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Hello all my fellow fanfic writers! This is the LAST chapter of 'Was It Faith?' unfortunately :'(. This chapter, it's 9 months later and Bulma is having Trunks. I hope to see you all in another fanfiction. I will not be having a finishing author's note. So, as always, enjoy, and peace out!


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"We need you to push again, Mrs. Briefs," the doctor said to Bulma. He was delivering her baby. Vegeta was sitting by her in a chair. There were other doctors in there observing. "I know you need me to push again damnit!!!!" Bulma, who was in much pain after being 12 days late and being in 25 hours of labor, yelled.

"Calm down woman and push like he told you!" Vegeta ordered. "Don't you tell me what to do! You get pregnant and be 12 days late then see how many commands you wanna take from somebody who will never even HAVE a baby!" she glared at the 'male' doctor. "Besides, you're the one who got me into this-ahhhhh!!!" she screamed as she pushed again. "Another push," the doctor said.

"I didn't hear you complaining about it at the time!" he argued back. "Only because you were too busy knocking me up-ahhh!!! She pushed again. The observing doctors, who weren't familiar with the couple, stared dazed as the pregnant woman argued with her husband. "Alright, one more push-" "Just push, bitch!" "You're the bitch, you cock-sucker!" You're better at sucking it than me!" "Why you! Get the hell out- ahh! Vegeta, I'm scared!" she squeaked after feeling a huge shock of pain.

"Of what?" "I don't wanna push!" she was ready to cry. "Look, all you need is one more push," he said, much softer that time, much to the doctors' surprise. "Hold my hand? Please?" she said in a cute baby voice. Vegeta started grumbling something about being weak but held her hand anyway. "Alright, just one more push. Okay?" the doc asked.

"Okay," she took a deep breath. "Alright, push," "Ahhhhh!!!!" she pushed, getting louder as the pain increased. She hadn't even noticed that she was nearly breaking Vegeta's hand because she was too busy pushing. Vegeta, about to fall down to his knees, thought 'Damn she could make a metal bar cry for mercy!' as he tried freeing his hand.

"Almost…almost…done!" Bulma gasped as she felt the baby come all the way out. " Congradulations, Mr. And Mrs. Briefs; you have a baby boy…with a tail, of course." Since the doctor knew about Vegeta and his race, he didn't pay too much attention to the tail; the other doctors were whispering and writing notes down, on the other hand.

He took a clean towel and wiped the blood and peeling skin from the baby, then took another towel and wrapped it around him. "Here you go," he handed the baby to it's mother. "Awe, isn't Trunks cute, Vegeta?" she asked Vegeta, cradling her baby. "Trunks?! Exactly when did WE come up with a name?!" he asked, angry that she would go and name their baby without even consulting him.

"I'm sorry Vegeta but I really like that name. Here, hold him," she placed Trunks in Vegeta's arms. Vegeta looked down at his son and removed a bit of blanket from Trunks' face. Trunks grabbed Vegeta's finger with his little hand (awe!)

That day, Vegeta gave the best smile anyone had ever seen. 'Trunks…my son.'