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Parings: NaruSasu

Warnings: Shonen ai

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Sasuke uses a lot of words.

"What? Well.. you know…it's not much of a mystery.. I mean...come on…"

You would think that someone like Sasuke would not answer normal questions with so many words. (Normal for me anyway…) Well…actually the thing with Sasuke once you get him talking about something he won't shut up. It's pretty amusing when he's with other people, all his replies are either "Hn", "Yes", "No", "Don't touch me…"

"Do you really just ask that? I-I…"

When his with me its 'yayayayayayayayaya'. That's probably because I can get him talking (I'm not bragging about that, it's just a fact…). Even though half the time we're arguing, not talking. It's my theory that he's probably bent up with things to say that when his alone with me he just 'explodes'.

"Why should I have to answer anyway. You know me answer. You just want me to says it. Well too bad…"

I'm not saying I don't talk a lot as well. Sometimes we're practically shouting over the top of each other's voices.

"Why aren't you saying anything? I'm not going to answer your stupid questions…"

Sasuke also the type who agonizes over what to say. And he gets really embarrassed when he has to say certain things that he'll avoid it so much that you'll get so bored that you'll change the conversation. Sometimes (because of these reasons), when asked a question which would take me a second to answer, he takes 10 minutes.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. I'm not going to say it. Stop looking at me like that…"

Sometimes I find this cute. Other times it's just draining.

"Do I have to…"

See, with me, when I want to get straight to the point I just say what I need to say. When I need to decide something I make the decision now. Sasuke is the totally opposite.


So when I get this question asked back to me I can answer with just 2 sentences (unlike Sasuke…)

"What about you? D-Do you love me?"

Watch me...

"Of course Sasuke. Forever and ever."