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Could be seen as AU but might not be seen that way. It could fit totally in Stephanie Meyer's vision of Alice's past but might not be seen that way by some.



I've always known about my past. It was never a mystery to me. Parts of it I enjoyed looking back on but this part; this part was the stuff of nightmares.



"Isabella Cullen! Get yourself out of that bed with your husband and get your butt down here!" Bella and Edward had not left each other's sides since the wedding; they were inseparable and I didn't doubt that when Bella did eventually get down here; Edward would be with her. I decided to head upstairs hoping that they had finished doing whatever they had been doing. Ramming on the door and almost breaking it, eventually got them out of bed.

"Sorry Alice, we were just talking about my human life and how fragile I was," this made small memory flicker in my mind. I banished it as soon as I had felt it.

"Yeah right. Tell me what you were really doing. No! Actually, don't." this made Bella giggle. She knew I knew; she knew the whole house knew but nobody really cared. "So, Bella; you know what we're doing today don't you?"

"No?" She questioned though I knew she knew.

"We're going shopping Bella to buy you a new wardrobe." She groaned and was about to protest. "But Bella, it's not going to be just clothes shopping. No, we're going to buy you a new car aswell. I've been thinking about what would suit you. The Ferrari is perfect but the boys seem to spend more time in it than you do. I was thinking maybe and Audi; comfortable, fast and stylish?" Bella didn't reply she just looked at me. "Bella, you need to participate or I will just decide for you." She seemed to have a mental battle with herself. I knew the options she would be considering. She would either keep being non-responsive and continue to let me choose everything for her. Or, she would decide she wanted a say and help me choose.

"I'm thinking an Audi would be good; but maybe something a little faster?" I grinned; today was going to be a good day.


"Bella I have a question for you,"

"Fire away,"

"You got an antique teddy bear because?" She grinned.

"It looked like Edward," We laughed as we walked back to the car, now cars, to head home. Bella had, in the end decided on an Audi R8 V10 in black with pink sideblades. I liked it and decided that I would ask for one from Jasper for my birthday.

I stopped. We had just walked past an old second hand shop.

"Bella? Can we just go back to that second and shop one minute?" She looked puzzled.

"Alice you hate second hand things. But, yes if you want to," She followed me in silence. I was sure I had recognised it. I hadn't been seeing things and I was right. There in the window of the shop on the central display was my locket. I was given it as a baby by my father who had worked in the army and had gone to war. I had worn it throughout my life. Up until the day I was taken into the asylum where it was taken away from me; not that I had wanted it anymore. I had always doubted I would have ended up there if my father had still been living with us. I had always preferred him to my mother; he had a much more relaxed way of looking at life. He liked to take things as they came and always helped other people. In that sense the army was the perfect job and lifestyle for him though I knew he hated the violence of the wars.

The locket was exactly the same as I remembered it. It was 18 carat gold and was engraved with a floral pattern on the front. The chain was thin and I remembered that it was easy to get into knots; especially when you were just a toddler. I stepped into the shop to be greeted by an elderly lady. The shop was full of weird and wonderful things. It wasn't just a second hand shop it was an antique second hand shop. For a second I wondered why my locket was in an antique shop but soon realised that I hadn't seen that locket for almost one hundred years. I pointed to the locket and asked the lady if I could see it. She told me about it and how it had pictures of people in it that looked just like me and how in the locket there was a lovely letter from a father to his daughter named Alice. She asked me my name; I lied. I told her my name was Mary. Bella understood by now and stood in silence pretending to look at something.

I carefully opened the locket, remembering how old it was. I stifled a gasp at the pictures inside. My mother and Cynthia were together in our garden. Mother sat under a parasol smiling at me with Cynthia just a baby in her arms. I could remember taking that picture though I had only been young myself with the help of my father. It hadn't been that picture that made me gasp initially though. In the second picture; the one on the right hand side was my father and I. I was only about four years old and was sat on his lap. The photograph was taken at the same time as the one of my mother and sister. I had decided I wanted pictures in my locket and so we took some for me to have. I turned the locket over to find a price sticker over the place I knew to have my name engraving on it. The price startled me. It was a lot more than I expected. The price label read $3000. I asked her why it was worth so much and she said three reasons. Age, because it was gold and because of the engravings. I was planning on buying it but looking at the price tag I wondered whether it was worth the money. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Buy it Mary," I knew I wanted to buy it and Bella just made me want it more. I paid the lady who looked pleased that she'd sold something. I walked out the shop feeling elated that I'd found a lost bit of my past. We got into the Porsche and the Audi and drove home. Before we began running to the house; far enough away that the family couldn't hear our conversations and Edward couldn't hear my thoughts Bella stopped me.

"You have some explaining to do Alice."