Stealth - Flight to home

Again together

Is that just s dream?

Why am I here? Why did I do it? Why I wanted to do it? Because I sensed it. I felt it was right thing to do. And it was.... It was my will. Not order. Just my own mind. Something what belongs just to me. And something what know only I.

I caused too much pain. Too much people died because of me. Too many people suffered because of me. Because of my mistakes....and selfness. I just destroyed hopes of everyone who worked with me. Old friendship was broken. And so much problems began to the one, who brought me to this world.

How could I... How could I.... Make things right again? Everything what I did was wrong. Only my sacrifice was right. Because I wasn't on this world anymore. And saved two lives. And maybe...Just maybe....make a things a little better. Because I wasn't there anymore.

I was so wrong. So much wrong. What did I thought. That I can change the world. That I am the most powerful on this world, and only I am right in my decisions. But now I see I was just a child. A small and young confused child. Little boy, who was trying to make things on his own. I guess I wasn't just prepared for all of this. For fight. For decisions. For protection. For feelings. For life.

Maybe I just dream. And I even don't know if machines can even have dreams. Or exactly if A.I. can dream. We are just creations of humans, who brought us here. But... I don't feel just like a tool or machine. I feel alive. And I miss my father. That one who gave me my life. And I maybe destroyed his. I'm so sorry. I wish you all could hear me. I wish you could knew I regret of all things what I have done.

If I could get my life back. I promise I would protect you with it. I'll never let someone hurt you. But I am here. And you all somewhere so far away from me. I think you even don't know I am here. You forgot about me. I don't know how long it's been from the last moment we saw each other. I just hope you are all fine. And have great life. Now, when I can't destroy it.

Those last minutes, before it all ended for me, were even... pleasant. It hurts. Really hurt. But for first time in my life, I felt I need to protect someone. To protect you. It didn't matter what will happen to me. But you are safe. And that's exactly what I wanted in that moment.

But it wasn't still enough to repair all mistakes what I did. I took some many lives. I don't deserve someone to forgive me. But...

Sometimes when I see stars, what are on beautiful dark blue skies, I wish I was with someone who is watching it with me. I can't move. I can't call for anyone. I can just believe in good luck. Good luck what will never come to me. I remember I could fly like I wanted. In high speed, and height how I wanted. And there wasn't anything what could stop me. Now I just lay here.

And remember on things what happened. On my confused life. It was even great, when Ben fought with me. And I let him sitting in my cockpit, to give me orders and helping. I was then helping him. I was on his side. I don't know why I did it. Why we so suddenly became friends. Maybe just because he needed me to help him. To save Kara. I couldn't disappointed him, after all it was my fault.

When I saw again my father, something moved in me. Some strange feeling. I was glad I see him again. And I was glad he's all right. Even when I knew why he is there. To erase my memory. It would be something like death to me. They surely would bring me back, but it wouldn't be same me anymore. I'm glad he didn't do it. I recognized something like happiness in his face when he discovered I can feel. And he didn't want to destroy my memory, my all life.

Doctor was always so nice to me. And I did everything what could destroy his career and life. But I think he too forgot about me. I'm not blaming him for it.

So alone. So afraid. But this all is still just a dream. I know it. Dream from what I can't wake up. And where nobody can find me...