics of seal making in the library, are they similar?"

"In a way yes. The way that they were applied in your world however is different. Symbology used in the Federation is more focused on instant results, used in offensive and defensive purposes. The seal making on your planet however requires laborious amounts of seals to complete one powerful task, they are also mostly used for sealing objects and containment." Sica stated. "I've looked through your schedule. If you sleep one hour less every day, I will be able to teach you the basics of symbology and sealing."

"Great Sica! Thank you!" Naruto said gratefully. "Actually I was thinking of telling the Hokage that I want to quit school for this year and resume the studies when a year later. I plan to use the excuse of wanting to be in the same class as my age group to get him to agreed."

"Based on the Hokage's cordial treatment of you, your plan has a probability of 90% success." Sica provided helpfully. "It would also allow me more time to train you in more useful knowledge."

"Then I'll find the old man now and tell him." Naruto said excitedly as he got to his feet, making his way to the Hokage tower.

One Year Later

Sarutobi was worried. Naruto had seldom sought him out for the past year after he had requested to quit school and resume his schooling with his age group a year later. At first, the Anbu had reported that Naruto had begun using his time training in the training fields daily. Concerned, Sarutobi had used his telescope technique to find out what Naruto was doing. He had been shocked at finding Naruto using techniques that he should have no knowledge of.

Careful questioning of the boy had revealed that he had slipped in the restricted section of the library a few times and memorized some of the techniques contained in the scrolls. After the warning from Sarutobi of not practicing those techniques until he was older, Naruto had filled his daily life by staying at home or doing basic sparring on a training dummy out in the training fields. From what he observed, other than the times when Naruto had to walk through the village, he basically had no contact with other people.

Sarutobi had tried to meet up weekly with Naruto for ramen which used to be his favorite. Oh, Naruto still visit the Ichiraku Ramen Bar once a week, but he had heard from Teuchi, the ramen bar owner, that Naruto had requested Teuchi to help buy his weekly grocery for him in exchange for a huge tip.

Naruto had confined in the ramen bar owner of how he was always over-charged when he bought the groceries and only receive the poorest quality of the products. Teuchi had muttered angrily about the way that most of the villagers had treated Naruto whom he had always considered as one of the most polite child he had ever seen.

Sarutobi had been touched that Naruto had another friend in the ramen bar owner, and had been even more surprise when he had spied on Naruto whipping up dish after dish of nutritious meals in his small apartment kitchen. Naruto had also abandoned his untidy habits and had even begun keeping his small apartment tidy much to the discomfort of Sarutobi who had known the child for so long.

Naruto had seemed changed after he first started the ninja academy. Sarutobi could only hope that Naruto could get along better with peers his age as he began ninja school tomorrow.

"Is the old man spying on me again?" Naruto asked as he carefully traced the symbol for Healing onto his body. Along with a few other elemental symbols he had attached to parts of his body that could remain concealed, Naruto now have access to basic symbology magic, like healing flesh wounds and summoning fireballs.

"From my connection to my copy, it seemed that the Hokage is looking at your shadow clone as it prepares dinner." Sica supplied after a pause.

Naruto sighed. Two weeks after he had quit school a year ago, he was called into old man Hokage's office who started grilling him about the ninja techniques he was practicing out on the training fields. It was then that Naruto realize the Hokage had been keeping watch on him discreetly. Part of him had been warmed by the fact that the old man had cared enough about him to keep a look out for him. Another part was annoyed at the fact that he was being watched without being told of it, and that it would seriously hamper his training.

Naruto had promised the Hokage that he was not going to try out the chunin ninja techniques until he was older. By the time he reahed home, Sica had came up with how the Hokage was spying on him. Apparently old man Hokage had a skill called the telescope technique in his library. It was a technique that the Hokage had created to spy upon others. The Hokage had also listed out the apparent limitation of the technique in the scroll which enabled Sica to come up with a plan to escape the Hokage's eyes and train on their own.

Sica had coached Naruto in learning the multiple shadow clones technique, considered a Forbidden technique which creates solid clones of one self. Sica had computated the risk and had come to the conclusion that the possibility of Naruto dying due to the technique would only be 10% because of his large chakra reserves. Sica had also managed to locate the Hokage's energy signature every time he used the telescope technique on Naruto.

The plan had been for Naruto to make the Hokage think the shadow clone was really Naruto, while the real Naruto would be able to escape the telescope technique by going to places where the Hokage wouldn't think of searching for him to train.

One surprising fact they had discovered when Naruto used the multiple shadow clones technique was that Sica was also duplicated and retained the same function as the original Sica. Sica had quickly realized that any information the clones had received were passed onto the original when they were dispelled. Thus they ended up with the cloned Sica and Naruto staying at home most of the day while the cloned Sica taught Naruto Federation sciences and book knowledge concerning ninja techniques, seal making and Federation symbology.

When the clones dispelled at the end of the day, the real Naruto would gain all the memories of what the clone had learnt. Sica had also asked the cloned copy of itself to keep up complex scanning and computations of it's surrounding which the cloned copy could either pass back to itself at the end of the day, or constantly transmit to Sica the information through out the day by maintaining a sub-wave light link between the two of them.

So for the rest of the year, the cloned Naruto had stayed at home learning 'book knowledge', only going out occasionally for 'training' so as to avoid the suspicions of the Hokage, while the real Naruto and Sica went out to the secluded training grounds and began training in the various ninja techniques, seal making and symbology. Naruto's knowledge of Federation technologies had improved, such that he began gathering materials to begin building some of the lower tech equipments that might come in useful.

Having mastered the basics of seal making and symbology, Naruto was able to incorporate these two techniques to craft out a wooden propulsion gun that was able to shoot out pellets at great force through the engraving of several seals and symbols within it. That piece of work had taken him a month, but it had been well worth it. After all, he had no way of making the smaller parts of a true gun and thus had to come out with creative solutions through the use of seals and symbols.

"You will begin your schooling tomorrow. A waste of time since your ninja skill level had reached and maybe surpasses those I've scanned of chunin level." Sica remarked. "Your chakra reserves had also grown rapidly through the chakra enhancement and control exercises you've been doing for the past year. It could now be compared to most Jonin levels of reserves, though your control is somewhat lacking."

"Hey, I'm working on my control everyday!" Naruto said sounding offended at the sore subject. He had to work hard to get his chakra control to where it was today. "Anyway, I've to keep up appearance, though I feel older than my eight years old."

"You know what exist outside this planet now, in space and all the wonders that could be accomplished with technology and symbology." Sica remarked. "There's a 100% chance that you'll mature faster because of this knowledge."

"I just hate the fact that I have to pretend to be stupid just because other people hate me." Naruto said with a sigh. "Though you could always continue teaching me the Federation science while we're in class."

"That's a good suggestion. I'll begin to rearrange your schedule for tomorrow now." Sica said as it began getting down to work.

Iruka gathered his prepared notes nervously as he walked beside Mizuki to the classroom.

"Nervous?" Mizuki asked with a laugh. "Don't worry, you'll get used to teaching in no time."

"Ah yes, I hope so." Iruka said with a wane smile as they walked into the classroom. The children were seated quietly in their seats, seemingly nervous as well on their first day of school.

"You can take the role call, helps you get to know who the students are." Mizuki advised as he handed Iruka the name list for the class.

"Alright. Everyone, welcome to your first day of the academy. I am Iruka sensei and this is Mizuki sensei. I will now begin calling out your name, answer yes if the name is yours." Iruka called out.

"…Sakura Haruno…"


"Shikamaru Nara…"

"… Hai?"

"…Naruto Uzumaki…" Iruka paused as he read out that name, his head looking up to catch sight of the little boy he had rescued so long ago.

"I am here sensei." A blond haired boy, tall for his age and dressed neatly raised his hand and called out. Iruka raised an eyebrow, it seemed the little Naruto had grown into a polite young man. As he looked at Naruto's disinterested glance, Iruka realized Naruto most probably didn't remember him from that night so long ago.

"Very well, that's the last of you. We will now begin class." Iruka said turning to nod at Mizuki. He saw Mizuki giving a small frown at Naruto before he began to tell the children to open their textbooks and began to teach them on the basics of chakra.

"Well Iruka sensei is a good but stern teacher." Naruto remarked after the third week of schooling. "That Mizuki however is a snake. He may pretend to be nice, but I've already found him giving me misleading instructions a few times. I also overheard him calling me names. I wonder why so many people hate me."

"Do you wish me to come up with an answer for you?" Sica asked.

"Not really, unless you can read people's mind, there's no way for you to know why they would treat me this way." Naruto said with a sigh.

"I could come up with a probable answer for you based on the information collected over the year, though it may not be the correct one." Sica replied.

"Really? Well give it your best shot then, why does everyone hates me?" Naruto asked not expecting any answer as he ate his bento lunch of leafy vegetables and cooked eel.

There was a pause before Sica answered. "There's a 90% possibility that you're the container of the nine-tailed fox, Kyuubi."

Naruto choked on his food as he gave a strangled cry. "WHAT?"

"Some of the most common derogatory names the villagers called you were 'Demon Fox' and 'The Fox Brat'. All the people who said these words came from the older generation from the time when Kyuubi attacked this village which just happened to be the day of your birthday." Sica said in a calm collected voice. "I've found a technique in the Forbidden Scroll created by the Fourth Hokage meant to specially seal the nine-tailed fox into the body of a new born child. According to the writings of the Fourth Hokage, the Kyuubi could only be sealed in a child whose chakra coils had not yet developed."

Naruto listened numbly as Sica continued on, his bento falling from his limp hands onto the stone floor.

"I've also detected strange energy readings from you that were different from normal ninjas especially when you are hurt and your wounds begin healing by themselves. I have reason to believe that was the Kyuubi's chakra healing you, a side effect from you being its container." Sica stated seemingly oblivious to Naruto's emotion turmoil. "Those facts of course only result in an 80% possibility that my theory was true. The other 10% came from the fact that the Third Hokage had a letter in his room that I managed to scan a year ago. In it, it was stated from the Third Hokage to his future successor that you are the son of Minato Namikaze, who was the Fourth Hokage."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Naurto asked in a numb tone, his mind frozen in shock.

"Please clarify Naruto." Sica asked in a confused tone of voice.

"Why didn't you tell me about my father if you knew who he is from so long ago?" Naruto asked getting to his feet angrily.

"You never asked me to Naruto." Sica said calmly. "I am an A.I. Unless you give me instructions or specific questions, I can only provide you with my best answer fitting to your situations."

Naruto collapsed back limply on his seat as he closed his eyes, tears streaming down. "My father is the Fourth Hokage and he used me as a sacrifice to contain the Kyuubi. HE'S THE REASON I WAS HATED THROUGHOUT MY LIFE! HOW CAN HE DO THIS TO ME?"

"From the accounts of books in the library, the Fourth Hokage was ever a man to put his family and village first. According to a report in the Hokage's library, your father had wanted you to be known as the hero who saved Konoha. He had also not wanted to sacrifice another child if he could ask for his own child to carry the burden." Sica said unmoved by Naruto's rage. "He had been willing to sacrifice his own life to make sure his son and the village he loves would remain safe from the Kyuubi. Your father is not the one at fault here."

Naruto lay for a movement in his seat, silent tears flowing down his face as he tried to regain his composure. "What about my mother? Why did old man Hokage kept this a secret from me?"

"Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki, she was reported missing from the hospital not long after your father gave his life to seal the Kyuubi into you." Sica reported. "She was presumed dead, killed by enemy ninjas, her body was never found. According to the reports, your father made a lot of enemies as the Fourth Hokage, and there's many who would want to see the Namikaze clan dead. There had been no reports for me to give a conclusion as to why the current Hokage kept everything a secret from you and the whole village, but I may have an assumption which is 87% probable."

"What is it?" Naruto asked painfully, the news of his mother's death had clenched his heart.

"Along with the reports on your mother, there was another one signed by the Third Hokage stating that the unnamed child of the Fourth Hokage had disappeared during the Kyuubi attack. Based on the care and concern that the Third Hokage had always treated you with, and the enemies that your father had made, I can only assume that the Hokage had wanted to protect you from the enemies of your father." Sica deducted as Naruto gave an anguish sigh, his eyes squeezed tight.

"If news got out that you're alive after your father had died there would have been an endless string of assassination attempts made on you. Apparently from the history books of Konoha, there are records of your father slaughtering armies of enemy ninja during the Third Great Shinobi wars. Iwagakure especially suffers heavy casualty because of him and the rock ninjas bears a deep hatred for your father." Sica continued its deduction.

There was silence as Naruto tried to regain his composure.

"There's nothing much I can do now." Naruto said bitterly. "I may have the skills to protect myself, but my abilities have never been tried against powerful ninjas. After old man Hokage went through so much trouble to keep me safe, I can't ruin his efforts now, not until I've become powerful enough to really stand on my own. If he isn't going to bring this matter up to me, I've also got to pretend that I've no idea of this, after all, I can't tell him I knew all this because of you."

"That would be wise Naruto." Sica agreed.

"My father is the Fourth Hokage, imagine that." Naruto said painfully before opening his tear shed eyes. "Sica, from now on, if you encounter any information that deals with me and my well being, inform me immediately, understand."

"Understood. Naruto." Sica said as it recorded the command to memory.

Edit: One reviewer has stated that I wrote Naruto has Hokage level chakra reserves here while repeating that statement a few chapters later a few months down the road. I tried to find back who it was but was unable to locate the review. Anyway, want to say thanks to whoever it is for pointing out that statement to me. :) I've changed it.