The young witch student of Witch University, Marnie Piper enters the chamber of Ancient Ruins. She reads the letter in her hand and comes next to a big hole in the center of the floor. It's pitch black and endlessly deep. She looks down on the hole, then holds out the letter and reads the written spell out loud.

Marnie: (Chants)

"Ancient treasure of my family, hear my call."

"In the name of the Cromwells, I summon the power of them all!"

Instantanously, the spell evokes a powerful shake on the ground, causing Marnie to drop the spell into the hole as she falls to the floor. The quake is so strong that even some of the ceiling drops to the floor. When it stops, a powerful red glow emits from the hole up to the ceiling. Marnie stands up and looks down on the hole and sees a glowing object fly up from the hole. The closer to her it floats, the more clearly she can see that the object is an ancient silver box. When it comes out of the hole, it stops in the air for a moment and then floats toward Marnie. She opens her arms and it lands into her hands just as the light ceases. She reads the inscription on the box.

Marnie: "S. Cromwell?"

In the background, a young Asian woman is hiding in the walls, spying on Marnie and the box.

The scene fades out.


A white beam appears in the horizon of the stall and dissolves into the bodies of Sarox, Marlene, PJ and Max. They look around the place in bewilderment.

Sarox: Hey, I thought you said we were going to the city hall.

PJ: Must've selected the wrong place, sorry...

A pumpkin headed horseman breaks the barn doors with his horse's hooves and dashes toward the quartet. They jump to either side and escape the horseman's tackle. Sarox flips to stand with his legs then pulls out his Kingdom Key Keyblade and makes a stance of defence. When the pumpkin headed horseman turns around, Sarox performs a "Strike Raid" attack and throws his weapon at him, but the horseman blocks it with the ax in his hand and knocks it to the floor. Marlene, Max and PJ draw out their weapons and prepare to fight.

Suddenly, they hear a loud voice:

Marnie: Stop it!

Sarox and the others turn to where the voice came from, and find Marnie Piper and her little brother, Dylan, at the barn doors and hold identification cards in front of the horseman. Marnie walks closer to the horseman.

Marnie: Let them go, they're with us.

The horseman calms down his horse. Marnie goes to PJ's side.

Marnie: You okay, PJ?

PJ: Yeah, thanks, Marnie.

Sarox, Marlene and Max turn to their comrade, surprised that he actually knows a resident of this world.

Max: PJ, you know them?

PJ nods.

PJ: We've been friends for a long time.

Sarox & Max: (Shocked) Wha?

Dylan: Are these your new friends, PJ?

PJ: Yeah, allow me to introduce Sarox, Marlene and Max. - Guys, this is Marnie and that's her brother, Dylan. They come from a family of witches.

Dylan and Marnie wave at them.

Marnie: Hi, nice to meet you.

With that, they wave back.

Sarox: Nice to meet you too. I'm Sarox. This is Marlene…

Marlene: Hi.

Max: Hey there, I'm Max!

The horseman rides out of the stall leaving the kids behind, but they don't notice it.

Dylan: Oh, great! More weirdos in the magical world.

Marnie: This is my brother Dylan.

PJ: He's the anti-magic believer.

Dylan: (Sarcastically) Nice to see you again too, PJ.

Everyone bursts into laughter. Until PJ breaks the tension.

PJ: So what're you doing here anyway?

Marnie shows him her membership card of Witch University, which surprises PJ.

PJ: No way. You're a student of Witch University?

Marnie: Close your mind, doesn't it?

PJ: That's great. I mean, it's always been your dream to study at Witch U.

Dylan: Yeah, that was before. She found out that students weren't allowed to use magic to do homework at school the first day we arrived.

PJ: What? But Witch University is supposed to teach intelligent witches and warlocks so they can learn more about the mystery of magic. It should be free to use magic.

Dylan: Not anymore. These days, many teenagers of our world have moved away to other worlds to study in college. And since Witch U. needs more students, the school board decided to accept all magical creatures, including trolls and zombies.

Sarox: That sounds great, but why no magic?

Dylan: It wouldn't be fair that only witches could use magic to do homework while others couldn't, so they decided to make that rule, much to this witch's dismay.

Dylan is pointing to Marnie, who feels offended by her brother but decides to dismiss it.

Marnie: Now what brings you here? I thought you said you were going to Disney Castle?

PJ: I did. Now I'm on a mission. We're visiting other worlds for it.

Marnie: Really?

PJ: Yeah.

He is about to tell them, but Max covers his mouth before he could speak a word.

Max: Wait! Have you forgotten you're not supposed to tell anyone about it?

PJ: (hesitant) Uh... well, I know, but Marnie and Dylan are my friends.

Marlene and Sarox support PJ.

Marlene: He's right, Max. What are friends for if you can't tell them anything?

Sarox: Yeah, I agree.

Max startles.

Max: Wait, you guys---!

Marnie gets the point.

Marnie: I see, you're all on a secret mission.

Sarox, Marlene and Max look to Marnie, who smiles at PJ.

Marnie: PJ, if it is top secret, then you don't have to tell us. Because even though I'm curious, I have to respect that you have your own reasons for hiding things from us. (Turns to Dylan) Right, Dylan?

Dylan: (nods) Yeah, of course. It wouldn't be called a secret otherwise.

PJ is touched and calmed.

PJ: You guys...

Marnie: Hey, what're we doing here? Let's go grab a snack. We're heading to the library afterwards anyway. You up for chocolate-salty ice-cream?

PJ immediately gets excited, so excited that he jumps up in the air.


He runs out of the stall before anyone could join in. Max, Sarox and Marlene are shocked by his sudden energy.

Max: Wow! I've never seen this side of him before. I guess he is more energetic than he looks.

Sarox and Marlene agree with nods, though they're still in their shocking state.

Sarox & Marlene: M-hm...