"In Love And Lonely"- The Beginning Of The End

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1. I do not own the title name, it is the name of a HIM song, by the same name.

2. YES, there will be suggestions of male/male sexual orientations, as this is a VAM story!

3. There will be alcohol consumption.. which reflects the high rating of the story.

4. Swearing will of course be included.

5. I do not believe this story is for young children (although I doubt they would be reading anyway lol), you have been warned, so please no outburts at me xD

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That said, I hope you enjoy the story!!

Doors were slammed as Missy Margera left Castle Bam in a fierce rage. The sounds of car tires screeched up the driveway, letting them know she had left. Bam Margera wondered briefly whose car she had taken, before realisation set in. She may never be coming back. It was all his fault.

The skateboarder fell onto his side, crashing on top of the bed he and Missy shared; convulsing in fear, poignancy and dread. What was he going to do now?
There were many places his wife could have escaped to, mostly other girlfriends' houses, but they could be anywhere, and why would he know where the hell they lived??

He didn't think he was in a fit state to drive anyway, the TV stars' body barely moving from the almost foetal position he was in on the king sized bed. He decided to sleep out the rest of the day and night, and work out some solution to the problem tomorrow. He was now just too exhausted. Nobody came to see him that night; they leave him be after what had happened.

Life had just ended for Bam Margera.

Of course, it had all started with one of Bam's many 'bright ideas' that more often than not led to catastrophic outcome. This time, he'd had the idea of building an enormous mud wrestling pit in the middle of the already overcrowded backyard, and hiring the local Westchester strippers to come and wrestle in it for the entertainment of him and the CKY crew. Missy had been out on a shopping trip with her friends that day, and wasn't expected home until much later, but an unexpected store closure along the way meant that she'd arrived home two hours early. Of course Bam thought he'd had it all planned perfectly, with the girls supposed to be leaving an hour before Missy's return, and the boys then jumping in the pit themselves, claiming it was for them to be wrestling in.

She'd never know right? Wrong.

Missy had arrived just in time to see one particularly well-endowed young blonde giving Bam what appeared to be some form of mud lap dance on the grass near the pit. Well the shit really hit the fan after that.

A total of one second after she had laid eyes on her husband and the cheap whore from town, Missy had stormed in fury inside the house, slamming her way through until she reached the bedroom. Bam had launched the blonde off of him and ran in after her, only to find her piling clothes into her suitcase (which of course was covered in heartagrams credit of Bam) and removing all her belongings from the drawers and beside tables. Not forgetting even her toothbrush, she turned to see Bam open his mouth in horror, and attempting to explain himself quickly.
"Babeā€¦ it was just-"He was cut off with Missy's said hysterical shriek.