Steam and Sweat

Desert Flower

Of all the things she had walked in on in her entire life. Of course, finding out that Kankuro was using her makeup kit in his face painting, Gaara reading porn in his office, or Shikamaru sleeping while standing up, this was one of the strangest and most shocking. Well… Gaara reading from Jiraiya's famed Icha Icha novels was quite a feat indeed, but this sight replaced the last one easily.

Needless to say she was embarrassed beyond belief, and her face flushed red when she recognized the distinct outline of Gaara's best friend Naruto Uzumaki getting it on with what deduced from the sounds was Hinata Hyuuga. She shook her head in disbelief, and blinked her eyes a few times to readjust her sights to see if she wasn't hallucinating. But of course, her senses did not lie to her, and now she was for certain that it was the familiar pair.

"I don't believe this…" Temari thought, while continuing to watch silently from the sidelines. "Never knew the girl had it in her. Way to go!"

From her station at the doorway, she watched the silhouettes move in timeless fashion, the cries of pleasure resonating off of the walls and presenting Temari with the sweet sound of love. She became rather entranced by the sight, and was shocked when she saw them switch positions again, this time Naruto laying the girl out on the futon and bringing her leg up on over his shoulder, allowing him to get a better angle.

Temari was not one to flinch in combat or recoil in shock, but the sight of this sudden change made her 'eep' as well as tilt her head in curiosity.

"Whoa… she's really flexible… OH MY GOD…" she slapped both her hands over her eyes to block out the view, but quickly gave in and tried to peak through, watching as Hinata began grinding into the boy, now being the more dominant one. "That… looks fun…"

"Doesn't it…" another voice exclaimed from behind her, causing Temari to freeze up. Her shriek was muffled by a hand grabbing her from over her shoulder, and without much of a struggle, she was pulled out.

Pushed up against the wall, Temari came face to face with Ino, the pale blond hushing her up.

"Don't disturb the work of art," the blue eyed kunoichi said. Temari was a bit taken aback, her face still red as a tomato.

"Art? What are you…? That's not art!" Temari hissed, thumb-gesturing back into the room, where the wonderful music was still pouring out. They could literally hear it coming off of the wall. "That's indecency. I'm sure if any of you girls saw that, you would be, not only embarrassed, but disgusted!"

"Yeah… sure… whatever you say…" Ino exclaimed, while attempting to peer back into the room. Temari scowled at the Konoha shinobi pinning her against the wall.

"You can't be serious?"

"Oh, I'm serious," Ino replied, licking her lips in delight.

"How can you? If I remember correctly, after seeing… let alone hearing about this, you and Sakura would practically round up a posse and hunt him down!"

"Well, I'm always willing to share with a lot of other girls…" Ino said with a shrug.

Temari looked at the girl, bewildered. After a moment or so, she managed to shake the shock off, and glared at the blond.

"Don't tell me… you've already…"

"Yup! Already ridden the Naruto train… and I loved it!"


"He was like a roller-coaster…"

"Okay… you can stop now…"

"I mean… I thought Sasuke was good from what his girlfriend has told me. But Naruto…wow! He's got stamina, can go on for much… much longer, is not a stranger to foreplay, and if he went on for just a few seconds longer, I would have snapped my back in two with my orgasm!"

"Would you… please…?"

"What? Come on. I can brag, can't I? It's in my best interest's… not to mention his. Oh… and you can't imagine the size of him. He makes Kisame's sword look like a toothpick…"

"Too much information!" Temari pushed the girl off of her and glared through a red face. Ino giggled.

"I mean… he just sucks my chakra out of me, if you know what I mean…"

"Shhh…" Temari hushed the girl up and turned her back on the blond. Arms folded, she just went to staring at the wall instead. Out of all the Konohagakure kunoichi, Ino talked… a lot. She made all past Hokage's speeches insignificant compared to the babble of words that flew out of her mouth. As much as the Sand kunoichi didn't want to hear from Ino, she could help it. What made Ino's words more dangerous was her persistence.

"You know what he can do? Mouth… and hands… at the same time…"

Temari was turning redder and redder the more Ino drawled on in details and some of the things that followed after those words she'd never even heard of nor imagined. Ino seemed strangely pleased with herself, and uncharacteristically happy…

"…just imagine a rock… a really hard, long, pulsating rock… you know, surprisingly heavy… leathery as well… I wouldn't mind if he was a bit rougher with me with it… you know. Being bent over in that way… felt so amazing, as he pounded into me…"

"We're getting off topic…" Temari growled, turning around back to stare hotly at her. She looked pretty ridiculous now with how embarrassed she was. "You Konoha ninja, do you have any shame whatsoever?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Ino said, still smiling.

"Well… for one, Shikamaru told me you walk around your apartment naked when you're home alone," Temari began, and began holding up one finger for every Konoha ninja she could think of from their generation. "Let's see… who else…ah! Jiraiya-sama is openly perverted, that purple haired, snake woman doesn't wear anything under her fishnet top… you can practically see everything, your Hokage has discovered a way to get drunk off of water, Neji is a peeping tom in another life, Shikamaru doesn't shower for months on end, that dog fellow of yours sniffs other ninja's butts on occasion, and last I heard, your orange haired teammate shared his toothbrush with Shikamaru for the better part of the decade…"

"Oh yeah…" Ino laughed at that memory. "When Asuma pointed that out to them… I couldn't stop laughing for hours…"

"Not to mention a lot of you girls are into some really weird stuff…"

"I see…" Ino replied, nodding her head. It was then the two of them became completely aware of the silence around them, and that something was a little off.

Blinking, the pair looked around the doorway and listened in good. It was then they came to the realization that Naruto and Hinata must be done already, and it made the two of them jumpy. Not with well-suppressed excitement and arousal, but also in fear of being caught. Had Naruto heard them, or were they still whispers on the wind and the unpredictable blond ninja hadn't heard them? The two girls were hoping it was the latter.

"Well! Sounds like he's done!" Ino exclaimed and pushed Temari aside. "Get in line girly! I'm going in for round two!"

"Like hell you are!" Temari yelled, grabbing the girl by the arm and, using her well-practiced yet seldom seen taijutsu, tossed Ino into the bushes. The girl only managed to let out a little squeak before she disappeared into the brush.

Dusting herself down and trying to act all casual like, Temari leaned up against the wall and waited for Naruto to come around. Sure enough, he did, leaving a trail of words that the Sunagakure kunoichi was able to catch as he exited the massage room.

"I'll see you later okay, Hinata-chan!" Naruto called, as he apparently, limped out of the room.

"Okay…N-Naruto-kun…" came the girl's rather exhausted reply.

When Naruto leant up against the door frame, he looked an the 'invisible' watch on his wrist and sighed.

"Oh right… I left my watch with my stuff…let's see… I make that over an hour… at least close to two…" Naruto groaned and stretched out. "Man I'm good…"

Temari, now more then eager to follow through with her dirty thoughts then ever, let out a sigh and sprang into action. Swinging around the corner, she grabbed the younger male by the ear and began dragging him along. The whisker-marked young adult began a string of complaints leading to the hot springs.


"Shut up and come with me, blondie!"

"OW! Not the good lobe! I need that for hearing!"

"Just concentrate on getting that leg fixed up by your fox friend, Naruto-kun! I don't want a three star cabin on my trip; I want a six star ride! You hear?"

"I wish I could! OW! OW!"

The moment Temari had dragged Naruto out of sight of the massage room area, Ino's head popped out of the bushes, followed by the rest of her. Brushing the twigs out of her hair and the dirt off of her top, she huffed and glared after the Desert Ninja and her man-candy.

"That was a little rude," the girl mumbled. "What… like she doesn't have any problems of her own?"

Shaking her head, the girl eventually managed to tear herself away from her mental rant, and entered the massage area. Peering inside at first, the girl then made her way over to where Hinata was visibly lying on the other side of the curtains, her nude silhouette clearly visible in the dim light. Without asking, Ino intruded on the very space the pair were using just a few minutes ago, and looked down.

She saw a visibly pleasured girl lying flat out on the comforter. Not even bothered by the blond poking her head in, the Hyuuga was smiling blissfully up towards the ceiling, sweat dripping down her body, which looked like it had been dipped in oil, and kiss marks visible here and there on her body. One particular one on her neck got Ino's attention, and she gently rubbed the still visible one on the base of her neck.

The member of Team Asuma giggled and scooted into the area and sat down beside Hinata, who acknowledged the girl's entry with a polite nod.


"Hey girlfriend," Ino laughed, looking the girl up and down. "Naruto really did a number on you, huh?"

"He was wonderful…" she exclaimed.

"Oh I know that," the blue eyed girl replied and stretched her bed out. Slumping down beside her friend, Ino smiled at her, noticing not only the physical aspects in the girl, but also the change she had undergone in her mind. "So… got a story you want to tell me? Come on then Hinata, oh… and don't spare any details. I want to compare notes!"


The hotsprings…

Tenten was comfortably sitting in the hotsprings, humming to herself as she bathed in the warmth of the water and the atmosphere. Of course, the sweet scent was just exquisite, and she felt so at ease, making a mental note to go to the hotsprings more often. However, at the moment her head was just as cloudy as her surroundings, and couldn't be bothered thinking that much.

She sighed as she sunk in deeper, a folded up washcloth on top of her head, in an almost Uzumaki like fashion.

"Ahhhh… I'm in heaven…"

"The only thing that will make this night complete is if I got some Naruto-time…"

She curled up a little under the water and looked up through the steam, towards the night sky high above.

"From what Sakura said… she had the time of her life. (Sigh) Well… I can cross off Naruto's first time of the night, off of my list… but I guess I can try for a forth or third…let him get some more practice in before I give it a try…" Her predictions of the night so far have been pretty much accurate in her head, although she didn't know about a couple of other factors, and events that have also transpired. Number one, Ino had managed to bag him as second, with Hinata coming in as third. The Second thing was to be identified a second later.


"Speak of the devil, here he…TEMARI!" Tenten's eyes widened when she realized who the boy yelled out before he was hurled into the hot spring and wheeled around. Clambering towards the divider fence of the section of the baths on the other side, peered in to see what was going on.

When she gazed in through a hole made in the side of the bamboo poles making up the fence, she was able to clearly make out two figures now entering the immediate area. The first one who was thrown in was Naruto, whose towel was now floating on top of the water, and his head was making an excellent impression of a waterlogged coconut with yellow leaves sticking out of it. The second figure standing on the edge of the hot bath was Temari, now in the process of untying her hair and throwing off her kimono.

The young woman didn't waste any time throwing off her clothes, and when she was down to nothing, both Naruto and Tenten got a good look at the blonds' voluptuous body. The reaction was immediate.

Surprisingly, both of them were propelled back by an explosive nosebleed, yet Temari was unaware of the other set of eyes watching her.

Depositing her clothes at the side of the pool, Temari flung her hair back so it didn't obscure her vision and calmly stepped in. Smiling and humming, she waded out of the shallows towards the deeper end where she had thrown Naruto, and who was now bobbing about on the surface seeing red.

"Come on you… playing dead doesn't work on shinobi," Temari exclaimed, her body now fully in the water. Gently, she grabbed the teen by the shoulders and pulled him to her so that his face nuzzled her chest. Unfortunately as she hugged him to her, his head leant back, and she blinked in surprise at the animated-dazed look he still wore and the blood still trickling from his nose. Her expression became one of annoyance. "Okay… maybe it works for you, but not for me."

Smirking, the girl picked the boy's head up and brought it back up to hers. Gazing deeply into his blank eyes, she then leaned in and kissed him, rather passionately.

The electric shock that zipped through the boy's body from his lips was enough to wake him from his semi-conscious revere, and everything blinked back into focus.

His yell was muffled at first, before the two of them detached and he scurried back a bit, bumbling about in the water rather stupidly at waist deep.

"G-Geez! Ahh! Temari!" the young adult groaned, shaking his head and wiping his face down, cleaning the blood from his upper lip. "What the heck…"

"W-What?" Temari asked, blinking in confusion. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No! No! No! Not at all," the young Jonin replied, rubbing the back of his head and groaning. "Although… it was a bit of shock…"

"Heh… sorry about that," Temari replied, looking back down at the water, smiling again and pressing her two trigger fingers together in a very Hinata like way. "I haven't been with any man long enough for kissing theories and stuff to become common knowledge. But I guess I shouldn't have done that so soon…"

"Well… I mean… it may have been a bit weird, Temari. It wasn't as much of a shock as in, receiving it from you personally, but I just didn't expect to get a striptease from my best friend's sister and right after that, receive a full on kiss on the mouth, and expect to live this long from step 1 to step 2. Not to mention we're just good friends… not really girlfriend and boyfriend… really…" Naruto jabbered. It was then, a particular part of what he had said suddenly came floating into his mind and he froze. To him, the temperature of the spring seemed to plummet and turn ice cold, replaced by the feeling of tons of pressure and sand. The boy grabbed the side of his head, looking away, pale faced. "Oh fuck… Gaara is going to kill me when he finds out!"

"I wouldn't worry about him too much, Naruto," Temari exclaimed, the boy looking back up at her. "Being Kazekage and all, he's too busy to really worry about my life and what I do with it. He may care for me a lot, but he trusts the decisions I make… and will only intervene with my life if I am in danger." Temari rubbed her cheek, smiling at him affectionately. "He's changed a lot… becoming more like you I should say…"

"R-Really?" Naruto replied, clearing his throat. "Heh… now that's really something else…"

An awkward silence passed between the two for a minute or so. The time gaze Tenten ample opportunity to clamber back up to her position on the fence, tissue stuffed up her nose, and was able to lock back onto her live show. Keeping as quite as possible she began to watch the events unfold before her, and made notes on how Naruto worked.

"So uhh… Naruto-kun…umm…" Temari started up again, the kunoichi now slowly wading towards the boy, a blush on her face. "C-Can we do it?"

"Wait! Wait! Wait a second," Naruto replied quickly, also stepping forward and holding his hands out. "Let me… let me just clear my head a little bit here. I've had a really long night so far…"

"So I've heard…" the girl smirked. "Ino said you were like a roller coaster…"

"Really? Well… I would like to think I was more like a machine… what with all the driving and stuff, but okay…" rubbing his forehead, the blond smiled up at her. "I know I'm going to get beaten up in the foreseeable future…"

"Well… by Sakura maybe, but by Ino… not a chance," Temari exclaimed.


"She said she could afford sharing you with one or two partners…"

"Oh… that's right," Naruto exclaimed, laughing as he looked up towards the sky. "It's all coming back to me. Man… Hinata really made me forget about a lot of things back there…"

Naruto had a bit of a chuckle at that, whereas Temari shifted about in the water, a little bit in discomfort and a little bit embarrassed. She had never really been in a mixed bath before, since Sunagakure didn't have a hot spring of its own, and she had never been with a guy like this in her life. Dating didn't play much of a role in her book, where she had only ever had one partner. She never really considered Shikamaru to be a boyfriend; just a close companion.

But this was Naruto, a ninja she had known since the Chunin Exams all those years ago. When they first met, he was a nobody, a person that no one wanted to associate with, not even her. But then, he showed the whole world of his true strength and potential when he escalated himself to become one of the most feared and respected ninja in all the lands. To everyone, he was a true friend and hero.

However, the time she fully acknowledged the blond for who he was, was when he saved her brother from the grasp of the tailed-beast haunting his nightmares, years before he had gained the respect of the village and its people. Naruto pulled Gaara out of the darkness, and in the process showed everyone a sight people rarely saw until today; a caring, kind, yet physically powerful man. Perhaps it was his inner strength to actually throw his life on the line for others did Temari really began to feel drawn to him, though she never outwardly showed it.

"She really loves you, doesn't she," Temari spoke softly, looking at the blond. "Hinata…?"

"Yeah… she does…" Naruto said with a smile, both of them plopping down deeper into the springs. "I love her very much too…"

"I may not show it that much… but… I care about you a lot as well, Naruto," Temari stated, looking the boy dead in the eyes when she said that. "Everything you have done for my brother, my family… ugh… I don't know… I just feel… I just feel I didn't give you the praise, or give you the thanks, or anything like that, you really deserved."

Naruto blinked.

"I mean… you saved my brother's life more then once, and you saved your own village from the most powerful ninjas in history; not just Akatsuki's leader Pein, but also Madara's ghost! You risked your own life… for everyone else's, even though you didn't even know a lot of them…and…" Temari scrunched her face up in deep thought, trying to come up with the right words, but failing all the same. She knew she sounded really stupid, and everything that came out of her mouth was a mess. "Uhh! I'm not making any sense."

"Heh. You've never done this before have you?" Naruto chuckled.

"Shut up! I'm trying to express my feelings here!" Temari shouted back. "If you know me as well as my brother, then you know I'm no good at these kinds of things!"

"So all that 'letting it out' sort of junk isn't your way of doing things, eh," Naruto placed his hands on his hips and tilted his head at her, grinning. "You really are Gaara's sister…"

"Ngh…" Temari looked away, blushing and feeling a little ashamed at her for showing weakness like that. "I…I'm sorry… it's just…it's hard for me to say these things… especially to you…"

"Why?" Naruto asked, now wading forward a bit, so much so that he was about a meter in front of her. "It's me; I can listen and I can understand."

Temari now a little timid under the young man's gaze backed up a little, but then she ran into something behind her, and 'it' wrapped his arms around her. Caught off guard and surprised, she felt herself being pulled into Naruto's lap, who had shockingly managed to get behind her when he was standing in front of her a split second ago.

"We've got time… and we can use it to talk…" Naruto said softly, whispering into her ear. "Perhaps catch up on the things we've missed or the things that have happened to us recently…"

"NO! Do her! DO HER! Knock her senseless!" Tenten whispered on her side of her wall, not only seeing everything that was going on, but hearing everything as well.

Temari blushed heavily as she felt the boy's hands caress her sides and stroke her stomach, already getting very intimate with his actions. She shuffled on his lap nervously, but some unknown voice in her head was telling her to plant her ass where it was and stay there. She was a bit concerned that she was now developing an inner-self of her own.

"Man…this is getting… weird…I mean… it feels strange but… in a good way…" She looked back at him, and met the grin he so often used. The blush on her cheeks rose at the sight of his handsome face so close to hers. "Boy. I guess this is why he's got all these girls going after him now. He's so dashing…"

She reached up and tucked some hair behind his ear, mustering up enough courage to let down her defensive walls, and open herself up to the blond.

"Maybe we can talk… while we can…" Temari blushed heavily as she shrugged. "You know."

"Are you really sure?" Naruto asked. "I can't promise you much…"

"We're ninja, I can understand that," Temari exclaimed. "But I…I care about you a lot. I just want to get to know you more intimately…to get closer to the man who saved my family…"

Naruto smiled. "That's anther way of saying I love you…"

"Okay… Temari-chan," the boy replied and began massaging the girl. His hands ran up her back, caressing her smooth, tanned skin, and moving to her shoulders. With a tender grasp, he began kneading her flesh, finding out the knots and ridding them. The golden haired girl sighed as she felt the young boy give her back a good work over, and leaned into him to feel more of his touch, to feel more of him.

Since she got to this hot spring resort, the time she would spend with Naruto, would prove to be the most relaxing and exhilarating experience of her life, with what was to follow to be the most memorable.

The girl felt herself turn to jelly in the boy's hands, and she allowed the young mans hands and fingers trail over her skin freely. Naruto explored her from her shoulders, to the base of her neck, down her upper-back, then to her lower back. He massaged her almost like he did to Hinata, paying worship to the kunoichi who had become not only a friend, but a dear friend.

As he moved his hands to her sides to caress her there, he pulled her to him, leaning into her as well, and placed his chin on the groove between her shoulder and neck. He inhaled her scent, and moaned, leaning in closer and breathing against the back of her neck and behind her ear. Temari moaned lowly as well, matching his moan, which only increased as he began massaging her more thoroughly, up and down the sides of her waist.

"You smell like a desert rose, Temari," Naruto whispered, and blew against the back of her ear. "You are truly magnificent…"

"I…I didn't mean it…" Temari replied, her face flushing red as she tried to look behind her. "Y-You're just l-lying…"

"I never lie about anyone," Naruto said, smiling. He nibbled on her ear. "You're so beautiful…"

Temari couldn't reply to this, when Naruto suddenly began caressing her under the water, up and down, in between her thighs, close to her entrance. She moaned loudly and tried to move, but Naruto kept her where she was, and as he massaged her inner thigh with his left hand, moved his right hand up her stomach, to her chest, and cupped her breast. He groaned into her ear and leaned his head into hers, rubbing his cheek against her.

He continued to massage her right breast, applying different pressures and hand movements, before taking her nipple between his fingers and while continuing to massage her breast, massaged it too. After focusing enough attention of that breast, he then moved to the other, cupping it just as he did the other and massaging it too, all the while continuing to rub her inner thighs. Naruto didn't move to Temari's sacred spot, and lingered outside of it, with the combination of his massage treatment driving her crazy.

"Oh…OH GOD! I…I think I'm going to come…a-and he hasn't even touched me there yet!" she screamed in her head. "OOooohh! Naruto-kun! P-Please… touch me more…"

Naruto chuckled and leaned in more, massaging her breasts more thoroughly, and kissing her cheek lightly. "Okay then… if you insist…Temari-chan." At that moment, he moved his hand in, and Temari's body jerked upwards and she let out a tremendous moan as the blond began to massage the outer side of her pussy. His fingers worked wondrous in two different places, pinching and rubbing her nipples, to now rubbing her lower-lips thoroughly.

"OOoohh! OOOOOOooohh! KAMI! OOooh!" Temari groaned, reaching back with a shaky hand and wrapping around the back of Naruto's head. She pulled him closer, sweat now pouring down her face. "OOoohhh! N-Naruto-kun!" When the blond faced her, she moved in and captured his lips in a passionate kiss, their tongues intertwining.

In their intricate dance of tongues and their artistic display of kissing, the young Jonin then unexpectedly pushed his fingers into her pussy, rubbing her inner-walls tirelessly and thoroughly. Temari's eyes widened and she moaned out, Naruto smiling at her as she bucked her hips wildly, with the blond keeping her in place.

"N-Naruto! N-NOoooo! W-Water is g-getting in! OOOooohhh!" Naruto grinned and nuzzled the groove under her jaw line, kissing her tenderly, and inserting a third finger into her pussy to join the other two. He rubbed and thrust into her, a combination of different hand movements, pleasuring her in ways she couldn't imagine.

"Well… how does it feel?" Naruto whispered.

"OOooohh! Ooohhh! It…It feels so…so GOOOOOD!" she cried out, now beginning to buck against him. "K-Keep… rubbing…OOoohh!"

"As you wish," Naruto exclaimed, licking the base of her neck and beginning to suckle on it.

His rubbing of her lower entrance sent bolts of pleasure up her body, and with the heat of the water and his fingers filling her up, she experienced sensations she had never experienced before. Naruto's other hand moved from massing her breasts, to rubbing her stomach, as she seemingly humped against his hand, and unintentionally ground her back into his chest.

Of course, all of these movements became unintended on her part, when her back suddenly arched against the spiky haired Jonin, and she fisted her hand in the back of his head, balling in his hair. Her chest thrust out, her legs crossed, and her toes curled.

"Oooh! OOOOOOOHHH! KAMI! I-I'M CUMMMIIIIIIIIIIING!" Temari cried out, letting out all the tension down there, her pussy squeezing against her fingers and her juices releasing to mix in with the spring. Naruto turned her head to him, and captured her gapping mouth in a passionate kiss, quieting her. The two of them moaned against each other as Temari rode out her orgasm, her thrashing body stirring up the water. The passion ended a minute later, and Temari was left lying panting against the blond, a big smile on her face, and her cheeks red hot.

Tenten was just as a loss for words as Temari was, and was leaning against the fence in her nude, her own face red, and sweat running down her body. Her hand was rubbing her G-spot between crossed legs, the girl obviously turned on by the sight.

"My God… Naruto… he's so good! That was so amazing!" Tenten moaned, continuing to rub herself into bliss. "T-This… isn't… enough! I… want… need… him!"

"Oh…God…t-that was… amazing…" Temari whispered, smiling up at Naruto as he brushed her sweaty bangs away from her face, and caressing her cheek. "I…I've never… came that hard before…"

"Experimenting?" Naruto asked. The girl shrugged and looked away.

"I'm not telling you that," she replied softly, while grinning mischievously. "What about you?"

"Touché…" the young Jonin replied, and moved her out a little. "Care to return the favor?"

Temari smirked at him over her shoulder. "You bet your hot ass I will, stud…"

The two quickly changed positions. On the side of the springs, Naruto sat, and Temari was on her knees in the hot water, face to face with his wonder stick. Sensibly enough, the girl was shocked. From how Ino described it to her, she knew she must have been exaggerating. However, when you were as close to a man's crotch as she was, the girl couldn't help but gawk and start making more comparisons.

She judged not only with her hands, but with her eyes, blinking in shock as her face became flushed.

"Wow… i-it's huge…"

"There's not an S&M boutique store in any of the nations that sell products that can match my size," Naruto joked.

"No kidding," Temari replied, licking her lips as she rubbed and got a feel of his manhood. His dick was solid meat alright, and her cheeks flushed even more at the thoughts of where this was going to go afterwards. She smirked up at him. "So let's begin…"

Of course, she had already gotten a taste of his foreplay, and decided to return the favor by getting to the main event. She began massaging his manhood, her curled hand around the base of his shaft beginning to move up and down his shaft firmly, yet loose enough to create an excellent response. After massaging it in this manner for a minute or so, she then took it up a notch and began licking him thoroughly, first starting on the underside, and before long, moving around to cover his entire shaft. At the same time, she slowly rubbed him in time with her hand thrusts.

Naruto smiled, and adjusted a little on the spot so that Temari could get to more of him. "Oh yeah… you're so good with your tongue, Temari-chan…"

The girl grinned, moving away, and still rubbing. "Try to enjoy it as much as possible, Naruto-kun." Lunging in, she then engulfed his head in her mouth. Letting her mind's imagination wonder, she began blowing his shaft hard. Sucking with each ascent and rubbing her tongue along the skin on the descent, she sucked him off good. Like a lollipop, she savored each suck, and gave Naruto the experience of a lifetime. With her free hand, she reached up and massaged his balls briefly, and also worked on the lower shaft which she was unable to reach with her mouth.

The blond winced as pleasure flooded up his body from his dick in tingles, and he shook on the spot. For several minutes Temari worked on him like this, taking her time just as he did with her to give him as much pleasure as possible. He gritted his teeth and moaned, throwing his head back. A particularly long suck on one of her head-bobs had him groan out loudly.

"OOOoooohhh! You're really good at this!" Naruto looked back down through one eye, the other one clenched shut.

Temari giggled. "You're twitching… how cute…" She engulfed his head again, descending low in a partial deep throat and rubbing the base of his dick, and then moved on with slow head bobs after that. She repeated the process again and again, with Naruto's hands now fisting whatever there was. With no sheets or towels around, he just gripped the stone floor beneath him.

"AAaarrgh! I…I don't think… you can handle it!" Naruto clenched his teeth; sweat pouring down as he felt his lower muscles of restraint reach their limit. Temari noticed his expression and smiled, covering his dick as she finished him off with a good suck and massage.

A loud moan followed from the boy as he came, his essence spraying into her mouth and cock pulsating in her mouth with each spurt. The girl swallowed the first half, and detached from his member to receive the rest of it on her face. She giggled in appreciation as she was splattered in the face, and moved out a bit as he rode out his brief yet powerful orgasm. When he was done, Temari swooped in to clean up the mess, licking up whatever was around his cock and stomach.

Naruto let out a sigh and smiled down at the Sunagakure kunoichi. "You really know what you're doing…"

"It may be my first time… but I have a general idea of things," Temari replied, kissing the tip of his shaft affectionately, which was still amazingly stiff. It twitched when she moved her head away, making her blink. "My… you're full of energy…"

"Hmm… next move?" Naruto queried, raising an eyebrow.

Temari smirked at him. "Fuck me…"

Wasting no time, the two of them got out of springs. Laying towels out to cushion the hard floor, Naruto laid himself, and watched and waited as Temari straddled him at the waist. A little bit nervous at the blonde's size compared to her, she uneasily took his dick and positioned its head at her entrance. She trembled a bit, sweating and blushing, as she tried to adjust.

Naruto blinked, a bit concerned for his partner and her discomfort. "A-Are you okay?"

"D-Don't worry," Temari replied, smiling at him. "Just getting a feel of it first…"

The blond nodded in response, and waited. He didn't have to wait for long, as Temari slowly descended; getting adjusted to his size as she manually sheathed it into her. When she had descended all the way down on it, she began to move slowly, moaning lowly as she bounced up and down on him. Her movements were voluntarily slow, as she moved up and down on his shaft to set herself an even pace for her warm up.

Her groans muffled Tenten's, who was still hiding, and masturbating to the sight of them. The shuriken user muffled her moans by forcefully pressing her lips together as she fingered herself, now getting even more into the action, her pleasure increasing to the point of overflowing, as she watched the pair rut it out.

"Oh… Kami…Naruto… I want him… so badly…"

Placing her hands on the boy's thighs, Temari helped herself along, her reasonably sized breasts bouncing with each upward and downward movement. The girls eyes shut as she started to increase the strength of her descents, Naruto watching her in awe as she moved completely on her own.

He was amazed at her in different ways. Temari was such an amazing woman to her. She was passionate about her duty, strong spirited, physically empowering, and was also physically strong. Naruto looked at her no differently now, from how she was depicted when she was fully clothed and on assignment. She was a sight to behold, and was still powerful, both in heart and mind. The boy was watching her blossom even more as these moments passed them, his desert flower, as they made love, slowly, but surely.

"Does… that… feel… good? OOooh! Oh! Ooh!" Temari moaned with each of her thrusts, one hand reaching up and caressing one of her breasts, while still bouncing up and down on him. Naruto smiled and nodded.

"It does…" he said, sitting up. Ceasing her movements for a moment, the boy switched positions with her, leaning her back against the towels and beneath him. He adjusted positions as he spread her legs. "Here… let me return the favor… Temari-chan."

"Hey…I was just getting warmed up…OOOOOOoooooohhhh!" Temari gasped, her sentence cut off when Naruto suddenly drove his hard, cleaving cock into her pussy. He pushed it in slowly, being a bit more forceful, but not so much to intent or cause any harm. The blond smiled as he leaned over her, hand supporting her on her backside, which he rubbed affectionately.

Seconds later, Naruto began driving in and out of her. His hips worked their magic, as he supported her just above the ground, and began moving with the young woman. The girl moaned loudly as she felt the young man's shaft pulse deep within her, and his hips driving it into her in firm, hard thrusts.

The two of them moved with the time, Naruto moving into her, and Temari trying to move against him to find more purchase in his hips. She moaned loudly, almost crying out with each of his well placed thrusts, her breasts bouncing due to the strength of each of his drives. Biting her bottom lip, she tried to silence herself, hoping to not attract too much attention. However, she was unable to do so, and began withering on the ground, her head thrashing about as she cried out in pleasure.

As Naruto pumped against her, his cock burying deep inside of her with each thrust, the boy leaned over. Relinquishing his hands from her bottom, he leaned down and kissed her passionately, the two of them entering each other's mouths, their tongues dancing. Moans filled the surrounding, steam filled air as they continued, completely enveloped in one another's pleasure.

The experience then prompted them to change positions every so often, and in the next hour, the two of them got pretty creative.

Naruto was able to move behind her, taking her right leg and swinging it up and over his left shoulder. Without even missing a bit, and stopping in his detour to kiss and lick her leg, the young man then turned her about, and lying behind her on their side, intertwining his left leg with her own, and propping her right leg in the groove of his elbow, began thrusting into her on their side with the same strength and intensity as before. Temari was thrilled at the new sensations spilling into her, and moaned even louder through clenched eyes and an agape mouth as Naruto pounded into her. The sounds of their pelvises slapping together continued to echo out with their moans and groans.

"Oh! Kami! Oh! Ooh! OOOh! Oh! NA-RU-TO! YES! Oooh! YES!" Temari cried out, leaning into him more as his free hand came around and began massaging her breasts. The boy smiled and began nibbling on her ear and neck, his hot breath inflaming her skin.

"God! Te-ma-ri! You…feel…so…good!" Naruto whispered to her. "Oh! Yeah…Unn! Kami…"

Moving again, Naruto turned so that he was on his back, and Temari was sitting a top of him. Spreading her legs to straddle his lap better, Temari was easily able to get a better angle on him, and better access of her hips against his. The girl cried out as she forced herself down on him with his help. With his hands on her hips, the blond Jonin smirked and began thrusting up into the kunoichi, meeting her half way as she began bouncing on him again. Just as hard and passionate as before, the two of them drove into each other, their hips slapping against the other in perfect symphony. The harmony was made of their moans, groans and cries of pleasure, and accompanied by the beat of their bodies moving into one another.


"Cum… for… me… Temari-chan!" Naruto groaned, thrusting into her faster.

Temari was in a state of pure bliss, as she felt Naruto's cock filling every inch of her pussy, and his hands working their own magic. The stamina he displayed was inhuman, and she was thrilled. Never had she felt so good, and with her next climax fast approaching, she began getting more into it. Infusing her bounces with grinding, she was intent on getting her next orgasm.

Grinding into his hips, the girl placed her hands on his legs and gritted her teeth.


A scream of ecstasy filled the air, and Temari exploded. Her pussy clenched around Naruto's cock as she ground into him one last time, arching her head back and eyes literally turning blank. Her vision blurred as she hit the pinnacle of her orgasm, and she soaked her stomach and Naruto's with her juices as she came full force. Sweat flew as she flung her head back, and once she descended from her several seconds of blissful flight, collapsed on top of her partner.

Tenten saw this, and was more then turned on right now.

Trying to keep herself hidden, she forced herself not to come. However, she was so worked up; she could blow at any second, and was biting into her finger to stop herself from cumming. Her other hand that had just seconds ago working over her pussy, stopped moving altogether, as she remained crouched by the fence, looking on through the peep hole.

"Kami… that was so hot! Oooohh…"

Still inside of her as she fell back onto him, Naruto smiled, and wrapped his arms securely around Temari, feeling the pulse of her heart beat under his hands, her breathing as her chest rose and fell, and felt the sweat pour down her.

Naruto was right; she truly was amazing.

As her womanhood twitched around his manhood, which was still buried deep inside her drenched entrance, he whispered sweet nothings to her as her head lay near his.

He nuzzled her, and caressed her, just as lovers would, and gave her a playful nip on the ear.

"Not done yet… are you?"

Temari, catching her breath, grinned and looked up at him.

"I'm not… giving up… until you've… come!" the girl stated, chest heaving, as she mustered up the strength Naruto had many times before her. He couldn't help but mirror her grin.

"Well… let's hope nobody heard that scream of yours so we won't have to stop half-way …"


Ino and Hinata, who were in the midst of talking, had fallen silent when they heard a powerful cry of passion echo through the walls of their room, and were looking towards the ceiling with wide eyes. They blinked a couple of times, those being the only sounds to follow after the unexpected outcry.

Sakura had also picked it up, having been sitting in the spa room in full relaxation mode, and was suddenly hit full on by the scream flooding in through the open windows.

All three girls blinked at the same time, in spite of being hundreds of meters a part and in separate rooms of the resort, and they all took in a deep breaths of air to compose their racing hearts.



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