Hours went by. The students are cleaning up after the party. Among them are Max, Marlene, PJ and Sarox helping with the sweeping and taking down decorations. Marnie is sweeping when Ethan comes up to her and their eyes meet.

Marnie: Hey.

Ethan: Hey.

One moment later, Ethan stop the silence.

Ethan: Listen, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

Marnie: The fact that you tried to warn me and I didn't listen, or the fact that you have lost your powers?

Ethan: That I didn't have my powers anymore. – When the council took away my dad's powers, I resigned mine to live a life outside of magic. I'm sorry, Marnie.

Marnie: If anyone should say they're sorry, then it should be me. – I'm sorry I didn't trust you earlier.

The two share a silent yet romantic moment.

Marnie's family and the quartet are watching from behind. Then, Marlene turns her head around and notices Aneesa and Gene hugging each other. Then, she notices the tears on Aneesa's cheeks, so she goes to them.

Marlene: Guys, what's wrong?

Gene: (Sobs) Our job here is done, and that means I have to leave. (Sobs) I don't wanna leave Aneesa! (Sobs even more)

Aneesa: I wish I could see you again someday.

Sarox, Max and PJ come, just as something occurs to Marlene.

Marlene: That's right: a "wish". – I could make a wish for you two to…

Max: No, Marlene. You know how important our is.

Marlene: But…

Max: No buts, we can't afford to lose anyone in this longtime battle.

Sarox: I don't agree with you, Max.

Max turns to Sarox and looks surprised at him.

Sarox: If I've learned one thing about this war is that we are fighting not only for the sake of the world, but for the safety of our loved ones. Then again, maybe you're right, we can't afford to lose anyone right now, but… that doesn't mean we have to. We're not god, we can't predict what darkness beckons or how powerful our light is gonna be. But there are so many people for us to fight for. We just have to know how to make the right decisions. – Marlene, whatever you do, just follow you heart to it.

With Sarox' encouragement, Marlene calms down and thinks for a minute. Then makes her wish.

Marlene: I wish for Gene and Aneesa to be together… after this war has ended. That their destinies become intertwined.

Gene: Wha-?

Gene's lamp appears in midair and sparks as it grants Marlene's third wish. Then a violet thread appears around Gene and gently ties Aneesa, intertwining their destiny.

PJ: What did you do?

Marlene: I tied the bonds. I know they don't want to be apart, but Max is right, as long as this battle goes on, we can't afford to lose anyone. That is why I wished for you two to become intertwined by destiny. Then, even if you're far away from each other, someday your hearts will bring you together again.

Aneesa and Gene's eyes meet. Then, a gentle smile forms on both of their faces and Gene holds up Aneesa's hands.

Gene: No matter how far we are apart, as long as we don't forget each other, our hearts will bring us together again.

Aneesa nods while smiling.

Marnie: (Off-screen) What're you gonna do now?

Marnie, Dylan, Sophie, Grandma Aggie, Gwen and Ethan come up to them.

PJ: Well, it was great seeing you all… but unfortunately, we got a road to hit.

Ethan: Will you be back?

PJ: Of course, what'd ya expect?

Sarox: Besides, this world is well guarded.

He points to Marnie's Keyblade.

PJ: (Waves) Till we meet again, guys.

Sarox: See ya!

Marlene: Bye bye!

Max: Okay, bye now!

Sarox, Marlene, Max, PJ, and Gene leave Witch University to continue their quest as the others wave them goodbye.