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Summary: AU. FemHarry. Albus Dumbledore always meant well whenever it comes to Helen Potter's well-being. When he, even in death, decided to give the broody witch a means to find happiness, he did not intent for her to be thrown unceremoniously into another universe in Forks, Washington D.C., America where wizards and witches didn't exists and their biggest near-magical threat was actually a secretive world of carnivorous vampires. Truly alone in the strange world, Helen was confounded with problems such as faulty magical core, Muggle authority, strange American culture…and the enigmatic Edward Cullen.

Pairings: FenHarry!Helen/Edward, Alice/Jasper, Carlisle/Esme, Emmett/Rosalie, others.


The war was over and the wizarding world was left to build up their world again after so much were lost and sacrificed. They lost many to the countless fights, lives were mercilessly thorn apart and dwellings shattered when the war against the evil Dark Lord raged on.

The newly reinstated Ministry of Magic was slowly but surely establishing itself again and wizards and witches from all walks of lives pitched into the effort to build up once again their community. Donations and volunteers were surging in, showing their united front as one community for once.

In the midst of all the activities, one lone witch remained secluded and hidden from the wizarding community. In an Unplottable Land in wizarding Cornwall, tucked in a humble cottage surrounded by magical wards was the Saviour of wizarding Britain lying flat on her back with face contorted in pain in her sleep.

Tossing and turning on her bed, she was drenched in sweat with her white nightgown clinging to her body uncomfortably. Her feverish moans, sounds of despair and pain were met with silence and darkness from the night. Her nights were plagued by nightmares, ones that were sometimes filled with terrible memories of war and the worst ones were dreams of being completely alone, motionless in a void of grey emptiness.

With a silent scream, she was jolted awake. Her wide green eyes stared frantically at the ceiling of her room while her breathing came out in harsh pants.

"…" Helen blinked "…Sweet Merlin…" she brought both of her hands to cover her face, realizing that they shook horribly from her frayed nerves. Screwing her eyes shut, she felt the ugly coldness creeping inside her pores and covering her whole.

Her dry sobs were typically met with silence.


"You had not been well,"

Helen ignored the penetrating gaze on her back in favour of staring at her cold cup of tea. She had been sitting motionless in the kitchen for half an hour after dragging herself out of her cold bed and hours of restless tossing and turning. It was a typical winter morning in December and she was wearing a large thick emerald sweater to ward off the cold.

She decided to make herself a steaming cup of tea and simple toast, which went half-eaten and tossed inside the bin. The smell of salt water and view of the vast ocean did nothing to calm her nerves. Initially, she had picked this place near the sea because she found that sitting by rocky cliffs watching the vast ocean sometimes calmed her. Now, everything was once again dull and made her feel numb again.

"You had the same nightmare again, didn't you."

Abruptly standing up, she emptied her cup in the sink and rinsed it quickly. The stare was getting heavier and Helen could feel the deep frown lining his face.

"My dear girl, how I wish you wouldn't suffer so much…"

There it was again. The regret. The pain.

Clutching the sides of the countertop heavily, Helen whipped her head around to glare at the magical portrait of her deceased mentor and Headmaster hanging majestically on the bare walls of the cottage. His was the only portrait she could bear to keep, for reasons that completely eluded even her own self.

"STOP IT!" anger surged in her veins as she hissed "nothing will change, not even you could do anything about it. It's over, everyone's gone…"

Albus Dumbledore's face visibly saddened. His voice was gentle, a fine contrast to her angry outburst "…but not on the expanse of your happiness…if I had known the amount of pain you would bear, I would never place such burdens on your shoulder."

Helen wanted to rage and threw tantrums at him, placing blames on him and just letting go but she found no real anger to her old Mentor. Albus had been the one who guided her with good intentions in his heart. Even though sometimes his methods were questionable at best, he was always looking out for her.

"It's out of your hands, Albus." She was always cursed by Fate, a tool that had worn its use. Nobody could do anything about it, not even the Great Albus Dumbledore. "You did what you had to…it was War…" her voice trailed and her vision clouded as unwanted memories assaulted her mind.

It was so very cold…


Albus's gentle prodding tugged her out of her stupor before she went too deep. She blinked rapidly and tried to give him a resemblance of a smile but a twitch of the muscles on her face kept her from putting up a brave font.

She was crumbling, oh yes, she was crumbling fast.

"Helen, my dear child." Albus looked like he was not much different then her as he watched her curling into herself pathetically. Merlin knows how many times he had to watch her like this. "If only…" he did not finish that line of thought and she was left to brood all day while Albus went into his deep musing by himself.


A week later, she woke up with Hedwig nipping on her hair and shoving a package with her left feet to her with an insisting hoot. It was late evening and she fell asleep on the floor of the balcony with a thick blanket wrapped around her.

Relieving her loyal owl from her burden, Helen took out some food and water for Hedwig and left the famished bird to her meal in favour of inspecting the package obviously given to her. She shot the innocent looking Albus a look.

At her inquiring look, Albus cheerfully motion for her to open it.

"Open it, it's a special gift I had made for before I was, to put it bluntly, sent to the Death Realm. I never had the chance to get it delivered to you and thankfully, your owl Hedwig was able to follow my instruction beautifully to retrieve it. A clever one, she is."

Only Albus could give presents to someone even when he's dead.

"Indeed." She agreed, giving the owl a fond look. Hedwig seemed to realize that she was the subject of admiration since she looked up towards Helen and preened herself haughtily.

Helen chuckled quietly at her avian friend's antic and turned her attention towards the gift. She was surprised to find a square jewellery box in the wrapping and Albus beamed at her gasp of surprise as she discovered his gift.

A thin chain of white gold covered with a string of intricate runes in silver glowed from the interior of the cushioned box. The miniscule runes inscribed on the gold chain glittered softly when light catches it and Helen could feel the strong magic coming from the beautiful necklace. The magic from the runes flared protectively around her hand and it visibly sang as she carefully touched it, seeming to respond to her magic.

"Albus…" she gasped.

"As a small token of appreciation to your courage, my child, I infused a special charm on the fine necklace made by a master Goblin to bless and protect you. The magic of the necklace is intended to lead you to happiness, for I wanted nothing more than to give you such."

More than touched and awed by the gift, Helen could only stare in amazement at the gift while her eyes watered.

Albus's eyes were soft and very blue, his every visage gave her only kindness as he spoke again, unruffled by her silence "I hope you can accept this small gift from an old man, my dear. My greatest wish is only your happiness."

She gulped the ridiculous lump in her throat and thanked Albus deeply. The necklace was beautiful and when she clasped the chain around her neck, she felt the warmth that she missed for a long time.

A small smile lit up her face as she savoured the comforting warmth spreading through her body. Even though she was left all alone in the world now, her loved ones leaving her behind and happiness was all but a dream in this world, Albus's gift was a calming thing.

Helen was not optimistic enough to hope for any scrape of happiness left for her but she knew it would lift Albus's spirit to know that his spell did gave her a form of happiness, even if he was technically dead also.

"Thank you, Albus."

It was the last thing she said before the runes around the necklace suddenly glowed brightly once, twice then there was only white.