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The date for Bam's departure was set for early the next week, and Ville Valo, lead singer of Bam's favourite band and best friend had been called and told the news. Of course he agreed at once, and was soon planning his own flight to America to pick his previous drinking buddy up. Needless to say he was worried and anxious at the words April had spoken to him on the frantic late night call. He had just returned home from a visit to his parents house, when the call from a frantic sounding April came in.

As she had explained the situation to him, Ville was reminded of a flash of Castle Bam he seen on Finnish MTV the past few weeks. He had assumed it was a repeat of Viva La Bam or Bam doing yet another skate demo. He now realised it must have been the press hounding the house as April had told him.

She hadn't been able to leave her house properly out the front gates since the paparazzi had gotten wind of the incident, and had been resorting to sneaking over the back fence with the help of Dunn and Rake. Ville was evidently appalled at it coming to this, and shared a few harsh words about the press and his own experiences to April. He had arranged to come and take Bam away from all of that, and had been on the phone to Finnair soon after arranging the quickest flight he could acquire.

A bed in the spare bedroom of his tower like house in the heart of Helsinki had been set up especially for Bam, complete with heartagram pillow cases and doona cover; as corny as that seemed to Ville, he knew it would make Bam feel somewhat more at home.
He'd mentioned what had happened to the other guys, and they'd all planned to help as much as they could also, with lots of outings and such in an attempt to raise his spirits.

All throughout the week, April and Dunn (who seemed the most eager to help his friend, as the others either had "other commitments" or had just given up entirely on him) had been packing his bag with things he needed, organising with his production company, manager, and so forth, his little break. After they had cleared it with everybody important in the way of Bam being sued for not being in the country etc, they had rechecked his flight, and repacked his things, worriedly obsessing over everything. Ape had been in tears many a time, anxious and uneasy about her son, wondering when and if he would be able to fully recover. She and Dunn and talked it over a great deal of times, and always came up with the same conclusion; Missy was never coming back for Bam.

They hadn't told Bam about the trip he was taking for fear of an uproar or outburst of great scope. They weren't sure whether he would be compliant to the idea or not; whether he would absolutely refuse to the plan of leaving his home, his sanctuary he and Missy had shared, or he would revel in the idea of leaving town for awhile. Obviously the two prayed for the latter, but nobody could ever be sure.

April had taken to tucking Bam into bed each night, usually after he had been carried up the stairs due to being extremely intoxicated by his friends, or he had trudged up by himself, seemingly unaware of his mother following him, brandishing a few extra pillows and hot water bottle. The night before the due day he should be leaving, she took him up earlier than normal, and placed him in bed, without a word of complaint from Bam. He was really getting quite good at not speaking to anybody the entire day now.

"Bam, honey?" April attentively asked her son as she tucked him under the covers as though he were five years old again.
He didn't look at her, and merely grunted in response, closing his eyes and feigning sleep. She knew this was a defence mechanism; he didn't want to be asked anything painful. She hated seeing her son in such pain. He looked so vulnerable and weak lying there under the blanket, not knowing April could see straight through his act of sleep.
"Honey?" She tried again, touching his face so that his eyes fluttered open and looked into his mothers for the first time in a month.

"Bam sweetie, someone is coming to see you tomorrow. Nobody bad, don't worry." She said when noting the flash of pain that came across his face at her words. "A friend, one you haven't seen in a while. It will be good for you to catch up."

She studied Bam's face for his reaction, but at the word 'friend' he had completely shut off his listening capabilities, and gone on ignoring her. She knew he didn't want to see anybody he knew, and try and fake normality. He was far from even talking normally to any of them, and at any mention of 'help' from doctors; he was in a right state.

"Okay Bam?"
No response.

"Alright Bam well you get some rest, and he'll be here bright and early tomorrow morning to visit you." She kissed his cheek and made no further attempt at communication with her mournful and stubborn son. Walking over to the door she gave Bam a sad smile as he fumbled deeper into the blankets, and turned the light off quickly.
"Good night Bammie." She whispered, using the future visitors' nickname for her son.
Before she could even shut the door behind her, he was in an uneven and heart wrenching nightmare of a sleep.

The next day arrived cold and rainy. April had only been to Finland once, but she knew this kind of weather in summer was only possible there. When she awoke and came downstairs, she saw the other guys sitting around the fire all rugged up, of course listening to CKY as they ate their breakfast. Nobody even noticed as she walked past except for Dunn, who got up with his finished bowl of cereal and gave her a small smile.

"Today's the day Ape." He said, sounding just as nervous as she.
April did her best to smile back.
"I guess its time to go and get him up and tell him."

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