Damned by planet p

Disclaimer No copyright infringement is intended. All characters belong to Lisa Childs/Lisa Childs-Theeuwes. Purely a speculative piece as to what might — but is unlikely — to happen in Damned, book three of the Witch Hunt series by Lisa Childs for the Harlequin Mills & Boon Nocturne line.

She was the one. The only witch he could kill.

The others knew about the witch hunt. They were united and protected and far more powerful than they'd been before. They were using their gifts and charms and the men who loved them.

Fools, the men who'd fallen so deeply under the witches' spells that they'd risked their lives for them. They'd gotten in his way, disrupted his plans. He wouldn't have that problem with her. She was all alone.

Even with all their power, the witches hadn't been able to find her, their little sister.

No one knew where Irina Cooper was. No one but him.

He was a damned good private investigator. He had connections and sources, and he'd called in every favor owed him to learn her new identity and find her. But even then tracking her down hadn't been easy.

She wasn't like her sisters. She had no idea who or what she was. So she'd lost her mind.

He didn't care. He didn't want her mind. He wanted her charm, and her life.

~ Persecuted, Lisa Childs.

She was the one. He'd been right. But he'd been so wrong.

She was all alone. She did not know about the witch hunt, did not know what he'd done — to her family, what he wanted to do to her. What he'd wanted to do.

She wasn't like her sisters. She had no idea who or what she was, that she had family, that she was a witch. She had lost her mind, lost her mind but not the charm. She still had the charm.

And he had thought that was all that would matter.

But he could not kill her.

He would never be able to kill her.

Because Irina Cooper was no longer alone. He was here now. And he wanted her life. But not to take it away.

She was the one. The only witch he could kill. He could kill Irina.

But he would not.

No, this was no witch's spell, no charm-afforded protection — this was his punishment, and his destiny.

He needed Irina. And Irina needed him, whether she knew it or not. He favoured not. But after all he had done, he knew she would not want him, would not want to need him, would fight him with every ounce of witch's magic in her.

Because he had come to show her the truth, and she him.

Her dark eyes had met his for a moment, and that had been when he'd known, though her eyes held no recognition — had looked away — he had known then what he would have to do.

He would show her the truth, show her what she was, show her her destiny. He would not lie. Though he knew that when she knew the truth — he would die.

But he was ready. Ready to meet his destiny. Ready to be damned.

And maybe it was time.

Or maybe she would save him. Maybe that was her destiny.