Stealth 2 - Flight to home

On the wing

50. Here I am

"How do you know my real name?" George Cummings was tapping on the table, and looking at red haired boy. Justin was just standing there and looking back innocent.

"What do you mean real?" He felt weird about this man, but he had to ask. Maybe he should really do a little research, before he went to look for him. Or maybe Shane got him into a trap. Justin snorted when he realized this possibility. They were now in the smaller room, with a lot of stuff. Mainly baseball stuff, but Justin too noticed army things hanging on few places. Then he looked back at man. He took out a cigar and lighted it up.

"So you even don't know who I am?" Justin just shook his head in the way, like he didn't even care. "This could be trap; you may be here to kill me. But you really don't look on that."

"May then I ask why you don't use your real name?" Older man looked at him, and Justin frowned. "Sir?"

"Much better." Cummings breathed out a cloud of smoke. "That's a long story boy. I have my reasons, but I don't trust you. First tell me what you know."

Justin raised an eyebrow, but then grinned. "Easy. That weirdo named Jacen decided to capture one AI. Because of that he let his men to capture the whole carrier, its captain, and chase down that gang from there. But there was more, but I wasn't there to watch it. You should ask that Ben guy, he knows-"

"BEN?" Cummings turned in none second to him, and sharply looked at him. "You said... Ben, and AI?"

Justin blinked confused, but nodded. "Yeah, I didn't see that AI myself, but they have one, and that Jacen wants it. There is even it's creator with them." Justin saw man is hard thinking. Like e just couldn't believe, what he has said.

"So, Keith is there... I never imagined this will happen, or I will have to do with these idiots. "

"Excuse me for interrupting your hard brain work, sir, but you know them?"

"I was their captain... It's more than two years ago now." Justin blinked and nodded for himself. So that was the reason, why Shane would know this man, because he was working with all data connected to Ben and others. And it was a reason to find him. "They never could do anything right. And that bitch Jacen returned. I too hoped he will stay somewhere smashed under the rock."

"In that case, when he is so big motherfucker, I'm glad I didn't meet him personally."

"This isn't funny you little idiot!" Cummings leaned close to Justin, and boys even had to flinch back. "That faggot is dangerous! FUCKING DANGEROUS! Tell me everything! What was he doing?"

Justin managed to get out from the shock. "Well, what I know is that they were capturing AIs. Shane was trying to get that main one, what he wanted."

"That one from Gannon and others?" Cummings yelled.

"... yup?" Cummings withdrew his head back. "Sir you know about AIs?"

"Yes. I do. I know there is lot of them, hiding, or serving. But if you are telling the truth, he wants the one called EDI. Eddie. And that belongs, or rather was created by Keith Orbit. And Jacen was Keith's very good friend, before he went totally nuts. Keith even didn't know about that. And how did you anyway got into this?"

"Captain Marshfield personally called for me." Justin answered but former captain snorted.

"Dick had always weird methods. I don't know what he sees in you, you are just a young sucker, a child. But that doesn't matter now. We must stop Jacen."

Justin chuckled and that made Cummings twitched his eyebrow. "When I am just a child, and he is crazy, what could go so much wrong?"

"A lot... a lot."

They were going thought the stadium and Justin was following Cummings. "Long time ago, Jacen was a normal scientist, he was Keith's best friend and they were working together. I knew them both. Keith was taking the path of AIs. He believed they can help people, and he was always very proud of his work. There was a reason for it; he was always good in it. But Jacen was more aggressive. By the time I recognized in him, that he doesn't wan to help world. He wanted to conquer it, destroy it, or just do something big, because of what other people could have respect for him. Because of that I always wanted computer acknowledge from Keith. When I saw Jacen for last time, he was trying to build some crazy big weapon. I can't exactly say what it was. It wasn't activated. Army decided it was too dangerous and destroyed it. I remember very well Jacen changed. Now he wasn't only harsh, he became aggressive, told everyone he will one day rule this planet. And people will obey him, and even AIs. He said AIs will be our doom and his victory. It was the last time, we saw it, and he just disappeared. We never talked about it in front of Keith. He thought Jacen disappeared because of some secret tasks. We just couldn't say it to him. Because I too knew, if Jacen will return, he could be the only one, who will know ho to take him down. And now Jacen wants AI, what was two years ago created by Keith. "

Justin was keeping up with Cummings and blinked in wonder. "And why did you leave?"

"Because that AI ruined it all for me. Eddie was supposed to be a huge success. He was meant to show army, how much AI can be useful, and how many life's they can save. That's why I ordered Keith to create him. But everything went wrong. Eddie was hit by lighting strike and I pushed him into another mission. So much shit happened then, and that moron Gannon would even suit me. Only way how to get out was too pretend my own death. I wasn't very pleased by that myself. But it looks like I have to come back there."

/ - /

Planes were getting near to the destination. Ben was sitting with EDI by his side and he was watching people around. These guys weren't ordinary soldiers. He could see it on them. They were talking so calm, friendly and when they looked at EDI, they just grinned friendly. Was this really what they were afraid of? That army, what was Ben with Keith expecting? No this was different. These men and women knew very well, what AI is. So they got on the best place actually. When he looked on EDI, Lucas's words sounded in his mind. In that moment he once again felt a touch in sphere. EDI touched him with his shiny wing, and after while he wrapped the whole wings around human essence and put head on Ben's shoulder. Ben realized this is the last chance to get EDI some comfort, before the battle, so he didn't protest. It was some time, when EDI wrapped all his own essence around Ben, and human liked it a lot. In the real world, they were sitting next to each other, but in their minds, they were connected together. If Lucas knew about all of this, Ben had a very strong urge to believe him about everything. And Ben felt EDI hasn't any will to let him go, when a sound signal sounded.

"Hey you." Ben looked on the side, and he met a gaze of one of man. "Is he yours?" In this moment EDI blinked, and too looked at man. "That's one nice AI."

"Why are you so calm about him?" Ben asked, and someone began to laugh in the moment

"We see them almost every day. Our unit works with AIs. But the only one who has one here is Lucas. He leads us." Ben after while lowered his head. The whole army was making out a fool of him. Two years ago he was afraid AIs could take over this work, and while that, they were here already. If there were more secrets like this, why should he believe them... Then he looked at EDI. Maybe it wasn't really so bad after all, yes they were secrets, but in this case it was a good one.

"Is there more units like this?" Ben asked again, and men grinned.


"Great..." EDI looked on human sitting next to him and blinked, when sound alarmed again.

"It's time, we are here!"

"What now?" Ben yelled, and door of the plane suddenly opened wide.

"Jump and fight!" The soldier answered and Ben with EDI watched how they all begin to jump out from the plane. They looked at each other, and with one shared nod decided to do the same thing. When they got out, they saw they are actually falling on the board of their aircraft! EDI landed on his wheels and Ben next to him on his face. AI looked around, and he saw planes are still circling around, they had the same invisibility, like Jacen's planes. They were taking care of turrets, lasers and everything what could spoil their trying. But then he recognized something very uncomfortable.

"Ben..." Pilot looked at him still rubbing his head, and when he did, he stopped in shock. Suddenly there were appearing more ships! "That explains how is Jacen able to keep this place guarded and on one place. These ships are protecting it and giving supplies."

"Now it makes sense." Ben said it and right after that, they felt a strong wave of wind, when few planes, together with Quasar purchased around ships. It looked like they are managing. "Ok Eddie, we are home, let's kick their asses!" Ben growled and his AI nodded with sharp eyes. They began to run right into the heart of this battle.

Kara jumped together with Henry out from the plane, together with next soldiers on the other side of the ship. "Ok Henry, time to settle score."

"You have it girl." Her comrade agreed and they both took out guns. "Get here you white bitches! I'm from New York!"

Keith with Jack and Tim were deployed right next to enter to the ship, when soldiers get rid of guards. "We will guard you doctor Orbit, we need to get your AI into control room."

Keith nodded. "Right."

Tim jerked out, when Jack without any warning ran around them and took down one more guard. "Fat brother is here!"

Dick Marshfield opened his eyes and looked to the roof, and he wasn't the only one. All people raised their heads, when they felt vibrations through the ship. When he looked at guards, they were confused looking at each other.

"Captain, what is happening?" Joe asked and Marshfield closed his mouth. Could it really be...

Quasar was still circling around ships, and getting rid of unnecessary things like lasers. Lucas was now in the cockpit trying to contact Ben, but he couldn't. "Quasar, what is wrong with communications?" Quasars got the answer for a while.

"Mr. Gannon has turned off his cell phone."

"Naive, can you find him?" In the second, there was a vision of Ben and EDI on the board and Lucas had to raise an eyebrow. "What are they..."

"Ruuun! Ruuuun you idiots!" One of men was screaming, until EDI jumped on him from the behind and smashed him on the ground. If he broke a few bones, he didn't care. This was his time to crash some things. He began rush to next Jacen's men and began to take them down. It was so tasty to be able to fight again. He dodged the shot from the gun and immediately tackled the man with the gun, with wild growling. When he looked back he yelled. "Ben behind you!"

Ben immediately reacted on EDI's calling and kicked back, what hit the man right into the crotch, and he fell down. "You deserve this." Then he looked on one of their soldiers.

"Nice one sir, right into the balls."

Kara was fighting side by side with Henry and next soldiers. They ended up standing back to back with guns shooting. "You know Kara I actually forgot how funny this work is." They switched sides.

"Me too Henry, me too." She kicked down one man.

Henry pointed gun on the next one, but he stopped and after the awkward while of starring sighed. "Oh come on man, you're not making this easy for me."

"Henry?" Kara asked confused, because she couldn't look back right now.

"You are black, I am black. Why should we fight?"

"Henryyyyy!" Kara was screaming, when two men grabbed her.

"Maybe this world could be a better place, if we black brothers could stand on the same side." Henry was continuing in his speech, while Kara got already pissed enough, and kicked both man into the crotch and, when they let her go, she shoot them into legs. "My black brother, this fight is pointless, come with us. And we can make this world a better place, for our black children."

The other man, actually began to look sad and nodded, he took out the tear from his eye. "Come to me my brother." He spread his arms open, but in that moment his jaw dropped when other man was took down to the ground. "... KARA YOU ARE RACIST!"

Kara looked at him pissed and showed him a finger. "Henry, they almost KILLED ME! AND YOU ARE JUST TALKING HERE!"

"I was trying to find the way for peace."

Kara wanted to say something about that he is black and other things, but she was just starring and then she went away, head shaking.

EDI with Ben fought their way right to enter to the ship, and EDI threw all people in front of him away with energy wave. Ben hit with fist one man, who was trying to jump on EDI. They bro fisted with a hand and wing and continued. When they got nearer, Ben began to call

"Keith!" Scientist turned to them and smiled.

"They should let you go with us; we could go inside right after landing."

"We wanted to help with fight." EDI said, and Keith after while nodded, looks like he will still have to get used on some father matters.

"What's the situation?" Ben asked and he was interrupted, or got answer by Tim.

"WE WILL ALL DIE HERE!" Tim was yelling and running around them and Keith just sighed. Jack then grabbed Tim and held him with one arm.

"No we won't Tim-."

"Ben we need to get Eddie to control center, you will be then able to control this whole ship with your own CPU." EDI nodded and saluted with a wing. "Did you see Henry with Kara?" Keith asked, but Ben shook his head.

"10 points, 20 points, 50 points!" Henry was yelling out, when he was shooting down enemies and then turned to Kara. "How many? I have 700 points."

Kara turned and looked at him. "1700 points." She grinned and Henry frowned.

"Geez girl."

"Looks like we will have to go without them come on Eddie." AI followed Ben into inner places of the ship together with Tim, Keith and Jack. In the ship it was full of enemies, but EDI was easy getting rid of them, together with Ben, they were using sneak attacks to get them down. Very often, they didn't even see Ben or EDI. When Keith was watching it, he had to admit, they were really good team. They worked so perfect together now. EDI belonged to Ben, just like to him...

They were continuing and with every next meter EDI felt they are nearer and nearer. By the time he was able to lead the way. Ben was actually curious about this. Because EDI didn't connect to any system of this ship, he just felt it. That could mean he could feel presence of the normal computer and know where it is. He smiled, that was nice and useful. He actually never cared where the main computer center of this ship is. Captains were maybe too afraid he will blow it up with only one touch. EDI got rid of next men, and they finally broke in the centre.

"Neat place." Ben grinned and Tim nodded, he was never in this place.

"Wait, shouldn't we free people and captain Marshfield too?" He asked and Keith came ahead.

"There will be time for that; we need to get control over the ship now." He pointed out and EDI followed his unspoken order. He knew very well, what he is supposed to do. He found the right port and inserted a cable into it. He then too began to break in with essence into system. He managed to get in rather fast, even when it needed more energy from him. Then he began to control systems. Jacen didn't really think they will get here. There wasn't any security what could slow him down, or destroy. He made mistake in this, but EDI wasn't going to do any mistake. Only thing, what he was bothered about is, he couldn't notice digital and real world in the same time. Keith with Tim and were too hacking systems, and Ben with Jack was standing on guard. EDI could notice there came few men, but Ben took them down easily. He was making his best to give EDI time to work.

It wasn't easy. EDI had to try hard, because there were just too many things at the same time. He had to connect with every system of carrier. And some of them were even blocked, so it took time. Keith with Tim was helping him. Ben was patiently waiting. He was waiting, when EDI will finally manage to connect to every system, to free right people and trap wrong ones. Keith was watching everything on monitors, but something was weird. Why did Jacen leave all systems of carrier unleashed and unprotected? He almost saw it like a trap. He maybe wanted to make them feel, like he doesn't need a ship anymore. Keith couldn't stop to think about it. When he looked at EDI, he had uncomfortable feeling. He was letting his own son to face danger. And that feeling was more and more stronger.

Suddenly he flinched, when EDI screamed. He and Ben felt it too. He collided with something. Keith regretted so much, he was right again. Scientist wanted to get to EDI immediately, but AI was keeping him away. Keith stopped on the place and he watched EDI, as plane is standing his ground.

In sphere EDI faced a furious being, which was trying to tear him apart. Nothing what he wouldn't expect. \ I knew that fucker wouldn't let this place alone. \ EDI barked out and he got into struggle again. Just on the touch he felt it could be some kind of virus, living virus with its own mind and nasty taste to bite into him and destroy his soul. It was like a poison to touch that thing, this wasn't an AI. When he got hit from it on the face, he felt like he was burned. He growled and furiously fought back. But he couldn't defeat it. When he touched it, he was hurt, so he again got thrown back. He didn't know how to fight it. But if he won't defeat it, they won't be able to get ship under control, they will maybe get caught and everything will fail because of him. And actually he wouldn't care about it, because that thing will for sure kill him.

Ben with Jack had to fight again, but Keith was till watching EDI. He saw he is shivering and he felt pain from sphere. Once again he was just standing there and watching his son fight, he felt so useless right now. He couldn't do anything against it. He saw EDI's pain, and then he actually realized he could do something. EDI always survived and endured because he always knew he will be there for him. He had on his mind; he can rely on his father, when he will come back. EDI's power maybe never came right from his heart, but from that feeling he has actually someone who cares about him. It didn't matter if it was Ben, him or anyone of their little team. They were there.

EDI was trying to endure and find a way to destroy that thing, but it was useless. How could he fight someone who he couldn't even touch? Suddenly he felt something. He opened his eyes in real world and in shock looked back. Keith has wrapped arms around him, and he was pulling him close. EDI was looking at him with a questioning gaze.

"Eddie... Don't use only power. You are much more than that." Keith touched his son's chest and tapped on it. "Use, what you have here." AI was still looking on its creator. He was still fighting in his mind, but in the real world he was safe in hands of his creator. And he felt it in sphere too. With bright eyes he looked on that beast. He too touched his chest in sphere and closed eyes for a while. Enemy didn't have patience to wait and so it tried to attack. But in its shock, and EDI's too, it was ejected. He looked around himself and he saw and felt he could create some kind of invisible barrier. So that was what his father meant. He grinned, because now he finally knew what to do! Looks like he can create a shield, but he can then use too energy waves in sphere!

He rose up and with a mighty move he pulled up wings. When that beast began to charge on him, he concentrated and in one moment he released the full power of his waves. Enemy was caught in bright energy and it began to scream in intense pain. EDI could see how it is going to fade right in front of his eyes, and he added even more power. That scream was just so horrific. There wasn't any life in it. He waved a wing one more time, and it finally vanished for good. EDI was for a while just looking, but then he was thinking. This wasn't an AI; it was some crazy, disgusting form of energy. There wasn't any reason to be sad, regret or show any mercy for it. Why would someone create such a thing? Now he was so proud and glad he is a real AI. He was thankful he can live and feel.

When he finally again opened eyes in real world, he smiled back on his father. "You understood." Keith said, and he felt EDI is a little slipping down on the ground so he immediately pulled him close. He for sure used a lot of energy, and now he was supposed to take control over ship. Keith wanted to give him a little break before he will do it. He rubbed EDI on his chest and AI was trying to recover as fast as possible. After one minute he felt he is able to do it.

He reached out for every corner of the whole system and slowly was becoming one with it. There was now nothing what could stop him. He had to flinch few times, because it almost felt like the ship is becoming his new body. But he managed to keep his mind calm. He saw so many things at the same time now in this moment. He took control over cameras, and immediately began to lock down men, who were against them behind the doors. He could see every little thing, what was happening on this place. Then he realized these new weapon systems, and he switched them off. The battle outside stopped for while, when they all began to understand what is happening. Kara with Henry began to look around. Enemies were suddenly immediately smashed down. By their soldiers, planes and they could see Quasar again flying around. Now they should go inside.

EDI was watching them with cameras, and he was getting all systems of ships to normal. Everything what Jacen did here was getting ready to be erased. He stopped everything and made himself sure there isn't anything left, what could mean a real danger for them. He gave signal to Ben and pilot after while of thinking nodded. He headed out of the room and after while he met up with Kara and Henry. It was time to free some people here.

They approached deeper into ship with other soldiers and fought next humans and even machines. Then it finally came when Henry with whistles pulled the trigger and first wave of people could get free and escape. "Yes, black guy saves everyone, and nobody thanks him for that, typical situation." Henry said and Kara just chuckled. They were continuing in this work, and they were welcomed by huge cheers, and clapping on shoulders. These guys will for sure take care about these douche bags up there.

They finally got too to the place, where was their captain. Marshfield was just amazed starring, with Joe next to him, and Ben immediately ran to them. He looked at Marshfield and saluted. "Good day sir." Marshfield ha his doubts they will do it this far. But he was now so happy, and glad they got over his expectations.

"Ok sir, watch out, I'm going to take this shit out." Henry pulled Ben back, captain with mechanic retreated and he gave on the cell a small bomb. It exploded and Kara looked at Purcell.

"...we have code. We could open it easy."

"This is so much more fun Kara."

Marshfield with Joe slowly came out, with a little cough. Before captain could actually look over place, Ben was already standing in front of him. He came closer and Ben had a very sure smile on his face.

"I won't lie Ben, I had doubts you will do it this far." Ben smiled again and nodded.

"I had few too. Joe your brother is here." The other man coughed one more time, and then he looked at Ben surprised.

"He is here? Oh man, you could leave him out of this, really." He then looked on Kara and with deep laugh pulled her close. "At least you are all right girl!"

"Yeah, yeah, thank Ben and others for that, and your bro." Joe put her back on the ground and then hit Ben right into back. "Really, stop wasting time around and ask her to marry you. She's a great woman." He hit Ben into back one more time and pilot just grumbled for himself.

"I know it very well." He whispered, but he was cheered up by captain.

"I understand your feelings Ben, but we still have a work to do. Are you all here?" Team nodded, but Kara raised her hand.

"But I would actually like to let him talk about his feelings sir."

"Captain is right; we have a work to do!" Ben rushed away with his all red face. Kara did see it and just frowned. He always knew how to find a way to not answer. People from the ship were making with intruders a short process and Henry suspected to go back to EDI. They agreed, and when they were approaching the room, they met Jack again. He looked at his brother and Joe did the same thing. Then they ran into each other with a deep laugh and bounced their stomachs together. Then they clapped hands, rubbed their curly hair and shout out loud "YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH! Fat brothers are again together!"

"And that's why I love family reunions." Henry grinned and Kara just chuckled at him. Yes, he was right.

"Let's kick some ass, and then we can talk bro!" Jack said and his brother bro-fisted him, Ben while that got back into the room and looked at EDI. AI was sitting there with his wings down. He was still connected to the ship system and Ben wanted go to him, but Keith stopped him.

"Let him be now." Scientist said and pilot looked at him confused. But then he looked at EDI again. He wasn't almost moving and Ben couldn't even get close to him in sphere. It was like he was totally cut out from the real world. He was now present only in the digital one. He almost had an urge to be afraid. Because he got on mind, EDI wouldn't come back from there. But only one look from Keith made him calm again. This was something, what human couldn't even imagine, what it was like, to be one with another world, with another body. He had to concentrate on this, because one wrong move and the ship could be uncontrollable. He was still controlling the situation of battle. He tried everything, what was able to him to get intruders away. People of this carrier helped with a big part of this. Some intruders were captured and others were running away right into the sea and their planes. And Quasar was making sure to not let anyone fly away. He managed with more trying to repair all damaged systems. When it was done, and he could see the ship is free, he disconnected himself. After more than one minute he finally got back his mind and his eyes shined strong. He was again able to feel a real world.

Suddenly he felt arms around him, and how Ben pulled him close. He knew its Ben even without turning back. "You did it. Good work Tin man." AI smiled, but he felt a little drowsy. This was a hard work.

"The carrier is stable and clean again sir." EDI reported to Marshfield who was standing in the opened door. But AI stayed on the place, in safety of Ben's arms, before he will get his strength back.

"What now?" Henry asked and Marshfield was thinking for a while. The ship was under control again, it looked like they won battle, Ben with others were back. But for some reason he still didn't have in mind to celebrate. First he will have to take care about all people here, check if there are any injured ones.

"You and Kara go with me. We must know how people are doing. Jack and Joe will find out if there are more intruders, who need to knock out. "Tim..." He looked at mechanic and younger man just swallowed hard already. "...You stay with doctor Orbit. And you Keith go into command center." He looked at Ben with EDI, who were still on the same place. "And you two get a rest."

"Oh yeees Beeen. The white guy gets always the easiest work." Henry called and Joe laughed.

"Oh my god, how much I missed this." He then stops on one place with a cold look. "... wait... now I realize, how can you be alive?" Henry just chuckled and pushed chief mechanic away.

"Long story Joe, long story." Kara in that moment grabbed Henry by ear and pulled him away to catch up with their captain.

Ben watched them leave. Maybe it was finally over, but then he felt EDI flinch strongly. "Someone is still here." AI said and Ben didn't wait for next words. They stood up together and headed out of the room. "It's out." EDI added new information and they made way thought the ship on the runway. Ben looked around, but there wasn't anything.

"Are you sure?"

EDI nodded. He felt it. But when he saw Quasar circling around, he blinked. He was wondering if other AI feels it too. He was with caution scanning everything around. He couldn't be wrong. But all people were defeated and machines... Machines! Before he could do anything he was hit hard into back. EDI fell on the ground hard and growled. Ben had to make a step back in shock, when another AI landed in front of him from behind. EDI growled stronger. He knew this AI!

"Allix! We don't have to fight!" The second AI once again seemed he doesn't listen. He was again totally under control of Jacen. EDI shook his head, he didn't want this. "Fight with Jacen!" Like an answer he almost got another hit by energy. He just snorted and settled that he will have to fight. Ben didn't know this AI, but it seemed EDI did. And his AI gave him gesture to keep himself back. And before he could even do that, EDI jumped wild on other AI.

Even Quasar with Lucas in the air noticed it. Keith in control room gasped, when he saw it, and Tim felt again like he should faint. But he managed to put himself together, for some reason he felt like, it will be needed today. Marshfield was still checking people, and when there was a loud smash on the ground he looked back together with Henry and Kara.

"What is it now?" Henry called out and he got an answer. Allix flew up and EDI stood his ground stubborn. How much he wished he could fly again! He dodged the shot form the other AI and glared at him. Why? Just why? Why did they have to fight? They were from one race. And EDI just knew Allix could be free too. Just like him. He didn't want to destroy him. There was another shot and he dodged it again.

"Please don't fight! I won't hurt you!" EDI called, but Allix ignored him. He charged down from the sky, this time EDI decided to stand his ground. He stood still and Allix hit right into him. Ben gasped for air, when he saw it, but then he saw them, EDI was still standing on his place and he was pushing Allix away. "You're lost, confused! Just as I was!" EDI yelled, and Ben blinked. He knew what AI means. He was talking about how he felt after lighting strike. EDI managed to pull Allix back and he was ready for another round. He was just defending, he wasn't attacking. Maybe he will damage him to make up his mind. He wanted to believe it. They were struggling for next minutes and no one dared to stop them. This was EDI's fight. He wanted to settle it. And maybe save one more mechanical life. Allix was trying to rip his heart out and even with that, EDI was still trying to make up his mind. They were continuing in fight on turn way and they were getting close to the edge of the ship. No, he just couldn't loose this.

He tackled white AI and smashed him down with wings. He hoped so much the other AI will stop the fight, but Allix was rising again. There was so much hatred in this, and EDI remembered on that innocent child, what he defeated then. And he saw him like that. EDI decided to reply attack and jumped in high speed. That was the mistake...

Allix pulled out his katanas, and when EDI was near enough, he pulled them right into EDI's black body. The other AI gasped in pain and closed his eyes tight. When he looked down, he saw one of Katana swords deep right in his chest. He wanted to get away, but Allix was keeping him on one place. He groaned in pain and he didn't know what to do. Ben, still in deep shock and fear began run to them, and EDI looked back at him. But before he could do anything, Allix threw him rapidly into the ocean. He pulled katana out and EDI was thrown right into the water. Then Allix turned to Ben.

"EDIIIIEEEE!" Ben yelled, but then he saw the other AI. Allix was keeping him away, but Ben ignored it. He risked it and began to run, Allix pulled him down, but Ben kicked him right into head and continued in run. "I'M COMING FOR YOU!" He screamed and dove into water. Everyone was watching was it with opened mouth. They could damn do something, but they were just standing there! Keith covered his mouth with one hand and he tried to keep small tears away. Lucas turned to Quasar, but AI shook his head. It meant they won't do anything to save them. And he thought, he actually understood why.

Ben was swimming fast to EDI, and then he finally pulled himself close to the plane. \ Wake up damn! WAKE UP! \ Ben was yelling in the sphere.

Life was sometimes so awkward, sometimes so sad, and sometimes beautiful and even funny. EDI felt like he is seeing everything in front of him. There was a voice calling his name. It was trying to pull him back to reality. How much he still wanted to try and to settle. He was trying to find a way back, when something struck him right into his soul. It made him blind for a few seconds, but then he looked. He saw that day, when he died. EDI knew this was the moment, what changed him forever, because he couldn't fly because of it. There was always fear he will fall again, that he will never be able to stand up. No one will help him. And that strong pain, what always came through him, when he tried to fly. But why it was there? Why now? He looked again and he realized he isn't in his sphere, he was somewhere else. So many things happened then and he was still afraid of flying, even when he wanted to return on the sky.

He looked again and strong light shined over him. When he raised his look he noticed it all looked now, like giant white wings. Of course after all, he was born to ride the sky, not to be grounded. He touched images and visions what were his memories, and then he realized something. There wasn't anything to be afraid of. It was himself, who he was afraid of. It was his past, present and future, about what he hesitated. But it was part of him. Part of what he was now. And now he was fully ready to accept it, and become one with all his being. He touched his own mind again and rose up wings. Suddenly he didn't feel any pain, no fears, just pleasure and courage. In one only moment, his wings grew stronger, bigger and so his whole essence, then he waved strong with his wings.

Under water in the real world he opened eyes wide and looked shocked at Ben. Pilot was still hanging on him and it seemed he was about to faint because of lack of oxygen. EDI got him on his back quickly. It was time to rock! He waved with wings, turned the engines on and jumped out of the water, but he didn't stop. Ben caught a deep breath and held tighter to EDI. All people looked up and in amazement watched EDI. He flew up near the board and stopped on one place. He was slowly waving with wings and Ben coughed water out. Then he tightened his grip around AI's neck and in shock looked down on the shining water.

"Eddie... you... fly..." AI nodded and smiled on him. They all were watching him and Keith made a few steps, before h managed to command his legs to stop. He was looking to the sky, to EDI, and now he really felt like he will cry. EDI did it, he managed to overcome his fears and fly up high. He couldn't be more proud of him than now.

Allix didn't show up the same joy, and before he could tackle EDI, the other AI dodged and he deployed Ben on the runway. His pilot just patted him on the side of his cockpit and smiled. "Get him." EDI nodded and then returned to the sky. Ben was content and happy watching him and all people cheered him up. Lucas with a smile nodded on Quasar and jet agreed. This was it.

EDI was heading up and he stretched his wings wide. If Allix really wanted to fight, he will accept it. He will defeat him, but not destroy. That was now EDI's decision. No other AI will pay for Jacen's cruel and heartless behaving. He sped up and he again felt that pleasure of being able to touch air. They were heading right at each other and in the last second before contact, EDI headed right and smashed Allix down with the wing. He then pulled wings closer to his body to get higher speed and then reached Allix again. He smashed him again and after few more hits he threw him hard right on the runway of the ship. EDI stretched his wings and began to wave and send energy waves. Few of them hit Allix, but before he could do something, EDI tackled him in high speed. Then he flew away again. He looked down on Allix, and wanted to attack again, but other AI rose into air and then began to purchase away. He was flying away from the ship, away from him and everyone here. And EDI knew where he was heading. And he didn't follow him. It was time to return now.

Slowly, he sat down on the runway and steady stood on his wheels. He was keeping his head down for a while, but then he raised his look. He was rather confused; from everywhere he was hearing whistles, calls and even claps. People were yelling at him, but not in the rage, but in joy. Clapping was still stronger and stronger and he actually didn't know what to do exactly, mainly when he saw Ben, his father and everyone who he knew so much now running to him. He smiled and stretched his wings. Ben grabbed him and pulled close, when EDI wrapped his wings around him. He then felt Kara, Henry, Tim and his father to hug and pat him too. Even Jack and Joe were there and they were grinning at him. Now this was the ultimate feeling of being accepted.

Captain Marshfield was just standing there with hands in pockets. This was the team they should have two years ago. No three pilots and UCAV, but a great team, what rather reminded of... family. Everyone was cheering and it sounded to him like a sound of harmony. He actually almost never believed they will really do it. But this was beyond his expectations. EDI was still in tight embrace of all his friends and they all looked surprise when even captain Marshfield came close and offered a hand.

"You did a good job. Excellent, you all, but mainly you Eddie." AI blinked in wonder, but then he smiled and pulled out wing. Captain pulled it in grip.

"Thank you sir." AI thanked and Marshfield just smiled, when he let go of EDI's wing.

"No I thank you. The whole ship thanks you. I am sorry; I then said you will replace us all. If you are the future, I will be glad to live in those times." There was a simple smile from captain, but EDI couldn't find any words to say. This was one of the most amazing things, what someone ever told him. Words of their captain and he gained them.

"I'll do my best sir." He said finally and smiled on his creator, who was kneeling right net to him, with one arm around him.

"I'm glad to hear that. Now we have some cleaning to do, so let's go." Marshfield with these words walked away and they were watching him.

"Maybe it wasn't really a bad idea to return here." Henry said and they all laughed. Yes there was still a work to do, but they could maybe get some rest now. Jacen was still waiting for them. They were home again.

Today it is exactly three years, since i count my Stealth addicts. Fifty chapters in czech and english, oh my god so many ideas and fun. I love Stealth. So here it is. And the song, Here I am, Bryan Adams. Thank you for support, rewievs and fun. And I hope tehre will be much more of it.