Seated at the stern of the boat Zeus took a deep breath of the fresh cleansing sea air. It had been centauries since he had enjoyed a trip across Poseidon's domain. The two brothers had always kept a respectful distance from one another, Zeus knowing just how prickly his older brother could be about his dignity. After all it couldn't be easier to bow in allegiance to a younger sibling, even one who was responsible for saving your life.

So even though he was the King of the Gods Zeus allowed Poseidon free reign over the oceans that was his brother's kingdom to rule and Zeus knew better than to tweak his brother's pride by interfering.

So he had kept away…until today…

And it seemed despite their disguise his and Hera's presence hadn't gone completely unnoticed by this rarely visited part of their domain.

First it had been a flock of dolphins that had jumped and tumbled their way through the surf alongside the wedding barge delighting the numerous guests who had ahhhed in enjoyment of this unexpected entertainment. Of course the mortals still remained ignorant that the display of joy and welcome was not for them. They didn't even cotton on when the lead dolphin swam up close to the stern of the boat and cawed a greeting that only the two immortals could understand.

Reaching down Zeus favoured this creation with a benevolent smile as he stroked the smooth domed head passing on his gratitude telepathically. Satisfied the dolphin group continued to escort them for several miles before breaking away as other larger vassals of the sea came to pay tribute to their high king.

Giant whales splashed their huge tails in the water causing a refreshing spray in the midday heat causing the ladies in the party to shriek and complain about their hair and the effect on their best outfits. Not that Hera was one of them. In stark contrast his queen remained upright by his side, her beautiful blue eyes locked on the displays of allegiance that were being performed before them.

She was so strong and Zeus felt a fluttering of pride for this powerful goddess who had agreed to be his wife. She was the only one worthy of the throne by his side.

"You are staring again." Hera's voice was low but Zeus could hear the scarcely heard amusement in her voice, so at least his scrutiny was not unwelcome.

"With such beauty before me can you blame me?" Zeus questioned delighting in the way his wife turned and tried to hide the heat in her face…even after a millennium he could still make her blush it seemed and that knowledge brought similar warmth to his own heart.

"You always were too smooth of tongue husband." Hera retorted warningly her ice blue eyes narrowing as she turned her appraising gaze back on her rogue of a husband. All too often he had turned that silver tongue of his on the many mortal females who fell for his charms most of them oblivious to the fact that it was Zeus himself seducing them.

As flattering as it was to suddenly have her husband's attentions all to herself once more Hera couldn't completely silence the part of herself that questioned how long? How long this time before he became bored of playing the devoted husband and went looking for new distractions?…new distractions in the form of a mortal princess or flighty scantily clad nymph…

Yet Zeus wasn't oblivious to his wife's shifting mood, her eyes had always given Hera away at least to him and right now they looked suspicious and wary…wary of him…

Sighing deeply Zeus glanced back to make sure the mortals were appropriately distracted before moulding his body to Hera's rigid form. Encircling her waist as he pulled her back against his chest Zeus felt her momentary resistance before she gave in and sagged back into the warmth this mortal shell offered. "Darling please…"

"Don't Darling me Husband you drop sweet honeyed words in my ear as if I were one of your naive little conquests." Hera's voice was clipped even as she fought her own war. Part of her wanted nothing more than to throw caution to the wind, to throw herself and her heart once more into her husband's keeping but the memories of past heartbreak held her back.

"Why now? Why this sudden change of heart? If I could understand that at least I might be able to find a way to sort through this…"

"There was nothing sudden about it I never stopped loving you." Zeus insisted much to his wife's perplexion and Zeus the silver tongued stumbled hesitantly over his explanation.

"It was a question of greed and humility…or more to the point a lack of it." Zeus stuttered watching as Hera's brow drew together in a deep frown.

"I was king of everything I was enamoured with my own power and importance. I was so fixated on proving that I could, that there was nothing beyond my grasp that I never for one moment stopped to think if I should."

"I see." Hera added icily pulling away, hardly the reaction Zeus had been hoping for as she drew away from him her voice rising as she added hotly.

"Is that what this is then…I mean after all the little fools you have bedded there can hardly be any challenges left…Save the greatest challenge of all, winning me back after all that you put me through…You haven't changed in the slightest have you? You are just playing another one of your stupid little games…"

"Darling…" Zeus warned her, his voice deep and clipped. "That is not the case you are twisting my words."

"Oh am I?" Hera snapped, raising her hand in preparation of escape her fingers close snapping when her husband grasped them between his own and held her firmly in place.

"Yes you are and you are making quite the scene." Zeus added as he could feel the curious eyes of the wedding party boring into his back just as his wife's blazed into his own, her anger stirring the barely raked coals of his own emotions.

"Frankly Darling…" Hera's tongue coated the endearment with contempt. "I don't give a damn."

"Good!" Zeus snapped his patience with her temper tantrum at an end even though her anger caused her beautiful face to flush and her bosom to heave most attractively. Muffling her decidedly ungodly squeak of protest Zeus claimed her mouth with his own, ignoring her pitiful attempts to push him aside.

The kiss was hard, heated and full of barely restrained lust.

It was only the audience of whooping and catcalling mortals that stopped Zeus from pushing his one and only wife down on their cushioned seat and proving there and then how little this was a game to him.

Finally when his own restraint was too close to breaking point Zeus broke their kiss, his dark eyes hooded and clouded with lust as he stared down into his wife's stunned eyes and kiss swollen lips. Pressing the length of himself against her as he pressed Hera back against the stern of the boat Zeus savoured her gasp of surprise and the way her lust coloured her normally alabaster cheeks.

"Tell me wife…" Zeus whispered his voice gravelly with desire as their eyes locked and their gazes held. "Does that feel like pretence to you?"