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Take Care of My Heart



"Hey Bella, I'm sorry, there's still one more form I need you to fill out, it's needed in order for a donor to recognize you on the list…" Dr. Carlisle gave me an apologetic smile and handed me yet another medical form. Fun. I snatched the paper from his hands with a grumble and started filling the form out.


"Aren't they supposed to know this? I already gave the hospital this information." I had better things to do at this time. Carlisle sighed and reached for the clipboard sitting on top of my hospital room's bedside table,

"Unfortunately, some people are just too lazy to get the photocopied information from the hospital, so this is a must."

"Sucks." I mumbled under my breath, scribbling down the answers in a hurry. I didn't even care if my handwriting was acknowledgeable at this point.

After a few more minutes of writing and rolling my eyes, I reached the bottom part of the paper and paused, lifting my head up.

"Dr. Carlisle?"


"What's the date?"

"March 25th" he answered promptly.

"Um, okay, thanks." I wrote that down and signed my name.

Wait…March 25th? Didn't the other doctor say that I only had a month? And that was on March 1st…so that meant….

I dropped my pen with a clink on the tiled floor.

"Bella?" He glanced up from the clipboard in his hand, worried.

March 25th. March 25th. March 25th.

I stared at the numbers until my eyes started to hurt.

It has almost been a month already, I was too far down the list, and there was absolutely no way that the doctors would be able to find me a suitable donor in time this late.

Was I ready for this?


Was I scared of dying?

No. Actually, I wasn't.

But was I scared of losing Edward?

You could bet my life on it.


Would you stay awake for me?

I'd give you my heart on a string,

I just don't want to miss anything.

- Secondhand Serenade "Awake"


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